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PETA Members Go Full Monty in Brattleboro

Written by PETA | October 7, 2007

Brattleboro, Vermont, is well-known for its “unique” public nudity laws, so a couple of brave PETA members went down there last week to test them out with a “Bare Skin, Don’t Wear Skin” demonstration. Check out the great pics below, and, as soon as you (a) turn 18 and (b) get home from work, click here to check out the demonstration from, um, behind.


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  • tyson says:

    i love it i love female petaphiles i wish one would get me.

  • jen says:

    this is the most overdone and ridiculous stunt. it completely degrades the seriousness of the issue. why can’t peta activists play into people’s hearts and minds rather than their sexual desires?

  • Ariel says:

    Oh well since the “bad steve” insists on being wrong looks like it’s time for an education which is not a “debate.” “jam down the world’s throat” How about we present issues education that are FACTS? which is contrary to the CCF who jams deception and LIES down people’s throats for the almighty dollar “except for the main fact that all animals should be treated as humanely as possible.” Why is it so hard to understand that animal rights is not about animal welfare? Anyway that cancels “debate” 1 through 4 which means that ar’s goes beyond just “comfort” for the animals but gets to the grassroots of how they are inhumanely treated beyond the imagination of the civilized compassionate mind and heart of human comprehension. 5 Abusing people who do not agree? Human abuse? spare me of that stupid lame comment 6 So who is stopping anybody from having freedom of choice? Has anybody stopped you? Has anybody stopped anybody who you know? And what to what extent do you consider “freedom of choice” to be acceptable freedom to steal inflict harm kill? For a person who believes so much in freedom of choice it’s hypocritical or narrowminded to think that animals living feeling beings shouldn’t have the freedom to live just like human animals should have that freedom. As well as being free from being unwillingly caged killed slaughtered tortured exploited and poisoned. Oh 3 is beyond ad nauseum already. But once again animals and human animals do not have the same physiologies as well as each human animal has hisher own different DNA. Therefore medical testing on animals is automatically inaccurate. Ultimately each human animal is the species being “tested” on. For example transplanting one animal’s heart into another animal proves NOTHING because when a human animal gets a heart transplant from another human animal deceased there is ALWAYS a GREAT potential for the body to reject it. Pharmaceutical labs experiment on animals because there is a legal clause although outmoded that allows them to market their meds faster for the almighty dollar. Therefore they are putting human animals’ health and lives at risk which has been proven time and time again by the med recalls. And since these are FACTS more and more pharm. co’s are using modern highlyaccurate nonanimal testing devices. Therefore once again I say that ANIMAL RIGHTS’ is NOT a debatable issue since it is not acceptable to inflict pain harm andor death on any living feeling being. For anyone to think that is acceptable is selfcentered and therefore puts a restriction on the value and respect for ALL life. Perhaps “bad steve” you would like to believe that you are openminded. Well if you can’t understand my comments then you are not openminded.

  • Margarita says:

    I think that Peta has been going a little too far with the nakedness. Even the girl in the picture seems a little uncomfortable of being naked in the street. I love Peta to death but like someone pointed out it is a little too much and they should be handing out more information and even showing videos.

  • steve says:

    wow ariel… that was some mouthful… where do i start? yes animal rights is debatable because you petaphiles feel that everything spouting out of your mouths is perfectly correct… of course this a true joke what is also debatable is everything you guys try to jam down the world’s throat… except for the main fact that all animals should be treated as well and as humanely possible…. then we’ll let you debate these facts…have a ball 1 meat eating is not animal abuse 2 wearing animal skins is not animal abuse 3 using medical advances derived from animal research is not animal abuse 4 playing sports which uses all kinds of animal skins is not animal abuse 5 abusing people who do not agree with peta’s total agenda of nonanimal use is human abuse 6 freedom of choice to use animal products or not use animal products is what this country is about

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Steve You obviously don’t know the basic tenets of the ALF.

  • Ariel says:

    Well personally I don’t percieve ANIMAL RIGHTS’ to be a debatable issue. for the reasons given in my post 101207 at 241pm. So therefore I don’t consider this blog site to be a debate forum but instead an educational siteforum about animal issues. But since there has been clear proof time and time again that antipeta’s have a reading comprehension disorder then I am not surprised that the bad steve has tunnelvision. Meaning he has neglected or unable to absorb the full realm of animal rights’ activism of which some topics and ar’s activist comments made proven factual correlations of animal abuse in relationship to people and society. remember bad steve really cares about people I am also not surprised that the bad steve “hates” certain people. And those certain people he describes as “petaphiles” and “animal rights extremists” just happen to have virtues of compassion sympathyempathy and a belief in justice for the voiceless and helpless animals who are abused and tortured. So our virtues and broader vision allows us to go beyond our own furfamily members. Shall we ask the bad steve to forgive us for not having tunnelvision? And for not pleasing his views? Anyway I really don’t know what a “petaphile” is supposed to be but I would like accept the compliment of being an “extremist.” Yes I believe that anyone who rises above narrowminded thinking would be considered “extreme.” “end of debate” Well I hope the bad steve really means that so he can seek another ws where he will finally be happy sharing his hate with other people who like to share their hatefilled views. Perhaps the bad steve would find it more acceptable being associated with the maniacal unconscienable vivisectors who have been featured on a number of headings on this blog site with their extremely psychotic love sans compassion for torturing animals. I wonder how the bad steve would have felt if his innocent lab was confiscated by vivisectors which is common and no animal rights’ org. no animal rights’ activists existed to protest such an atrocity. Well we do exist and pets ARE confiscated by vivisectors and those pets belong to children and family members who love them. We don’t have to know who the children and family members are but we do know that they are hurting at the loss of their beloved furfamily member and we do know that animal abuse is wrong! so we “extremely” protest it!

  • Ariel says:

    Here we go again. The nerve of PeTA an ANIMAL RIGHTS’ org. bashing hunters! Gosh those animal killers should be the exception because they love the pets in their homes and on their property! Peta has to realize that 1. killing wild animals is an instinctive tradition passed down from the neanderthals because they preferred to kill animals for their food rather than going to their nearby grocery store. gee I wonder why all of us don’t have that natural killer instinct passed down? 2. hunters are not hypocrits because they spend thousands of dollars to preserve the land for their “animal friends.” the ones they like to kill some “friendship”? 3. professional conservationists have more important things to do than to contribute to the salvation of our natural resources. so we need the “professional wellqualified” animal killers to get the job done. 4. “god” specifically gave the right to certain people to kill and eat those of us who don’t kill and eat animals have no right whatsoever to voice our opinion to the contrary let alone forming an org.! But it’s ok for hunters to have orgs. and antianimal too 5. it is more “realistic” by far to eat the body parts of dead animals flesh and blood than to eat a tomato. Last but not least what animal rights’ activist on an ANIMAL RIGHTS’ blog site really cares about the opinions expressed by animal killers that are nothing more than poor attempts at trying to justify killing animals expecially opinions that are supported by hypocrisy? Oh one more thing the one and the same antiPeta made a very “factual” statement that the demos in the picture are wearing leather shoes. And also made a speculative “bet” that the girls wash their hair with shampoo tested on animals etc. Again hunterskillers show us how “intelligent” they are. Suggestion to all ar’s activists we all should head over to a hunterkiller blog site to find out if they think our opinions are fair. more than likely our comments would be deleted

  • animalfriend says:

    thank you Ariel for your strong exposee it gives me courage to continue the good fight here on board! rude dog i’m against hunting my grandfather was a hunter and i know what this means! a hunter has no peace inside himself for this he doesn’t let the others in peace! anyhow i hope at least that you treat your animals well!

  • steve says:

    for the 100th time or so….. i do not hate animals… i loved my lab until she died this year.. she was a big part of our family… and i do believe in giving animals the best possible care… what i do hate are petaphiles and animal rights extremists who put animals before people… end of debate…….

  • Felicity says:

    People who hate proanimal people must feel very threatened. It is quite peculiar. We all come into this world as innocent beings some turn out as animal hating beings. I wonder what has happened in their lives to make it so. They must basically be very unhappy. They are to be pitied but somehow I cannot bring myself to do that.

  • Rude Dog says:

    I feel that it is only fair to allow us to express our opinion. I love animals and have several pets in my house and on my property. Hunting animals has nothing to do with hating them. Its a tradition that has been passed down through the years that my family has been a part of. Our ancestors hunted animals for food and it is just part of our natural instinct. Weather its hunting mushrooms in the forest or deer. Its the hunting gathering instinct that drives us. Call me a neanderthal. Whatever. I am not being paid to do this. I only responded because I dont like the idea that hunters are bashed by PETA. I spend several thousand dollars every year on permits taxes etc that go directly to perserving forest wetlands and grasslands for our animal freinds. Doesnt that count? Does it matter to any of your PETA followers that hunters contribute to the salvation of our natural resources? Do they realize that people like myself have a god given right to hunt and eat animals. Next time I see someone eating a tomato I should run up and toss a bucket of V8 juice on them. GET REAL!

  • Ariel says:

    cappucino and animal friend I hear both of you loud and clear abolutely totally and positively agree! I know among one of the reasonable intentions that anti’s are allowed on here is for a “good debate.” However only my opinion ar’s is not a debatable issue. There is no debating that torturing abusing exploiting vivisecting and killing animals is wrong wrong wrong wrong! To me a debate is when two opposing individuals or teams challenge each other with both having a certain amount of decent validityknowledge to prove their point and then one side undeniably becomes the “winner” due to presenting an overwhelming amount of indisputable facts. Yes it is fine to “debate” the anti’s in order for ar’s activists to negate their claims and so totally more important to educate them and “readers only” who are seriously interested in learning about ar’s. However that is not the situation with the daily or frequent venomous lying hatefilled senseless types of commenters who you pointed out and there are just nonsensical antagonists besides. They highly resent compassion and the dignity of animal rights and that is not fair to the animals who suffer so terribly. So that clearly tells what kind of people? they are. Don’t be surprised to know that some of them actually do get paid by antianimal rights’ orgs. At best hopefully we have planted the good seeds that will take root some day and they will reject their vicious evil hatred towards animal rights activism…for the sake of the helpless suffering voiceless feeling sorrowful animals. Otherwise I see absolutely no point whatsoever to be allowed to vent their hatred and venom on here.

  • animalfriend says:

    concerning animalpeta haters steve and rude dog i think it’s enough now! this offence cannot be tolerated! i ask myself why it’s posted here! what do the other petamembers think about it? i know that there are millions of offenders and animal torturers out there and we are helpless but to have them daily on this blog is toooooooooo much! there would be so many other things to share! these guys are paid to keep marching this blog always on the same point! please you other animal friends what do you think about it? and i don’t want reactions from the two sickos above!

  • cappuccino says:

    to the blogowner i honestly think it’s enough with these sick offenders up here if they don’t disappear from this blog i earnestly start to doubt about your loyalty and shall not post anymore because i think it’s really sick allowing these toadstools spitting their poison around here on honest upright people and a first class organization which is recognized and supported in the whole world by numerous celebrities! people like steve mars and rude dog are warpedminded evil souls and i’m sure that no other blog on internet should tolerate something like this! i ask myself if this here shall be put?????????????????

  • James Canton says:

    Kelly You want to talk about a “Diversionary tactic”? Well if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. What the hell do you call 2 naked women standing in the middle of the sidewalk holding a big sign if not a diversionary tatic. I say it again you are all hypocrites. I think this also borders porn I my have to find out and bring it to someones attention as I don’t see and Age warning or a parental advisory anywhere on this site.

  • steve says:

    yeah mike and i guess that means that your basic alf and elf terrorist are brave also when all i think of these sick bastards as being pathetic cowards. they can’t get there agenda across in the lawful way so they dress up pussyfoot around and they won’t be happy until they kill some innocent bystander with their terrorist act. then they’ll say their sorry but it was for the animals….. bravery and courage huh!

  • Rude Dog says:

    I think Steve pointed out something that was quickly overlooked. Why would you protest people wearing animal skin or fur with 2 naked girls wearing leather shoes? I bet they washed their hair with shampoo and conditioner tested on animals and their makeup and lipstick contains animal fat. HMMM PETA way to go. Again you show us all how inteligent your followers really are.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Steve Anybody that pushes themselves beyond their normal comfort zone and open themselves up to yes ridicule is doing a brave thingespecially when it’s done for totally selfless reasons. Being able to overcome your own fears is one of the bravest acts of all. I would consider these ladies brave.

  • susan says:

    Hey Ariel! Thanks for responding definitely the cave people idea would be more fitting it would comment on the mentality of those who wear fur unevolved!!

  • Ariel says:

    Blog 10907 at 839 pm. A perfect blend of “Ignorance is bliss” commiserating with “Misery loves company.” And it can be suitably reversed “Misery loves company” commiserating with “Ignorance is bliss.” LOL

  • Ariel says:

    Hi Susan! I stand corrected admitting that I did not check the “here” button prior to my comments about the “demos” being totally bare. usually they do wear something no matter how minute. And 99.9 of my comments were focused about the bad steve so I know you didn’t say anything about degradation. Actually I agree with you in both of your posts and have more opinions besides but I will limit them to this Many years ago the “PeTA Times” had a cartoon sketch of male and female cave people wearing fur that was associated with an antifur campaign. Ever since then when I see someone wearing fur I think of them having an ancient caveperson mentality. So if anything only my opinion would be more effective without being thought of as gaga juvenile would be the demos presenting themselves as cave people wearing faux fur of course. Since I know about the animals’ pain sufferings and torture there is no way I can accept fur as a fashion statement so I think people who wear fur as being vain. If I should have eye contact with anyone wearing fur I automatically look at them with disgust! can’t help it Thank you for your response.

  • walk far woman says:

    steve one has really to walk far for to find an animal hating extremist like you are you really soooooo stupid and don’t get it that you are just ridiculous spending all this time on a blog which is not your business! you are hating peta and animals so what the hell have you lost here! me i don’t go to people like you throwing stones at them and tell them to vomit the corpses they ate and that’s exactly what you are doing here! a person with an average intelligence doesn’t spend all his time on a blog that he doesn’t like so in this case you must be a real idiot or a paid truble maker! and i just can hope that all the lovely animal people here shall not waste time with you because this was the first and the last time i talked to you so you have not to react to this here!

  • Stacy P says:

    Oh wow where the heck was I last week? I live near Brattleboro and would have loved to join them in the demo!!! But I would opt for clothes! By the way I think any effort for animal rights is great as long as the message is effective to the general population.

  • yoda says:

    to fake md sweetheart cochran i love scarabee indeed but i’m deeply sorrowed about you sugar candy because you are not enough intelligent to recognize a joke!

  • steve says:

    first off…. thank you cc md for the compliment….. it truly seems that we are the only people in this narrow minded group of bloggers who speak and read english and do not need to call people stupid or to curse people out. 1 your fellow bloggers called these publicity seekers brave and courageous… i wondered how why they should be called brave… especially compared to any soldier or fireman or policeman etc…. 2 and ms ariel… if you click on the word ” here” like it says in the blog…. you really do see 2 ASSES…. 3 and just because you and your band of petaphiles answer my comments…how does that exactly mean that i have been negated……. AND I DO APPRECIATE YOUR COMPLIMENT TOO…. attention seeking loser…. coming from an animal rights extremist i really do feel good inside….

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello Ariel my name is Susan I don’t know why mine came up as anonymous anyway if you click on the word Here in the article you will see a picture of their as. My point really was that they are nakedor simulating nakedness to draw attention to a very serious issue fur trade. I didn’t say I find it degrading I’m just speaking from my own perspective that we can raise awareness without taking our clothes off in so many of these campaigns. Why reinforce a stereotype that we as women can only be noticed if we are models and naked? Where do we see the horror of what these animals go through more education less T A is all I’m saying. Thanks.

  • kelly says:

    Ever notice how the proanimal abuse people always want to talk about Iraq instead of animal issues? They all sound alike. Diversionary tactic.

  • Ariel says:

    It’s absolutely amazing that the bad steve knows 1. how women feel 2. and knows how to make a broad statement which actually degrades ALL men by saying “men only care about ta.” But doesn’t know 1.that women are free to make their own choices 2. and that there is such a “species” known as GENTLEMEN. who are selfrespecting and dignified thus they don’t degrade women with such juvenile comments as “men only care about ta.” 3. and he doesn’t have the retention capablility to know that this is not a blog site about the war since he has been told numerous times that it is an ANIMAL RIGHTS’ blog site. 4. and he doesn’t know that he is an attentionseeking loser. because he has been on this ANIMAL RIGHTS’ blog site numerous times and enjoys the attention even though he is ALWAYS negated So clearly all of his comments tell of his absolutely amazing stupidity! Can the bad steve and anonymous 10807 please point out to us where they see ta in the picture? And how they know that the demonstrators are totally bare behind the sign?

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Spiderwoman What is your problem with dung beetles? They have feelings and emotions as well. I am sure they wouldn’t appreciate being compared to someone you disdain. Aren’t you supposed to have regard for all creatures including dung beetles. Have you ever even seen a dung beetles. They are amazing little fellows rolling their ball of cow manure down a cow path on a hot summer day amazing!! Come to think of it Steve you could certainly be compared to worse as all of the dung beetles we’ve always called them tumble bugs I’ve ever seen were hard working industrious creatures doing a job no one else wants. Good for you Steve the hardworking dung beetle!

  • kitty says:

    Wow! That’s some AMAZING courage and motivation!! Very dedicated!

  • Mars says:

    What some will do for ratings! Going to kill a chicken next?

  • Russell says:

    Stevie this isn’t a war blog it’s a blog about fur. just FYI

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Beautiful Beautiful ladies with Beautiful souls to match. Judith All beings tremble before violence All fear death All love life The Buddha The one that I pray with.

  • Kat says:

    I think you ladies are amazing! I love going on demos with PETA!! Go naked!!

  • steve says:

    john….. where did i say fighting for freedom…… what i said was how are these girls courageous and brave compared to soldiers fighting in iraq????? how about reading what i’m writing… i guess these girls are as brave as these soldiers whether they want to be or not .. right john??? and old spiderwoman…. a loutish dungbettle????? which century are you living in??? and i do appreciate your compassion of cutting me apart with a chain saw…. more of that peta good will….

  • Susannah S says:

    I still think we need some new ideas unless you want PETA to be synonymous with “people exhibiting tits and ass” but I applaud the message anyway and will always support The Cause.

  • John says:

    Hey Steve The soldiers in Iraq don’t want to be there. Most likely they joined the military due to lack of jobs or other opportunities and were promised this and that by recruiters. Fighting for freedom? Please. They’re just doing what they’re told and hoping to survive. PETA members..keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am happy for all of the activities that Peta engages in to increase the awareness of the plight of animals but sometimes I think so many naked campaigns get a little old and deter attention from the real issues at hand. While I don’t find this degrading I do think that more could be done to show the real horror of the fur industry instead of just bare bodies which in some way does trivialize the subject. And it is usually women being shown so it is perpetuating the stereotype that we women can only be noticed or listened to if we are using our T A which is a bit juvenile and ridiculous. Personally I think as they are standing there whether fully clothed or not they should be next to a tv showing video of fur farms and how animals are treated and killed and speak to passersby in a friendly way handing out brochures and telling stories of the animals shown on the video. Otherwise all you have is nakedness on display for people to turn their heads and look and keep on going without any further information come on lets get some serious work done.

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    to the bad Steve it’s you loutish dungbeetle who has dirty thoughts like always because a compass saw smashed the last remains of your shitty brains it’s time to refill it with grey matter or i come over with a chain saw and then we don’t have just a bad Steve but a runny Steve!

  • Joelle says:

    “women feel this is degrading” Thank you steve for letting us know how women feel. Where would we be without men like you to lead the way for us frailer beings?

  • Anonymous says:

    i understand the sign in front of them but whats with the dam f in shoes?….. ps

  • Mark says:

    Two beautiful girls with amazing compassion. Not sure how this is gonna get Wintour to throw out her furs or convince anyone not to buy them in the first place. Get back to the drawing board PETA and come up with some fresh ideas without the classis Peta fall back of “lets get some girls to take their clothes off”. It’s not shocking anymore.

  • Eric Stone says:

    Righteous! You girls are a fine tribute to the passionate and courageous campaigners that spread the good word of PETA. YOU ROCK ALI AND MEGGAN!

  • steve says:

    being brave courage….. i don’t think so… our fighting soldiers in iraq are brave… this as usual is another cheap peta publicity stunt…. wake up… women feel this is degrading and men only care about the t a and don’t give a crap about your messages!!!!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    It’s so embareassing!

  • Allen says:

    What a great idea! These ladies are so brave for having done this! I love it. Way to go PETA! Way to go ladies.

  • Mister Jingles says:

    It’s always amazing to see lovely PETAladies in full action! Thank you for your courage to bear your own skin for the animals! God bless you!