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PETA India Strikes Again

Written by PETA | July 7, 2007

Our counterparts in India just sent me these pics from a stunning photo shoot starring Indian supermodel Malaika Arora Khan. Malaika’s outfit was created by fashion designer Wendell Rodricks to depict a white macaw, and her ad is part of PETA India’s ongoing campaign to draw attention to the horrific conditions for the wild birds who are made to perform in Indian circuses. I’ve been inspired by these lovely images to rent the film Kaante this evening. Not only does it star the beautiful Malaika, but it’s billed as Bollywood’s answer to Reservoir Dogs. It doesn’t get much better than that.


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  • Angel says:

    Nightfall there are non vegetarians in the very list of names that you mentioned and for the ones who are vegetarians they have said in their interviews they go veg so as not to gain weight their intention is to keep the calories and fat away and not because they can’t stand see animals suffer or because they think its unethical to kill animals. It makes a difference you know! when you go veg because of the fact that you can’t see suffering or because you simply don’t want to be called fat. In fact the irony and sad part is Malaika’s brotherinlaw Salman who is notorious for hunting down animals as well as other infamous things has been arrested and send to prison for killing India’s protected species the “Chinkara” and the “Krishna deer”… There was such an outrage all over because the deer belonged to a particular community of people whose sentiments were hurt cos they considered it to have a place as part of their religious views but the guy bribed his way out. The whole of India knows this..

  • mike says:

    nightfall u prick..these are wel know artists.what do u know about vegetarianism and beauty..all the names above that u so call reservior dogs are 100 times better looking than u will be in your life and lifetimes to come..

  • bello says:

    jojo i presume you are not jojo the singer that cute babe is an avid animal protector you see i can make a difference!

  • jojo says:

    do we really need a 3 and a half hour musical version of reservior dogs?

  • Nightfall says:

    Malaika Arora Khan is a striking beauty and has a golden heart! PETA India is very strong with all her beautiful artists participating in amazing ads John Abraham Amisha Patel Raveena Tandon Gulshan Grover Shilpa Shetty Manpreet Brar Rahul Khanna Rakhi Savant and so many others and last but not least the two following astonishing actresses appearing very soon in other PETA ads Cherlyn Chopra and Celina Caitley you can admire them already on Furthermore pls know that Mallika Sherawat Tanushree Dutta Aishwarya Rai Ayesha Takia Sonu Sood Vidya Balan Milind Soman Priyanka Chopra Antara Mali Kajol Sneha Bhumika Chawla among others are all vegetarians and of course Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapur who were in the PETA poll India for the sexiest vegetarians! In Bollywood there are actually so many vegetarians that it’s impossible to recall them all here but for this I’m a huge bollywoodfan! If you got time have fun to check them out!!!

  • K says:

    Very lovely!