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PETA, Kazakhstan, and Lettuce Bikinis

Written by PETA | December 18, 2006

The title says it all, really, but here’s a little editorial: Last week, two of PETA’s lettuce ladies braved the freezing cold (or scorching heat? I’m not that great with Central Asian weather patterns) of eastern Kazakhstan to encourage the people of Almaty to mark the New Year by switching from dishes like besparmak (horse meat and noodles) and zhambas (baked sheep’s head) to humane meatless alternatives. Kazakhstan has been much in the news lately, following the release of the Borat movie, and the event was a huge success, garnering international press coverage for an important issue and totally blowing a few minds in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


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  • expat worker says:

    Another display of ridiculous behavior by this group. Who do they think they are anyway. What about the Kazakh girls forced into prostitution or the millions of other HUMANS in the world who are malnurished abused and lack shelter. As for me I’ll eat more meat in protest.

  • halo snipe says:

    sigh. Don’t mess with a country’s traditions you PETA prostitutes. It can kill you….. Press X to use Ak47 and RPG7

  • Sergena says:

    “Hi” to folks of glorious nation of Kazakhstan ! Maybe “first blin is a mess” Russian saying but I am happy PETA has reached the realms of former USSR ! Way to go ! What is desparatly needed is PETA in Russian. Anyone knows does such site already exist or about to ?

  • Askar (Almaty) says:

    By the way Europe and the United States consume pork and other kinds of meat more than all the rest of the world. Dont you regret little pure pigs cows and chickens? Why dont you agitate people in US and Europe first of all?

  • Taylor says:

    Wow. That’s all I can say. You people have no brain cells whatsoever. This is a great cause. Get over yourselves. And for Borat. That’s an awesome movie. But I disagree with the comment. Go Veggies. 3

  • Amber says:

    first off to the person who says killing tomatoes is equivalent to killing animals your about as naive as Bush. Technically yes they still are a life form but it’s most deffinately not the same.

  • Ashley says:

    I’m sorry you can’t really be that stupid. Apples and tomatoes along with any other type of fruit or vegetable have no brain or nerves they can’t feel pain.

  • Askar (Almaty) says:

    Hey vegetarians how can you kill apples tomatoes etc.? You must eat only the water and fresh air! And how about the pics that people in Europe like so much???

  • Cat says:

    If we are working to stop the exploitation of animals… why are we exploiting women to do it?

  • peanut says:

    you peta peeps are just a bunch of perverts

  • Anthrominded says:

    I am a vegetarian and there is inevitably cruelty in the killing of anything. But has anyone stopped to think of how important preservation of culture is? To walk into a country because of it’s popularity due to an American movie without knowing the impact that a certain food dish might have on the cultural values of the people is kind of rude and ethnocentric. Does anyone even know what kind of methods they use? I agree with Aika at least explain the protest give information or all is pointless.

  • Almas says:

    Heyyy!! So nice… but unfortunately I didn’t see any announcement of this action so I wasn’t there. Welcome to Kazakhstan we really need to change the mind of kazakh nation.

  • Aika says:

    HI I live in Almaty.. the visit of these nice ladies was not understood by local people many of them treated it like some kind of joke…unfortunately many people eat horse meat and other meat and don’t understand why they should stop to do this.. there were only children on this square and one old woman who was teriffied by their look. It was really cold actually. NExt time PETA should call their activists from Almaty and gather together and explain why eating meat is cruel..

  • heather says:

    whoever called them stupid Borat you should look in the mirror….at least they are making a stand and doing something different verses you who probably sits back on your lazy ass!!!! you are the prostitutes

  • Borat says:

    Stupid english prostitutes

  • Borat says:

    I eat lettuce for supertime tonight!

  • its me says:

    well…blondies….what can i say more? hehe