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PETA to Michael Jackson: Pay Up to Have Animals Rescued

Written by PETA | November 17, 2008
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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is trickier to find these days than Waldo, but lucky for us (and for animals), we’ve got some mad detective skills. Do you really think any disguise would prevent us from tracking him down when animals are in danger? Heck no!

PETA’s Captive Animal Rescue and Enforcement Department—otherwise known as CARE—shot off a letter to the artist insisting that he take responsibility for the giraffes he once owned at his Neverland Ranch property. You might remember that Jackson sold the animals who were living at his private zoo after the millions of dollars of unpaid debt that had piled up at his doorstep made him incapable of caring for them.

Four giraffes from the ranch were relocated to Arizona after being purchased by a couple who apparently intend to open a zoo. But since the beginning of the year, PETA has received numerous complaints from concerned citizens regarding the well-being of these giraffes. A former volunteer caretaker for the animals has reported that the giraffes do not receive adequate foot care. According to this person, the giraffes have been housed in small, 15 ft. by 15 ft. “temporary” enclosures since the day they were purchased over a year ago. And, with the exception of one giraffe—who reportedly was allowed to bleed for days after giving birth before the couple finally requested assistance—none of the animals have been seen by a vet.

We have reason to believe that one of these giraffes was born at the San Antonio Zoo. Unfortunately, our numerous attempts to contact the zoo to request that zoo officials arrange for the giraffes’ lifetime care at a suitable facility have gone unanswered.

Now, it’s time for Jackson to put his money where his mouth is and pay to have these animals, whom he once supposedly loved so dearly, transferred to an accredited sanctuary. These giraffes have been suffering for far too long. They deserve to live out the remainder of their lives in a clean, safe environment, where they will receive adequate food, shelter, and veterinary care.

Come on, Michael. It’s bad, it’s bad, and you know it.

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • helensphar says:

    Does anyone think MJ cares about ANYTHING but himself? That sicko needs locked up like those poor animals. Keep him away from animals and kids…he preys on both for his amusement !!

  • MICKEY says:

    I live in Page and have visited the animals. Their living conditions are poorand small. Maybe PETA is just hoping that Michael will do something because as freaky as he his he loves the animals. I do think if Michael doesn’t do something PETA should do more to save them. If they aren’t rescued in no time at all they will start dying. I believe the people who bought them had good intentions but they simply can not afford them. They can not meet the requirements the city has set in order for them to keep the land they are on. Also we do not live in a climate that is suitable for the Giraffes. I hope PETA or another rescue does something and does something soon.

  • Alice Gardiner says:

    what has happened to these giraffes now? who do we contact about them? We can possibly offer a permanent loving home for them in the UK who do I need to speak to?

  • Amy says:

    ohh come on this is hardly fair. Theyre not even his responsibility anymore the people who now own them sould be banned from owning animals and have the giraffes taken away from them anyway why should michael have to deal with this?? Yes they were his animals and he loved them but WERE not ARE. If he wants to and has the money and time to deal with this then maybe he will but really what can he do about it? This is ridiculous…

  • Blake says:

    Why would Michael pay? He does not own the animals. That would be like saying that I sold you a house so now I am responsible for its upkeep forever. Michael SOLD the giraffes. They are not his anymore. He should not have to pay for them. The new owner’s should. Leave mJack alone.

  • Shari says:

    He is a product of an EXTREMELY abusive TOXIC parent for the reason his emotional level remained at the age in which the abuse began which was VERY VERY young. Victims of TOXIC people live an inner HELL with CONTINUOUS inner demons causing insecurities feeling a misfit feeling of not belonging and it gets WORSE when the old repressed emotions feelings MAGNIFY when they start to surface which is mid later in life 30s 40s even 50s sometimes depending on the uniqueness of the person and the level of abuse I believe HIS TIME was when he started butchering himself up trying to CHANGE his appearance the person he despised DEEPLY which was HIMSELF including his color trying to ESCAPE from the PAIN GUILT SHAME of HIS past placed on to him BY his abusive father! Basically escaping REALITY! NOT the appropriate healing process as from doing just that he’s allowed in MORE pain guilt shame which TOXIC parents are SO BRILLIANT at doing placing blame on the victim and NOT taking account DENYING everything! NASTY PEOPLE! While the abuser places blame he ALSO places ON to their victim AND will CONTINUE to mental emotional abuse since physical abuse is IMPOSSIBLE at a later time throughout the victim’s adult life… They will continue on by invalidating disrespecting manipulating controlling minimizing etc PLUS place MORE guilt shame as long as the victim REMAINS in contact with the perpetrator heeling will NEVER happen as the abuser NEVER changes because they don’t and WON’T change…they don’t GET IT they are mere pychopaths! Feeling a small child ‘prisoner’ in his OWN 50 yr old body are the reasons for his actions conduct and always chasing rainbows because he’s never satisfied never WILL be without recovery with the end results. Do you remember a few years back when he had a heard of cattle slaughtered brutal ritual style like Agriprocessors I was OUTRAGED! Don’t remember all the details but it had to do with one of his SILLY ASS beliefs of some sort… Because he does NOT work recovery which is a life long process OR receive appropriate psychotherapy he SO desperately NEEDS he will CONTINUE living his life through the eyes of a VERY small ‘twisted’ child victim… How many SMALL children do YOU know who can APPROPRIATELY handle and deal with ADULT responsibilities on a mature level??? I don’t know of ANY and the SAME goes with ‘untreated’ adult children of alcoholics abuse disfunctional families. They should NEVER be left alone with children or for THAT matter HAVE any of their own! MANY victims of child abuse grow into emotionless insensitive psychopaths sadly TOO many in this world and if left untreated you will FIND them working in factory farms and slaughterhouses they are products of their chaotic environment severely DAMAGED by their TOXIC parents ‘ and it’s passed down throughout families it has a domino effect… PEACE

  • Radonna Grace Butler says:

    Michael has had a hard time for way too long. I have seen more than a handful of people who had skin and facial disfiguring diseases. It is hell to go through this much less be judged so harshly. Have mercy on Michael Jackson just as you have mercy on the animals. Michael should ask for help with any needs for the animals. Those of us who love animals will find a way and the means to take care of them. I wish love peace and healing to Michael Jackson and I am most thankful these animals are being cared for. Peta members are awesomest!

  • kris shulfer says:

    he seems to find the finances for his plastic surgeries and to purchase ridiculous merchandise that is nothing but a waste of money when he could be trying to rectify his financial situation especially in regards to the animals.

  • Debbie says:

    I know that we must be concerned for these animals but coming from one who loves animals and lost everything with losing everything including a monkey that I dearly loved and bottle raised since he was 3 days old there comes A LOT of depression in one who has to give up animals. I know that this may not seem like an excuse to any of you who read this but I have been where Michael is right now and its sad very sad for all concerned. This may have left him a shell of a man now and thats sad also.

  • Piotr says:

    I still believe that he’s not a bad person. It’s just a hard time for him too long. I hope he’ll find some time time and money to take care of this case…

  • Piotr says:

    I still believe that he’s not a bad person. It’s just a hard time for him too long. I hope he’ll find some time time and money to take care after this case…

  • Robin says:

    You’re writing to a dying star that will probably never shine again. In his lefetime Michael Jackson has had numerous plastic surguries to the point where he no longer looks human and as a result of these over done surguries has medical complications. Additionally he has literally turned himself white claiming a skin disorder although medical experts say that this can happen but when it does the skin is splotchy not evenly white as Jackson’s is. He most likely had himself bleached this color through a medical process. He was investigated arraigned had a hearing cleared and to many is still considered a ‘pedophile’ because the way he interacts with children that he himself admitted is not normal. It is my hope that Jackson undergoes intensive therapy to resolve his issues for the sake of his children and himself. There is little normal about Jackson compared to his peer group and to expect someone so isolated from reality to do the right thing by animals when he hasn’t by children or himself that he also professed to love is like appealing to a deaf dumb and blind person asking them what they hear and see and telling about it. I wish you luck PETA but you will have to make your own luck here and rescue those animals yourself.

  • Millicent Goti says:

    Michael animals are not guilty for your trauma. Give them the love and care you will like to receive and safe some of your dignity as an artist and person.

  • Leigh says:

    Wouldn’t the people who bought the giraffes be responsible for neglecting them. Surely those people should be charged. And I certainly wouldn’t rely on Michael doing anything about it the giraffes will be stuck there for several more years.

  • Abby says:

    If he sold off the animals due to money trouble why would he admit he has any money to pay for their care now? He no longer owns them so he will say he has no duty to pay anything and legally he is right. I haven’t heard much about him in a long time but the last time he was in the news he was living off of other people and failing to pay longtime staff members what he owed them so do you really think he’s going to admit that he has money stashed away if he does that could be used for animals someone else now owns?

  • King of Fiji says:

    Good music but such a weirdo he is.

  • Kyra says:

    is that michael jackson? whistle whistle