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PETA (Hearts) Noop Dog

Written by PETA | April 24, 2009


today.msnbc.msn / CC
Anoop Desai

Lambert? Nope. Gokey? Sorry! We’re all about Noop Dog here at PETA!

Devastated as I was when Anoop Desai got voted off American Idol this week, my day perked up when I discovered that our friends over at PETA India have approached Anoop to ask him to work with them. They sent a letter asking the R&B singer to join the Indian Animal Birth Control (ABC) campaign to “implement humane methods of controlling companion animal populations in slums” in India.

If Anoop agrees, he’ll be joining Idol judge Simon Cowell in the effort to end the animal overpopulation crisis. Plus, America might see Anoop’s compassion and finally forgive him for attempting that Usher song …

Written by Christine Doré

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