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PETA India Do Things Their Own Way

Written by PETA | June 7, 2007

PETA India’s Campaign Coordinator, Rohini Kamath, just sent me some photos from a couple of protests that she and her colleagues held this week to draw attention to, respectively, the cruelty of the dairy industry, and the hypocrisy inherent in eating meat and trying to save the environment at the same time. Check ’em out:

Bound to a wheelchair and carrying a sign reading, “The dark side of dairy,” PETA India’s cow mascot, Ganga, protested the hideous cruelty of the dairy industry on World Milk Day. The activists also held signs emblazoned with the slogan “Doodh: not so cool, Dude,” and, though it’s not entirely clear to me what that means, I’m told that if you say that to someone in Ahmedabad, they’ll cut the dairy right out of their diet in a hot second.

And …

Eating out of a giant earth and holding signs reading “You Can’t Be a Meat Eating Environmentalist” the PETA India folks held a demonstration on World Environment Day to protest the massive environmental devastation caused by the meat industry.

PETA India — you guys are, hands down, my favorite PETA affiliate. OK, fine, I say that to all the affiliates, but I’m totally smitten with that globe-eating demonstration. Keep up the great work.


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  • Vamsi Krishna says:

    That’s really wonderful thing to do. Wish I was there too. Some body tell me how to become a member of PETA online in hyderabad

  • Taylor Morrell says:

    This is just disterbing in so many different ways! Why would someone want to look at that?! I think it is the people who made this are crazy! Thank you

  • Primis says:

    hey i only just read this just to let you know ‘Doodh’ is hindi for milk!

  • Hannah says:

    Yah! Treehugging veghead Indians rock my socks!!!

  • Gabriella says:

    I love that globe and the message it can send!

  • K says:

    Haha wowWay to go PETA India!

  • Elefant Man says:

    This beautiful action from PETA India needs my very special attention! I’m a huge fan of ancient India and I just admired the report on the ‘Roadkill’site edited by ‘Rama Das’! This is really great but unfortunately we have also to consider that today’s cows are often not very well treated in modern India they are abused in a horrible way in dairy and leather industry. Modern time Indians often forget that the cow is our mother and has to be treated with respect! Thank you PETA India also for telling the people that one cannot be a real environmentalist and a meat eater in the same time!