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PETA Honors Teddy Hilton

Written by PETA | February 28, 2011

Perez Hilton, a distinguished veteran of PETA’s “Best-Dressed” list, now has a new jewel for his crown—a PETA Proggy Award. His website (named for his canine buddy) covers all things furry, scaly, and feathery, delivered with the same sass and pizzazz that Perez is known for over at “Teddy” talks turkey about amazing animals, animal rights victories, and compassionate celebrities

We’ve been fans of the faux-fur–flaunting phenom for some time. When he learned about the barbaric clubbing of baby seals in Canada, he spoke out for the cause in our “Save the Seals” T-shirt (looking very dashing, we might add).


During Perez’s photo shoot, he told us, “Everyone in their own small ways can help make the lives of animals better—on a daily basis.” He and Teddy certainly are.

Congrats, Perez and Teddy! And as you would say, We Love U, BB.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Sally Lawrence says:

    What countries and what companies are buying baby seal fur? Can’t people protest direct to the sources of demand for this fur? Are the skinned seals left on the ice or are they used for meat?

  • allison says:

    it’s not the baby seals that are killed, FYI. and if the seals were left to flourish, they’d kill through the fish supply. which one is better….you tell me?

  • Veronica says:

    Wow I did not know he was a supporter of animal rights. I now have more respect for him. I also love that he spoke out about the seal clubbing. I did a research project many years ago on this topic and it’s something I’m devastated about, so it’s great he feels the same.

  • Brianne says:

    The way they word it makes it seem like all Canadians are out killing seals. Honestly, it’s happening, but don’t make it seem like our country is a giant killing machine… Other than that, love the ad.

  • Gina says:

    Oh, why oh why won’t this stop?

  • HH says:

    ¸.•♥☆♥☆♥•.¸¸.•♥☆ ✿ ◕ ☻THAT IS WONDERFUL–THANK YOU PH FOR YOUR COMPASSION!¸.•♥☆♥☆♥•.¸¸.•♥☆ ✿ ◕ ☻

  • ocean17 says:

    good for you Perez Hilton, i don’t think being a celebrity/celebrity watch has anything to do with it. it’s good that you have the courage and integrity to speak out about the horrific seal slaughter. yes, a positive step in the right direction. nice shirt too.

  • smarten up! says:

    Do you really think Canadians are killing baby seals? reality check time! The propagande machines that need donations to feed them are on full spin cycle. You are being used! Paul Mccartney, one celebrity I had the utmost respect for, made this same mistake!

  • alexes says:

    i don’t really like the whole celebrity watch thing, but when someone takes their fame and uses it to make positive change, i can’t help but like them. i have a new respect for Perez Hilton. thanks for speaking out, when so many wont.

  • karn says:

    one can make difference..plz stop using others skin….

  • Sid says:

    And this site will link you to such stories as the Osbourne family worshiping the Westminster Dog Show & an opossum picking Oscar winners (Peta heavily opposed the use of an octopus picking World Cup matches last year).

  • helen says:

    this has got to stop !!!

  • Janice Sacchetti says:

    Good for you Perez,, you go!!!!! Now we need more to stand up for the Seals, and other animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chanel says:

    I live in canada and it appalls me to eveytime I hear it.I’m so against cruelty to any animal and I want to help but don’t know how.perez you look great!

  • KatFood says:

    How sweet! I will have to look up that site, and see what Teddy has to say.

  • Belen ! says:

    Go Perez !!!