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PETA to Hasselbeck: Cluck You

Written by PETA | August 3, 2007

The View has been in the news a lot lately, with the addition of Whoopi Goldberg to the show. But yesterday, the show was in the news for a different reason. One of the hosts, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, revealed what she thought was the “funny” news that she has decapitated a chicken. She even demonstrated with hand motions how to do it “correctly,” horrifying the audience and co-hosts Joy Behar and Barbara Walters even more than she usually does.

Here’s a video of the incident.


And here’s what a PETA rep told TMZ about it:

“PETA has two words for Hasselbeck, ‘Cluck you!’ Next to Barbara and Joy, who expressed compassion, Elisabeth sat there chirping about the joys of killing defenseless birds. Conservatives love animals too, and she ruffled a lot of feathers today. Now that Whoopi has joined the show, maybe it’s time for Hasslebeck’s head to go on the chopping block.”

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  • Sarah says:

    i agree with puckfeta In the sence that every one is different and the is the USA. we have the right to saw and do anything in side the law we want. That is what makes our country so great. think! What if you couldn’t just go to the store and buy bonless skinless chicken breast for dinner what would you do to get food on the table for your family? when i was younger i had to watch my parents kill chickens for dinner. Yes it’s grose but its food… what are we going to do God put them on the earth to eat…

  • alisa says:

    I saw the show and E.H totally took me off guard with her murderous “demonstration”. I hate that woman more than I hate Bush. She even laughed when she said the poor chicken kept moving without its head. How the fuck is that funny? That woman is so disturing and to think that people like her reproduce. Fucking bitch!!!! She needs to rot in hell along with that dirty piece of shit Vick!!! All of you antiPeta fucks who complain about Peta not caring about people…UMMMM here’s a hint you dumb cunts…PETA is an animal rights organization not human rights. In essence PETA does care about people because dumb ignorant twats like Vick need to be taken off the streets because those who abuse animals usually seek a bigger thrill of abusing and killing a human. So YES PETA does care about people who would fall victim to shit heads like Vick. As for the stupid retard Elisabeth H…I wish her all the worst in this world and I hope one day someone shuts her ignorant mouth!

  • Pamela Locke says:

    Animals feel pain every bit as much as humans. Shame on Elizabeth for glorifying cruelty. she’s all done as far as I am concerned. And for the aging washedup rock star that commented “i’ts only a chicken”double shame on you. Where are your family ahhhvalues?

  • Anna says:

    Thank god someone invented the mute on the tv remotes! Then i don’t have to hear Elizabitch.

  • Ana says:

    I think the cause fighting for a tortured chicken or any other sentient being suffering at the hands of man is a worthy cause. What is your cause fighting for the proliferation of stupidity? Elizabeth is just another example of a cruel and insensitive fool that is morally bankrupt. Thanks Ariel for your sensitive and sensible comments. These animal haters need to air their nonsense on sites where they are best suited. It is dubious they do anything positive to help humans. As long as there are slaughterhouses there will always be wars.

  • susan trecarichi says:

    to puckfeta please post some info supporting the fact that some humans need meat to stay far as animals being a lower life form i have to question that.this was supposed to be about the cruel treatment of a chicken not political views. but by killing i meant all of the senseless deaths over in iraq.women and children are also being killed. also you don’t need to worry about what my pressing issues were right when you said that we were all issues are entirely different tnan yours.

  • Ariel says:

    To the few people who are defending E.H. it absolutely amazes me how well “educated” you are about cruelty a person expressing pleasure in crueltykilling and as always your tremendous “concern” and efforts towards world peace. yeah right I am under the impression that cruelty and killing are wrong. And I am under the impression that cruelty and killing doesn’t help towards having world peace…you know those things we have called “wars.” In fact the FBI is under the MAJOR impression that most murderers are incarcerated due to their bloodlust which they gained by first mostly when they were children that they found pleasure in killing small animals then went on to killing people. I am also under the impression that children are influenced by what they see on tv…and if they get the wrong message that killing animals is ok and pleasureable as Elizabeth had expressed well I just think you should get your tuition money refunded from your source of “education.” Obviously you were scammed.

  • khristen says:

    I am a vegetarian and yes the thought of doing this to a chicken makes me sick. However allot of the people that I know in the country community that I grew up in were raised on chicken and cutting off there heads in one fell swoop is a way of life. Would I do it… absolutley not. But lets face it people…. thats how many American farmes live and its a way of life they will not change. Lets just keep our heads high and not stoop down to a level that can cause them to say we are “too radical”. Confront things in an educated manor and we will be further ahead. Thank you….

  • J D Billingsley says:

    She demonstarted it just like its supposed to be done. I live on a farm and we do it like that all the time. PS I love fried chicken! GO VICK!!!!!

  • Corey says:

    Elizabeth isn’t Elizabeth. She’s Elizabitch!

  • TestBunny says:

    Who cares what her opinion is it’s just as much of a retarded view on the world as all you animal “lovers” have. I enjoy killing defensless animals sure… if mowing down a bunch of frail vegans in city streets counts. “Cluck you?” are you kidding me?! I said it once I’ll sya it again… You are all as retarded as the animals you defend. I will have chicken for dinner tonight in all of PETA’s name! Cheers to you all.

  • Ben Arrowood_darkpikachu2 says:

    They kept her and didn’t fight to keep Rosie O’Donnell? Rosie had said some things about Donald Trump and some other people but it was the truth. This sick woman needs to be let go and they need to fight to bring back Rosie. Masculine lesbians can’t speak their minds without controversy but so called straight Christians like Mrs. Hassleback think that they can do it without any controversy? Yeah right. Ben

  • Reed Randolph says:

    Elizabeth is a very inexperienced young lady in the ways of the world life has come at her hard and fast since she joined the view you only have had to hear her gushing remarks about the dinner at the Bush White House to realize how green she is life as the rest of us know is a learning experience and somewhere along the way she’ll have the intelligence to shed her redneck ways discover compassion she is needed on The View to help others distinguish between good and evil intelligence and ignorance!!!! AMEN

  • Lauren says:

    An empty barrel makes more noise than a loaded gun.

  • Mark Knowles says:

    What I believe is sad is that a sentient human being would advocate another’s suffering. We should neither hate nor loathe Elisabeth. One must imagine the internal torture occuring for her to firstly do such a thing and then relive it while outwardly enjoying it. She deserves our compassion. Finally the idiot vegan who thinks humans need meat to live is sorely confused. We’ll give him some compassion too.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey i love trees! GET REAL!!! I don’t take orders from anybody have a great life am financially sound and OBVIOUSLY have more smarts in my little toe than you can only dream of having and I support Peta in everything they do and you should too! STOP with the inane analagies get your facts straight and learn to think for yourself! Oh and grow up! Instead of spewing sarcasm applaud those who are out there on the front lines putting the pressure on animal abusers to make them accountable AND having to contend with the likes of you! So you say that nobody believes in Peta’s cause?!! TELL THAT TO MIKE VICK! BUT you’re obviously trolling… ’cause nobody can be that ignorant.

  • Margarita says:

    Is there any chat room for animal lovers?

  • mia says:

    Wow. I know peta isnt worried about world peace or anything.. but “defenceless farm animals” lol yeah thats a real issue.

  • Kelley says:

    I don’t know how she got that jobshe has no talent and really nothing positive to contribute. So whatshe lived on an island and ate bugs for a few weeks.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t usually watch The View but I did that fateful day and cringed in horror when ms Hasselbeck described killing a chicken as she wallowed in euphoric delight! How disgusting is THAT?!! GO PETA!!! NEVERMIND THE LIKES OF PUCKFETA! Call things as you see them and express freely the horror in anywhichway you can and keep on exposing ALL wrongdoing in defense of animals to the whole world! In this case hopefully ms PRIM can muster up some remorse and sense about the miserable plight of so many chickens and other animals and possibly give an apology to all the viewers offended by that lousy remark or get the boot!

  • Jacob says:

    In my belief Elisabeth Hasselbeck did nothing erroneous… There are some people that grew up butchering chickens in that manner. Maybe she was one of them? Nevertheless if you are going to sit here and call her names and condemn her then you can. Although in my certainty she did nothing wrong. You all need to like get a head on your shoulders and lighten up… Gosh… Millions even billions of people eat chickens everyday… We eradicate chickens on a daily basis… So what learn to deal with it… I mean not everyone is going to be nice to animals especially if u censure them and call them appalling names. Elisabeth is a sweet caring young lady. She has her whole future ahead of her and quite frankly you are basically trying to ruin her life and her career. If you want to be a vegetarian and attempt to save every animal thats possibly on this planet then be my guest and harass her call her names. You cannot save every animal on the planet. Its a cycle of life. Animals murder each other and people eradicate animals. Would you like humans to starve because we have to be nice to animals? I dont know about you but Im willing to slay an animal if it means that I survive. However just know when you call her a name you are degrading yourself not her… The reason for this is because youre humiliating yourself by utilizing the hurtful word. Not her

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Women like Elisabeth are nothing but bottom feeders. Barbara dug to the bottom of the barrel for this one.

  • gene simmoms says:

    u guys a fucking idiots…its a freaking chicken

  • Ariel says:

    puckfeta8307 545pm What would it take to get through your thick skull that 1. PETA is an animal rights’ org…not an org. to solve all the world’s problems. Perhaps you should express your thoughts to the United Nations and see how far you get 2. Contact Pres. Bush Congress and law enforcers about all the “worse things that are happening to people” who and which we have NO power over. 3. PETA is NOT a hate group. see the KKK the neonazis etc. about hate groups. 4. Do some research yourself to find out that medical science has proven repeatedly that meats and animalrelated foods are detrimental to a person’s health be it arteriosclerosis high LDH cholesterol levels heart attacks etc. visit a cardiac care unit for visible proof And there is no predetermining test in order to know how much cholesterol will affect each individual person throughout his or her lifetime. 5. Do a LOT of research to understand the humananimalenvironmental relationship. Then perhaps you will get a clue about animal activists and how our beliefs relate. 6. Elizabeth is telling of her inner self by her unconscienable pleasure for cruelty. Therefore she loses out in the moral dept. about that. And finally 7. IF you think that Elizabeth could ever have an interest in you forget it! So what would it take to get these facts through to your brain?

  • Anna says:

    Oh I forgot CLUCK YOU!!!!! Sorry oh your blonde you might not know what that means JUST SIMPLY REPLACE THE C AND L FROM THE WORD CLUCK AND REPLACE WITH F. THERE YOU GO STUPID!

  • Anna says:


  • Wendy says:

    Did that make her feel like a big girl? All it proves is that she’s a heartless bitch. I’m not quite sure why they allow her on there but I suppose it is for different opinions considering it is “the view”. What’s wrong with the world these days? Hopefully someone had a nice long chat with her and told her that it isn’t “funny” or “cool” to kill animals.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Puckfeta That’s an interesting comment that some people have to eat meat to stay alive. Can you give me a few links or leads that support that view? Thanks. There are lots of athletic vegans out there like ultramarathoner Scott Jurek Ironman triathletes Ruth Heidrich and Brendan Brazier weightlifters Jane Black Robert Cheeke and Kenneth Williams rockclimber Steph Davis and many others.

  • Susannah says:

    Perhaps Elizabeth should be debeaked?

  • keith says:

    Elizabeth Hasslebag..Badly Done!! Badly Done Indeed!!

  • puckfeta says:

    These comments are in response to susan trecarichi. First of all there are poeple out there who do need animal products to liveincluding fish. Just because you have never heard or read or listened to this information doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. I am a vegan because of a medical condition. Eating meat would hurt me in ways that it doesn’t hurt the average person. Just like I can’t eat meat there are people out there who HAVE to eat for numerous reasons. Vegans need to realize that this diet is NOT perfect for EVERYBODY. Like I said before we are all different. As to animals having no voice well obviously lowerlife forms don’t have voices or brains that we do. That’s why they’re lower at the food chain then we are. They don’t need voices. Do gazelles need someone to stop lions before they kill and devour them? The last thing you said about the troops is ridiculous . Please explain what you mean because to me there are troops in Iraq fighting for your and all of our freedoms and lives. It’s because of them you can concentrate on saving animals and not worry about more pressing issues. If people want to be vegans that’s cool. Forcing it upon others is not. You are entitled to your opinion and so am I and that was mine right there.

  • Dawn says:

    Elisabeth is an idiot

  • Amy says:

    what an idiot… the video wouldn’t play for me but it really doesn’t suprise me that she would say something so unintelligent…way to go hasselbeck…dumb b

  • i love trees says:

    You guys are like the crazies on tv. You people do not have a level head. You remind me of crazy exgirlfriends that murder people. No brains no common sense and no stability. Its cool though cuz nobody believes in your cause only morons and desperate guys that take orders from women. All of you are pathetic.

  • teddy lloyd says:

    She is as stupid as Rosie.

  • Kim Brown says:

    Another shameful blemish on American Media. Just another fine example of the demise of American TV can it go any lower than it is? Very poor taste and frankly Elisabeth Hassleback is boring her education has ovbiously done nothing for her but make her another right wing drone. I hope she seriously evaluates her crass and cruel comments not only for animal rights but for American politics in general.

  • ZAIDA says:

    SHAME on you Elizabeth a feel disgusted to hear you. When I was four years old I saw some people decapitating a chicken for fun and that’s a nightmare that will live with me forever. LIVE TO LOVE AND PROTECT NOT TO KILL FOR FUN.

  • susan trecarichi says:

    to the person who wrote the nasty note to peta i think that you need to get your facts straight! i have never heard of someone who had to eat meat to stay alive. there are other choices being a vegan that you should know about rather than meat. i am also a vegan and know the alternatives.we as animal lovers fight for them because they have no voice! we give a rats ass because man the supreme human being exploits them remember michael vick?!as for rosie odonnell she was not bad mouthing the troops she was only speaking the truth about killing! just my opinion!

  • nan mcclain says:

    If you want to express your horror at Elisabeth’s remarks go to abc.comtheview. Make sure that you email your feelings directly to Elisabeth and separately to the Viewmaster. He is the show’s producer. I also sent a message to Joy and Barbara asking how they could laugh while she was talking about an animal dying in pain and terror. Make your feeling known! She belongs in the pit with Michael Vick.

  • susan trecarichi says:

    shame on you elizabeth hasselbeck! you are nothing but a loud mouth twerp! i used to watch the view even taped it when i worked i would cheer for rosie all the time. you are not only stupid but you are also cruel!

  • puckfeta says:

    Peta should just leave people alone and start practicing what they preach by being “cruelty free”. Hating other people just because they like meat or care more about people than animals isn’t cool. Bottom line I’m a vegan just like most of you but the thing that I get that you people don’t is that we’re all different and we all have different needs such as what our diets consist of. Do some research and realize that there are poeple out there who couldn’t live on our vegan diets and need animals to live on. If Hasselback doesn’t think it’s that bad that she killed that chicken then remember she has her own moral values that are different than yours. That doesn’t mean she’s right or wrong that just means it’s all relative. In reality there are worse thing happening to people that PETA doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass about. I’m sure ABC would fire her because of a few oversensitive PETA members. Yeah right. If Rosie O’donnell can bad mouth our brave troops then I would think that what Elizabeth said in comparison seems pretty trivial. Just my opinion PETA fans.

  • Deanne O'Donnell says:

    It was very sad to hear the very unintelligent and uncompassionate Hasselbeck embarrass herself with her comments on killing a chicken. Barbara and Joy are class acts but Hasslebeck never ceases to prove what an ass she is. I will not watch The View again.

  • pookie says:

    she sucks even more than barbara!

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Even though I don’t watch the show it still baffles me as to why she’s even on there. Nobody likes her nobody listens to her nobody cares! Perhaps this is a very rare case of Little Woman Syndrome? Perhaps she’s killing defenseless animals as a way of making herself feel important? She likes knowing that she held the life of an animal in her hands and she chose to end it.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    I guess we’re supposed to be impressed by her “worldliness”. Why doesn’t she apply for a job on the kill floor of a slaughterhouse? I don’t think she would find that so funny.

  • CupcakeMagee says:

    shakes head at the fact this “lady” is actually allowed on the “air” sigh And yet again Elizabeast gives me another reason to loath her and everything she stands for… Cluck You indeed Elizabeth. Cluck You indeed. Oh and thank you for calling her out on this PETA.

  • bronwyn evans says:

    I think Elizabeth should be let go immediately! She has no talent what so ever. What did her showbiz career consist of before the view anyway? Survivor that’s it? Why doesn’t she go to one of these slaughterhouses and see the cruelty of what really happens to these poor creatures. Maybe then she’ll shut her big untallented mouth.

  • silent tongue says:

    There is just one thing that Elisabeth Hasselbeck deserves a silent tongue!

  • ada damore says:

    Time for Elizabeth to leave the viewcluck you!!!!!!!

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    I hate that loud mouth bitch. I saw the show and I was disgusted even more by her it was like she was proud of herself. well elisabeth you made a fool of yourself once again you just dont know when to keep your BIG mouth shut. she talks to much and to fast and i think she has been on the view long enough already!!!