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PETA (Hearts) ‘Backyard’ Dogs

Written by PETA | March 12, 2008

One thing that many of you probably don’t know is that many of our dedicated, awesome staffers take time out of their weekends to help “backyard” dogs. During the cold weather season, this committed team delivers straw to cold, needy dogs every weekend—no exceptions. We do this because straw never freezes and is the best way to keep a cold dog warm outside.

While we at PETA obviously would prefer if people never chained their dogs and always let their dogs inside, we acknowledge that this is not a reality in many situations.

It’s this amazing commitment and selfless passion from our staff that makes me so proud to work for PETA. For example, check out this story from my good friend Sarah about her recent straw delivery trip:

“A few weeks ago, we were delivering straw in North Carolina and came across this one house that had two male pit bulls chained up outside. Their names were Tyson and Ali, (go figure, right?). Ali was very healthy and pretty buff, and then there was Tyson—I could see from 20 feet away that he was underweight. Tyson was maybe 30 pounds, and he is 3 years old. He was the sweetest dog in the world. The moment we touched him, he knew we weren’t there to hurt him and he hugged us. He looked up at us with the saddest eyes, as if they were asking us to save him.

“As I was standing there giving him probably the first loving touch he’d ever had, I noticed that there was blood on my hands. As I looked down, I saw it was all over his neck under his chain collar, which had dug into his neck and was cutting up his skin (probably starting to grow around the collar). We were able to switch the collar. We wanted to give him a longer tie-out, but we couldn’t because if he got within Ali’s reach, Ali would attack and more than likely kill him.

“We filled both doghouses with straw to keep the dogs warm for the rest of the winter, and as we were leaving, we saw Tyson snuggle in his wonderfully warm doghouse. This is why I spend my free time delivering straw to outside dogs. It makes a world of a difference to them.”

To see how you can help chained dogs in your area, please click here.

Love,Christine <3

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  • Antigone1000 says:

    Brandon Becker When I volunteered at a shelter it was amazing how people who couldn’t have cared less about their animals and who never treated them properly fought tooth and nail to get them back once the humane society took them and tried to gain custody. Instead of doing the right thing and signing them over to find a better home they wanted to assert their “rights” to get their animals back. Of course the animals were forced to remain in the shelter instead of being put into good homes until their cases were settled. Made me sick. Those people should have had NO ability to challenge the humane society based on the condition their animals were in but sadly enough they sometimes got them back.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Right on Judith! My fellow animal rescuer! I should have mentioned this at least the poor cat had a sort of happy ending after the original owner got his cat back from the vet he simply placed the poor thing on the porch where he had been stolen from in the first place! The Humane Society came to check up on the cat since it had been a cruelty case. They were horrified that the cat had been left on the porch and decided to confiscate the cat and find it a better home. Certainly not real justice but at least the cat was taken in by someone who loved him.

  • Brandon Becker says:

    “Rex’s Mom” The law is worthless when it comes to animals even for dogs people keeps as companions. All humans who profit off using animals for selfish purposes want to keep animals subjugated and maintain their status as “property” to be bought and sold. They will put their money and political connections to work to fight ANY improvement for animals no matter how insignificant! Education not legislation is where our focus should be. Let’s build the critical mass of people that will challenge the stranglehold these animal exploitative interests have on our laws and society.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Animal Lover You are absolutely right on. People like these should not have animals of any kind. These people have no respect of any kind. Our pups rule our bed and allow us to sleep with them. We now have a new king size bed and they are thrilled. This horror just breaks my heart. PETA you did a fantastic job. I am going to send some extra money for this. Maya Thats a horror story about the kitty those bastards should rot in hell for what they did. Peace!

  • DEMONGEOT says:

    quelle horreur il faudrait faire la mme chose   ces salauds et mme pire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Of course PETA would love to have this be against the law but good luck with that! When I lived in NH there were two men who stole a cat from a friend took pliers and ripped out the cat’s claws and broke off all its teeth. Then they tried to feed it to their snake. Do you know how much jail time they got? None. They got a few months probation. We’ll watch ten million dogs starve and freeze to death before the laws change. Hell itself will probably freeze over first. In the meantime we should be putting pressure on law enforcement and neighbors to ASK the dog owners if they are willing to give up the dog. You’d be shocked at how many are willing to!! I’m glad at least that cats usually roam free and we can take them into our shelter when they begin hangng around on our property instead of watching it be chained outside in the deadly cold!!

  • Michele says:

    animal lover you are absolutely right people like that should NEVER be allowed to have any pet I wonder if they have children… they should probably not be parenting either.

  • Tabitha says:

    I’m confused…was this person not reported? Because as many stars as the gang should get in their halo for their wonderful treatment to these dogs…if the dog already was underfed and had their collar embedded in its neck PLUS have its life endangered by this other dog…that dog should NOT have been left behind. I hope this was reported to the proper authorties!

  • Tamara says:

    In response to animal lover Obviously the person with the dogs did not feed that particular dog. It was noted that she could see 20 feet away that the dog was underweight.

  • animal lover says:

    I just dont understand if youre going to chain a dog outside in all kinds of weather 247 why even have a dog? I mean these people clearly dont care about their pet and are treating it terrible why not give it to a family who wants a dog. It makes me so angry to hear stories like this because dogs dont deserve this cruelty and abuse. These poor little things are just so cute and sweet I couldnt imagine how they must feel. My dogs sleeps in bed with me I even have her laying on a pillow with me I couldnt imagine her ever living outside in cold weather its terrible. People need to stop this abuse. If that idoit didnt notice the dogs collar hurting him did they even feed the dogs? I mean if you cant even see your dogs collar you must be completely ignoring him all together. People liike this should be banned from having any kind of a pet.

  • Sarah says:

    I just want to give a very special shout out to everyone else who helped this winter… Kelsey Julia Sean Peggy Jes Christina Amanda Eva and the wonderful Interns at PETA. You guys totally rock.

  • Ashley says:

    I agree with not keeping a dog outside all the time but I have a bassett hound who loves to be outside. We just built a house and have no fenced in back yard as of yet so we have to chain her up outside to prevent her from running away. I think that there is nothing wrong with chaining your dog outside so they can enjoy the weather for a while but agree that they shouldnt have to live their lives chained up and unloved.

  • MT says:

    I do not understand why in this day and age it is still legal to chain your dog outside 247. This must be outlawed.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    Why isn’t PETA trying to get a law passed that people who have dogs have to have them in the house and not chained outside 247? Or maybe going to the Humane Society or ASPCA and having them try to convince the dog owners to bring their dogs into the house or sign them over so they could find a better place to live IN A HOUSE!! That documentary with Ingrid a couple of months ago showed a pit bull that PETA didn’t even try to save. They just euthanized him outright. I think PETA does bring a lot of awareness to the public about horrible living conditions for animals but putting straw into a dog house shouldn’t have to happen. The dog should be in his people’s house not left outside. PETA should try to educate these people and try to get these dogs out of terrible situations. Straw is NOT the answer. Bringing the dogs into the house must become law!

  • Ashes says:

    Where were the owners when this was happening? I hope they saw that their dog was injured by his own collar and realized that they are responsible for providing better care! They shouldn’t need someone to come to their house to notice that their dog was bleeding!

  • Mary says:

    When I read stories like this. I thank God that there are people like Sarah out there fighting for the animals. Looking at my own rescue dog Muffit so warm so lovedshe is in fact the heart and soul of the houseit breaks my heart that I cannot give a loving home to all those abused unloved animals. God bless you Sarah God bless all of you wonderful people at PETA. And on behalf of those precious souls without a voice THANK YOU ALL.

  • Karla says:

    There should be more people like that in this world. Dogs need love in their lives. People need to stop getting animals for the hell of it only if they really want a pet they can love treat right. Dogs shouldnt be outside alone all the time they need shelter too! Good job saving that pit bull!! People need to stop treating Pit Bulls like they are vicious killers treat them like the loving dogs they are!