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PETA to Gore: Too Chicken to Go Veg?

Written by PETA | August 29, 2007

In case you thought we were just kidding when we wrote to Al Gore urging him to go vegetarian to help stop global warming, maybe this ad will clarify our position for you.


The evidence is in, and though it may be a little inconvenient for Mr. Gore to hear, the facts don’t lie. This U.N. report shows that animals raised for food generate more greenhouse gases than all cars and trucks combined, and goes on to say that meat is “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global,” including land degradation, air pollution, water shortage and pollution, loss of biodiversity, and of course climate change. And according to a recent University of Chicago study, switching to a vegan diet is more effective in countering global warming than switching from a standard American car to a Prius. We even went so far as to offer to cook him faux “fried chicken” as an intro to vegetarian meals, since, no matter how many of those cool little energy saving light bulbs you put in, the reality is that there just isn’t such a thing as a meat-eating environmentalist.

This story about the whole issue ran in The New York Times today, but Gore declined to comment. Mr. Gore, you’ve done so much good by putting yourself out there as the face of the anti-global warming movement, and you’re so right on so much of it, but come on, it really is high time to put some substance behind it by leading by example and doing the single most effective thing you can do to address the issue: simply going vegetarian.

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  • Pooka says:

    Shame on PETA. Al Gore has done more for the environment than most of your members will do in a lifetime. I am tired of such gratuitous insulting attacks on someone who is working VERY hard to try to change the world for the better. He has picked his battle and he’s fighting it. He does not deserve to be caricatured like this. He is the one human being who could be in a position to listen to PETA and effect change. This nasty banner harms your efforts. But if being outrageous is where the thrills come from and not doing strategic leveraged work with your eye on the outcome and not on the namecalling then I guess the stupid banner works for you.

  • rintintin says:

    well duane if peta and al gore are two jokes so you are the third joke because you are one of those right now here again who cannot read what was written before him! raise your watermelon and stare at the upper lines you limited edition of a horny frog!

  • duane says:

    This has to be the most insane thing i have every heard. Where are the facts to back this up that animals on feed farms are causing global warming? Also what about the climate change being caused by the natural effects of the earth? I think the whole global warming thing is bogus. Plus how much money did Al Gore’s concert raise for any type of reasearch? That’s right NOTHING. But yet how much polution to he create that day with all the jets and limo’s and trucks coming to his event? Maybe we should just stop breathing since you put out CO2 every time you take a breath. PETA has to be the biggest joke ever next to Al Gore…

  • mike says:

    Define how the U.N report shows that meat is the number one generater of green house gases. Just curious?

  • Jerry Seinfeld says:

    I agree Al Gore should go vegan for nothing else but to lose some weight. If he is eating chicken he should choose lean skinless chicken not the fried stuff. And he should cut out other fatty meats like ribs pork and fatty cuts of beef. I mean it’s really hard to be the face of environmentalism when that face is puffy and the gut is hanging over the belt buckle. I can just tell by looking at him that he consumes at least twice as much as an average human being and that is just food alone! I don’t want to think about how much electricity he consumes trying to cool down that massive frame… all of his rooms in his mansion have to kept at about 65 degrees to prevent him from sweating. And it gets hot and sticky in Tennessee folks. Peta should lobby Al Gore to lose at least 50 lbs immediately and to stop wearing makeup and to stop flying private jets and to sell his mansion and to stop using limousines…etc. Go PETA!!!!

  • Tania says:

    I used to be a member of PETA and am considering rejoining. However I am a bit turned off by PETAmost supporter’s attitude that unless you “do it all” go completely veg for example then it isn’t “good enough”. Al Gore is getting the word out regarding Global Warming which to me is a great thing! Awareness is key. But I guess it isn’t to PETA as they feel the need to attack Gore because his efforts aren’t “good enough” for PETA by Gore not being veg. Is noone “good enough” unless they are veg? Not everyone would be willing to go completely vegetarian… but I think if encouraged enough more people would be apt to at least cut down their meat consumption which in the end would be just as beneficial as one person going vegetarian. But apparently according to PETA that wouldn’t be good enough so why should anyone bother even reducing their meat consumption when faced with such an attitude? Is it truly ‘go vegetarian or go home’? I really believe a better approach would be to encourage a reduction in meat consumption… I believe this would be more viable for the majority rather than just a select few that are willing to make a big jump into vegetarianism.

  • Ben says:

    Al Gore does actually mentions that eating less meat lowers greenhouse emissions in his ‘inconvenient truth’ book and suggests it should be eaten in moderation. I agree with PETA on most things but I don’t think Al Gore should receive this kind of reputation. Its hard enough to get people to believe global warming is real without publicly suggesting that he is ‘cherry picking’ facts or using the crisis for political ambition. I think the single most important thing he can do is educate people on this matter. Im sure if he told everyone that they had to give up meat to save the environment then a lot less people would take him seriously. After reading ‘an inconvenient truth’ I slowly started becoming a vegetarian because of what he had said about eating meat in his book. then i saw a rise against video that showed slaughter houses and stuff and became an instant vegetarian

  • Bryant says:

    I’m a PETA member but I’m not perfect…just trying. Al’s not perfect either but he’s clearly trying…albeit with some “sins of the flesh”. There are a lot bigger targets with much bigger issues. Let’s not take such big shots at our allies.

  • raja says:

    Peta should stick to animal rights issues.. Think about all that extra methane that vegetarians and vegans fart out vs. meat eaters remember methane is 25 more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. All those beans and ruffage.. Sound ridiculous?.. so is attacking Al Gore of all people for eating meat.

  • Pushkin says:

    Like it or not animal rights and environmentalism are both linked together. A healthy environment is necessary not just for people but for the well being of animals too and it is not hypocritical in the slightest to encourage Al Gore to change his diet to better fit with his views on the environment.

  • PeaceSurge says:

    Ingrid Newkirk was on the Bill Mahr show last week sharing the information about the tonnage of greenhouse gases that are created by the ‘meat industry’. I was shocked to learn just how huge a contributor to global warming that meat is. I searched the Internet and found that she was exactly right. Check out The Nature Conservancy at and click on ‘Carbon Calculator’. Methane and other gases are included as the equivalent in carbon dioxide You can find out how much greenhouse gases you and your family are responsible for and what kinds of things you can do right now to mitigate the damage. There are plenty of things we can all do right now we are not helpless as individuals. Changing our eating habits is one quick and easy way we can all help to save the Earth for our grandchildren and their children. Meat is a huge producer of greenhouse gas. If you need help to stop eating meat go to and click on the video ‘If This Is Kosher’ by Jonathan Safran Foer. You won’t want to eat animals anymore after watching I’ve been a meateater for my entire life 54 years so far and global warming convinces me that we all need to stop think and act now. Help save the planet for future generations. Together we can change the world. Drop by drop water breaks rock.

  • Bruno says:

    I am not a specialist but think of what alternatives to meat eating will cost. I do realize that almost all soy production is used to livestock feeding and I also realize raising livestock does have a large effect on the environment but what would happen if most people stopped eating animals to become vegans what consequences would we see if we stopped raising cows and started cultivating more soy now for people feeding for example? Those would be numbers and projections I would like to know.

  • Gerardo Tristan says:

    I do not think that the real issue is if meet is the number one or number four or number twenty main factor for Global Warming..that misses the POINT Meet IS an important factor for GW an everybody agrees on that. Also meatspecifically factory farming is a wester IMPOSITION to the world make matters worst. We all should start to take steps to become vegetarians then vegans since we all OUGHT to care for this world and do WHATEVER needed to protect it. For the KarKar…honey you need to do some serious research and in addition …watch your language…I have never seen “Meet” being race for consumption…where you saw that? I have seen INDIVIDUAL non human animals with their own history families relations feelings intelligence feelings physical and emotional capacity for suffering soul complex lives etc..being feed on concentration camps ..getting ready for being killed by humans…….organic rethoric is just bias Bullshit talk. SO I encourage you dear KarKar to include ETHICS on your research list..

  • animalfriend says:

    ted williams you sound a bit ironical but i have to tell you that on the most of your points you are right even a zebra as an emperor would be a great thing! as far as i’m concerned i can tell you that during more than 30 years my daily guide was a horse i learned so much from him indeed 1. he saved my life twice once refusing to continue his way before a thunderstorm and once refusing to continue his way when they cut trees in the forest and i ignored it! i listened to him and turned back! 2. he showed me how to avoid marshland! 3. he always avoided to pollute the streets! in fact he stopped and went into the grass and i was clever enough to listen! 4. he made me to go up at five o’clock in the morning for to clean the stable before i went to work so i remained really fit and in good health! 5. because of him i learned to be responsible! 6. because of him i had good friends! 7. because of him i started to study the history of the industrial revolution and the horse abuse of last centuries! 8. because of him i studied the history of international wars and cavalry! 9. because of him i know about the ‘black jack’ do you know who is this? it’s not the blogowner but another important personality! 10. because of him i learned about native american culture and their relation with the horse and the buffalo! 11. because of him i didn’t go to night clubs because i had to clean and ride! 12. because of him i learned about chivalry and minstrel culture in middle age! 13. because of him i went to endland for to see the royal horses so i saw the tower of london! 14. because of him i lived the loving care of my parents who helped me with time and money! 15. because of him i could go on and on here but last and not least i can tell you this i learned from him to be humble and honest two qualities which until nowadays i didn’t find in any human being and certainly not in a human president or king!

  • animalfriend says:

    to Darsh i’m glad to find a fellowhindu on this blog and i want to give you courage now as we are actually living in the kaliyuga and all the precious values are falling down i’m nevertheless convinced that one day the real ‘sanatana dharma’ shall revive and the beauty and majesty of the highest philosophy and religion in this universe the sublime teachings of Sri Krishna himself shall again spread on this planet because now we are living in complete darkness and everybody doing something even good is just incomplete! English colonisation of India or as we call her ‘Mother Bharata’ was a catastrophe also for the Indian people and many holy souls fell down on a primitive level of meateating gambling and so on! But be sure i’m a Swiss but here in Europe are many European Hindus living the principles of the eternal ‘sanatana dharma’ in full respect of the ‘shastras’ in avoiding the killing of animals and meateating and practicing the principles of nonviolence towards all creatures! All praises to Lord Sri Krishna in his eternal abode the eternal protector of mother cow she gives us ‘pancagavia’ the five gifts and for this we have to be thankful to her and refuse every kind of factory farming and exploitation aswell as bullfighting because the bull is the earthploughing father and the one who kills him shall according to our teachings suffer in as many lives as he has hair on his back!!!

  • Frank - An American Patriot says:

    While it would no doubt be a good thing for Al Gore to become a vegetarian both personally and publicly its more useful to the movement if he does not at least publicly. Here’s why being attacked by the far lefties in PETA helps his image and enhances his environmentalist message with the casual and uninformed voter which the majority of Americans are by creating sympathy for him among the mainstream and the right wing. His message of climate change will resonate more in these quarters and we’ll all be better off. So go ahead PETA knock yourself out!

  • Michele says:

    Hmmm based on many of the comments on this blog it just goes to show you that PETA supporters are damned if they do damned if they don’t. When animal lovers were making their voices heard about Mike Vick they were told “why don’t you focus on HUMANS?”. Now when there is an issue that is intended to help the environment and the HUMANS living here while at the same time saving animals we are told to “stick to animal rights”. I think there are people who will never try to listen to PETA’s messages no matter what they are. These people will spend so much time coming up with antiPETA “facts” instead of taking the time to really see what humans are doing to the earth and to ALL of its inhabitants.

  • scott says:

    The argument of using nonfactory farm raised cattle is ridiculous. The amount of pollution water use soil erosion etc. that comes from even small “family farms” is extremely destructive to local sites. Such operations routinely result in fish kills of adjacent waterways as well as direct and indirect displacementloss of native flora and fauna. Additionally if factory farms were obsolete the demand on “free range” sites would be overwhelming creating the same problem on a larger scale. Instead of arguing how best to farm animals try to make a selfless decision to go vegan. This is more than ethics environment or health it is common sense. Times have changed and it is a positive step in human social evolution.

  • mani says:

    sean this is about animal rights. what exactly do u think vegetarianism is? second of all if people did not eat meat millions upon millions of animals would not have to suffer and global warming would not be the issue that it is. vegetarians r enlightened people. u make the connection.

  • mani says:

    sean this is about animal rights. what exactly do u think vegetarianism is? second of all if people did not eat meat. millions upon millions of animals would not have to suffer and global warming would not be the issue rthat it was. vegetarians r enlightened people. u make the connection.

  • James Fry says:

    Vegetarians unite in the quest to make the world green and fed. Then when every one is only eating veg we can kill off all them cows chickens pigs and fish. To stop global warming. Kill them all because really if we are not eating them we don’t need them. If you don’t post this then PETA is simply a new and odd form of NAZIS. Free Speech free thought. Post it and then tell me what the plan is to do with all the walking living meat. Can’t put them in Zoos or the circus. Can’t keep them as pets. I guess we can just let them roam free. But can you imagine hitting a cow with your car? How many will starve? Or is Peta the kind of group that demands results without thinking of what will occur? Truly I don’t think you are that stupid! But maybe you are!

  • Michael says:

    I’ve recently been accused of not being enough of an enviromentalist because I still drive quite a bit buy nonorganic foods often packaged in plastic and don’t compost my waste. I’ve been a vegetarian for 37 years and it’s finally nice to hear I’ve been helping more than I ever knew. The first time I heard about cows causing global warming was from George Bush. Maybe we should get him to go vegetarian. Yeah right. Thanks for your info.

  • Rachel says:

    Hey guys.. Honestly in this world we pick our battles and someone like Gore chose one and is really doing a good thing for our world. I am a member of peta but I am not a vegetarian. I have found it offensive on many occasions where people have something to say about the fact I eat meat. I am an organic and free range meat eater. I really feel sad that Peta is putting out the slamming Gore article. You are not perfect and shouldn’t act like it.

  • vegan4animals says:

    Love the billboard. And this comes from an Al Gore fan! It’s okay to support Al Gores work and still hold him to the facts. The UN has spoken. Meat eating is going to kill us all. I hope you meat eating block heads feel happy about the fact that we’re all dead because of you and your lack of compassion for animals. So keep stuffing your fat faces with animals tortured bodies. See you in the upcoming sweltering greenhouse effect.

  • Anaa says:

    What is this outpouring of love for Al Gore about??? What real changes has he accomplished??? Yes PETA should ask Gore why he is not vegetarian yet I think it is counterproductive of ALL environmentalists to decry pollution and then sit down to eat a steak in leather pants. Sponge and Yolande Too bad your sensibilities are not evolved enough to feel compassion for animals that don’t see sunlight are not allowed to behave or grow natuarlly live in overcrowded filthy conditions have their young stolen from them then have a truck come and throw them all inside only to reach the slaughterhouse where they have a bolt shot into their brain if they’re lucky and while fully aware have their legs cut off and skin torn off. This is agony. Too bad you haven’t the tender feeling of empathy for these billions of animals. Jenny I am Catholic too but you lost me in your argument especially since an atheist would NOT partake in rebuilding ANY church. Gore hasn’t really changed anything. Just a lot of blah blah blah. Until he addresses the horrors of the slaughterhouse and the impact it has on animals and the environment then he is just taking the “soft” maintream approach. I do agree that overpopulation is a serious issue but that has been written about for decades but people continue selfishly about their business. Sean I agree!!! Especially the part of “meat consumption brutally inhumane to animals…contributer to greenhouse gases”. Nothing about eating meat is sane or acceptable. I am sure the same people eating animals would like cannibals to change their eating choices. I for one am glad PETA is pointing out the extreme cruelty eating animals is and how violent eating choices affect the environment. People that is what an ANIMAL RIGHTS ORGANIZATION is supposed to do!!!!

  • little big woman says:

    to sponge and alexa you miss the point we don’t attack gore but if he doesn’t include factory farming in his issue all his doing is useless because factory farming is by far the GREATEST POLLUTER ON EARTH!! do you understand the point? this is not about meateating or not! go to study the facts!!!

  • Alexa says:

    No this is just horrid I will not allow a group I support attack other people who are doing just as much if not more to save this planet. No this is rediculious and horrible and I think PETA needs to rethink this all of a sudden mission acomplished with Vick and we have to go after the poster boy for enviromental issues? You’re driving around in a hummer dressed up like a chicken? How chilidish is that it’s going to set all of us back very far. What is with this we’re telling him he’s not an enviromentalist just because he eats meat? No no that’s not right and I will not stand by and let PETA do this stick to animal rights.

  • sean says:

    KarKar You make me sad. Animals are individuals with willpower and awareness just like ours. You’ve looked into their eyes. Can’t you see it? You’ve felt their hearts beat. Can’t you feel the gravity of their desires equal to any of your own? There is nothing selfserving about true ethics. There can only be one true ethic and that is “concern for maximising happinesss and minimising suffering in others ahead of yourself”. To truly achieve this requires the enlightenment of a Buddha or a Saint. However when a person who physically enjoys a meat diet decides so as not to create more demand in the marketplace for the suffering of others of animals by going vegan that is the opposite of “selfserving” I would have thought. I understand however that if you are not prepared to take that step because you are still allowing yourself to be enslaved by your visceral base desires then it will be uncomfortable for you to accept the ramifications of your choices and you will find need to deny the truth of the consequences. I am sad to see that someone so obviously as nice as you is still clutching at feeble arguments to justify your unethical choices as now it turns out that not only is meat consumption brutally inhumane to animals but it is also according to too many mainstream authorities even the UN a leading contributer to greenhouse gases. The truth will not go away. It will gnaw at you because you surely recognise what must be done. If you take that step I promise you this it won’t all be sacrifice because in your heart you will feel more at one with your planet and its other inhabitants.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gore can do what he wants to do you guys choose to pray to animals let him eat his chicken in peace

  • Carolyn Feldman says:

    I understand the passion of your cause but I feel that you are being completely irresponsible to the environment by villifying the one man who has done more for it that anyone or any group. Truthfully if we’re not polluting our enviornment because of cattle ranches we’d be polluting it because of produce farms since that also requires lots of land water pesticides and fertiflizer. I think the bigger issue here would be over population an issue which Al Gore emphatically addresses. Less people less everything. So please don’t undermine an issue that is not only important for people but also endanered animals. Furthermore it is crucial for people to rely less on oil dependency and to find alternate sources of enery which means giving up their Hummers and SUVs. So please do not undermine this extremely important cause and don’t undermine Al Gore who has always been an environmentalist even before HE made popular.

  • Samantha says:

    Personally I don’t believe in Global warming and if you are down to the point of saying no meat well im sure unless everyone has solar panels to write this is harming the enviorment.

  • Darsh says:

    People will never become vegs on a whole. It is ingrained into human culture in most of the world. I don’t see people becoming real Hindus anytime soon since most of its philosophy is considered inferior and tribal compared to the great things Western or white culture has brought to the world. Plus the whole religious and cultural push around the world will not allow the first religion of the world to spread its view beyond the subcontinent. Thus the farms will continue to overrun land that could be used for better things. On another note I think HUMAN breeding needs to be curbed forcefully. That would reduce resource wasting indeed but nobody will ever talk about that because of our egos.

  • Yolande says:

    Personally I feel that if we were still in teh cave men days that eating meat would be the right thing to do. But now in this day and age we have abused this priveledge for too long. The ways the animals that we eat are raised is completely unnatural and unenviromental and the reason I am a vegetarian is not for the animals but for the planet. Anyone who cares about the planet in the slightest should be wise enough to see the undeniable connection between meat and global warming.

  • Sponge says:

    If Al doesn’t want to go vegetarian he shouldn’t have to. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to help the environment. Stop pushing your beliefs unto others. If you don’t want to eat meat. Don’t. If you don’t want to wear products from animals. Don’t. If you don’t want to watch entertaining animals. Don’t. Just stop pushing it on others. Meat is delicious. Are you going to start telling carnivore animals like wolves to stop eating meat? They’re exactly like us. We kill and eat animals just like they do. And don’t you dare say that it’s because they’re animals. We are animals too. You PETA people forget that. The only meat I won’t eat is Veal. That’s sick I agree with you on that. Now I have another issue with PETA. How dare you insult Steve Irwin? He’s twice the conservationist you PETAs will ever be. And especially right after his death. Even ignoring who you were slandering have you no respect for the dead? By the way stop killing the animals you rescue. Have a nice day .

  • rojo says:

    Mike Q While large amounts of soy are used to feed livestock it is really the soymeal left over after the oil is extracted. Feeding the meal to animals provides a use for this byproduct.

  • rojo says:

    Mike Q when they say carbon equivalents etc that means the extra warming effect of methane2123 times CO2 depending on where you look has been taken into account. Interestingly in the US more methane is emitted from landfill than animal production.

  • Jennyboricuataz says:

    PETA! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU JUST DID?! Let’s say “John Smith” is an advocate for world peace and has accomplished many things to help the cause. Below would be an example in comparison to your rally against Gore. John Smith I am trying my best to help world peace. Peta John isn’t it true that you argue with your wife on occasion? John Smith Yes we have disagreements from time to time as many marriages do. Peta Well! There you go! How can you expect to achieve world peace when you can’t achieve peace at home! We are beginning an official rally against you until you learn never to disagree with your wife again!!! You are no longer allowed to contribute to world peace!! As logical as this witchhunt is for you I can assure you it is not. Your beliefs are commendable. However such as the religious issues our world is facing today you are crucifying someone for not following everything you believe. Just like evryone that denies Global Warming. What’s the point. Al Gore is helping the situation as best he can. He’s not a saint and neither are any of you. When you begin alienating supporters of good causes just because they may not support all of your beliefs you contribute to creating a world divided. I’m Catholic and therefore believe in God. If an atheist approaches me about helping to rebuild a church that has been burned why would I turn him away? He doesn’t believe what I believe but he just wants to do good and contribute. Should I ridicule him for it?

  • dinosaurbob says:

    Let’s face it. There is no humane way to kill animals. Or people either.

  • Jason Levy says:

    Just thought I’d pass on this link httpgoveg.comenvironment.asp

  • quantumdolphin says:

    the fact that despite the UN report there are people environmentalists !! who are reluctant to change their food habits shows the lack of personal discipline on part of most of these intellectuals. if this be the case of educated responsible environmentalists then god help us all. veganism is a lost cause not because of lack of ethics in personal life among the majority

  • Linda Mosca says:

    Amen Susan. And the word that you’ve hired a “Hummer” NY Times to advertise this sickens me and puts you at much at fault as any meateater. Gasguzzling IS still an important issue. And disenfranchising your broader or potential base doesn’t work. Drop the holierthanthou for a moment and use your heads. Most cultures eat some form of meat. It will take some time to change the world. Gasguzzling LIKE YOUR ADVERTISING HUMMER is comething that can be changed immediately. I used to be a member of PETA. I will again if you get your act together.

  • Mustapha Says says:

    I turned vegetarian about a year ago. The light finally came on even though I was always pet lover such as dogs and cats I have killed my share of lambs chickens and fish etc…My reason to quit eating dead animals is quit simple. If men is capable to rationalize the death of animals then he is capable rationalizing the death humans. No wonder we still have wars no wonder we still have death penalty. We consider ourselves modern civilized and advanced yet we still can prey on helpless creature who have just as much rights to live as any human being. My point for writing my comment is simply to express my disagreement with those who feel selfrighteous about the vegetarian lifestyle . We don’t need to criticize Al Gore or anyone else although I think it would help and would save the environment if he decides to quit eating dead animals but we need to extend our message beyond criticizing anyone. The message is really clear if you are ok killing animals you should be ok killing humans. I don’t know if Peta or any vegetarian has expressed their views in that contest if they have I applaud them but they have not they need to start at the core of the problem. Attacking a Hollywood star for wearing a leather jacket won’t solve the problem. Most folks who are wearing leather coats are simply victims or products of the marketing machine of the corporate world. We need to raise awareness that violence is violence because it is violence. You kill an animal because you want to eat or kill it because it did not fight good enough to win you bets it is all the same. At the end of the day the animal is killed and violence was performed.

  • ted williams says:

    Is anyone thinking about those poor fruits and vegetables who have to endure the slaughter undergone by all the people of the world? I am outraged at mankind’s destruction on the plants and animals of the world not to mention fish!. How dare people attempt to eat things just because they provide socalled “nutrients” for their bodies. There are so many alternatives to these crimes against mother nature 1We must stop eating at once. It is unthinkable that we should value our lives over those of other living things. 2We must name a king of the world preferably a zebra or hippo to rule us and tell us how to live properly. Zebra’s and hippo’s are just wonderful animals and would do such a good job running conservation and other environmental programs. When the hippo’s and the zebra’s begin their reign there will be prosperity everywhere. This wonderful new beginning will only happen when horrible creatures called humans make the choice to stop eating or drinking for that matter. Don’t get me started on the attrocities committed against water… How could one do such a thing as drink a sacred liquid known as H2O?

  • Little Drummer Boy says:

    payton what do you mean with your sermon here this is not a chapel! you should not sermonize petapeople but the animal torturers but you brave churchfolk never could make a difference between a god fearing person who respects his creation and a foolish animal killing high or low life freak! so i neither take you serious nor do i trust you! i love and trust those people who love also my friends the animals and nature and not those who are going out to tell us that we have just to read the bible to pray and to eat our daily meat but our daily bread! don’t get me wrong i’m a very good christian but i don’t run behind heartless people who are just preaching the letter and have no idea about the real meaning of the gospel to love all the creation of god not more and not less!

  • brittany says:

    i can definitely say i’ve done the research and seen the facts from both sides and it’s undeniable that animal farming is one of if not the biggest causes of global warming. please look it up before you argue. don’t just think your logic or lack thereof will make sense on this issue because it obviously hasn’t. and peta like others have said alienating gore will not solve the problem. whether he goes vegetarian or not he’s doing so much for global warming and maybe with increased concern from the public more people will realize the effects their diet has on the issue. oh and for those of you who said stay out of it animals have a right to live somewhere do they not? so if we’re fighting for animal rights shouldn’t we work towards preserving their homes?

  • veggielover says:

    Do have any idea that attacking Gore the way you are is counterproductive? Why is it that Al Gore is every Tom Dick and Harry’s whipping boy? I am sympathetic to yous cause. Although I eat a mixture of vegnonveg I may at some point in the future turn vegetarian. But by piling on Gore who already has enough venom being spewed at by rightwing nutcases and the whole global warming denialist industry you are neither helping global warming cause nor will you help you own cause. Try to make your case and persuade people across the board. If Gore were to turn vegetarian that isn’t automatically going to turns other vegetarian. In other words make your campaign complementary to Gore’s not adversarial. Your organization is completely losing credibility with me as a result of these attacks on Gore even though I am sympathetic to your cause itself. Please stop this ridiculous approach which will prove to be ultimately selfdestructive and hurt the global warming itself as well. Thank you.

  • Tina says:

    As a PETA member I would advise PETA to leave Al Gore alone! As someone in another post said it will hinder our message. I feel that this tactic is petty and ridiculous! Is PETA that desperate for attention? I suggest taking down the banner. I thought this organization was supposed to be focused on the treatment of animals. Whether Gore is just playing politics or is for real is not PETA’s business and it will bring bad publicity. We get enough of that already with all the lies that the CCF tell about us. Stop writng letters to Karl Rove and the Bush twins. It falls on deaf ears. Start finding the breeders who give animals to testing labs. Go protest them. Protest animal testing labsfur farms and anywhere else there is animal cruelty. Start taking more action. Besides you think you are going to force someone to be veg? He didn’t listen. So leave him alone. We have bigger and better things to do with our time than to bother a politician.

  • Ana says:

    rachna The faces of abused animals are on the PETA website!! These faces change those that see their pain and agony and that really hear the message and resort to change. Animal Liberation!

  • Christian says:

    I very much agree with Siddharth. In order to effect the most change you have to be able to communicate with the masses in a way that they will believe and understand. Gore is doing more as a man that mainstream America can relate to than he ever could as what most would consider a radical. For the record I very much agree with the idea of going vegan and respecting the world and creatures around us but we’re talking about convincing people here and that’s not always the same as getting on the biggest soapbox possible or trying to lookbe perfect. It’s all about moderation. And Kathy it’s unfortunate that you believe meat production has been excluded from Gore’s message. While it may not have been stated in the movie it has most definitely been featured fairly prominently in the SOS campaign and sites associated with it. I had the good fortune of attending the New Jersey SOS concert and I can testify to the fact that there were several portions of the program which explicitly called out the impact of meat farming on our environment. There was even a PETAesque “shockmercial” which almost exclusively featured a closeup view of a multitude of cow’s rectums in the process of defecation sporting captions of information on the amount of gases released by cows and how everyone could help our environment by cutting down on or eliminating the need for such quantities of these animals. Though i’ve always believed in “if gold should rust would should iron do?” I also believe that if we want to make a change we need the best person for the job. In the case of environmentalism Gore is near the top of the list. I sincerely hope that no one here will give his or anyone else’s! words on the topic of the environment less weight if they are not vegan. If this world is going to change we need all the help we can get. Hopefully there will soon be someone out there that can do as much for animal rights as has started being done for the environment. A person or a group that can create and propagate a message that the world can relate to and learn from. Until then let’s work together to accomplish what we can! Maybe fate will smile on us and in the process of becoming more environmentally aware the world will become more globally aware and the question of how humans should exist among their animal cousins will seem like a nobrainer.

  • Susan says:

    You shouldn’t jump on Al about this. He has done more than anyone to increase global warming awareness he includes modifying our diets in his book as a way to help and has probably cut back on his meat eating like most of us need to do. This kind of change won’t happen overnight. Nor will everyone give up leather couches shoes handbags etc. right away or stop feeding their pet canned food. Where does that come from? Our pets are carnivores whether we like it or not. You’re distancing your allies and splitting the front by finding fault with Al. That’s just what the opposition wants. And cooling mother nature is delayed as a result.