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PETA Gets in NUVAS’ Face

Written by PETA | January 28, 2011

UPDATE: The University of Utah has announced that it no longer will purchase animals from North Utah Valley Animal Shelter or any other shelter for experiments!

If the folks at the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter (NUVAS) were hoping to quietly continue betraying the animals in their care, they’ve just had their bubble burst. The  billboard that we’ve placed on the interstate less than a half-mile from NUVAS says it all.

Utah County residents who don’t happen to drive this stretch of highway won’t miss the message. We’re taking it to their front door—literally—in the form of a door hanger with photos of some of the dogs who should have found a haven at the shelter but were instead sold like pieces of laboratory equipment. Anyone who lives in the area is welcome to help distribute the door hangers

NUVAS has no excuse. Following a PETA investigation of the University of Utah (the U), Utah legislators amended state law so that animal shelters would not be required to sell animals to laboratories. NUVAS is the only shelter in the state that still engages in this shameful practice. Shelter dogs recently purchased by the U are currently being used in an experiment in which their chests and necks are cut open and pacemakers are implanted in their hearts to induce an irregular heartbeat. All 45 dogs used in this experiment will be killed and have their hearts cut out and dissected.

Sweet Sheena, who was rescued from the U after being sold by NUVAS, took a trip to see PETA’s billboard recently.

You can help by sending an e-mail to Utah County officials urging them to force NUVAS to end this unethical and outdated practice.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • hannah-ruth says:

    HOW EVIL AND DISGUSTING. these shelters are meant to be HAVENS for animals. how the heck can people working to SAVE animals SELL THEM OFF TO LABS?!?!?! WHAT THE HECK?? hope these shelter workers get run over by buses

  • 4mula1 says:

    when righting letters to shelters ect. visit, INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results – albert einstein

  • Olivia says:

    Thats sad that some anmal shelters will do this. I hope this animal experimention is illegal and should be banned everywhere. The naimals desrve a second chance to survive. Thank you Peta for letting people know whats going on in that shelter.

  • Maria says:

    Thank you for doing this and exposing the truth!! All these little actions will make the difference once day is this world. I will continue to Support PETA as long as you continue to be truthful and just.

  • 4mula1 says:

    here is a site MRMCMED.ORG you can use when righting letters to labs or the shelter. also, 95% of u.s. medical schools no longer offer animal lab.

  • Mabel says:


  • BHS Vegeration says:

    This is sad. We need to get out there and do as much as we can to end this torture! As a school organization, most of us here at BHS Vegeration have pets. We can’t even IMAGINE the fear that is probably in the animals when this happens, but more importantly and saddening, how HAPPY they must be to think that someone is actually adopting them! Only to find out that they are being used for stupid testing labs….what a shame. SHAME on mankind for letting this happen to man’s best friend. SHAME on that animal shelter for selling those lives just to make a quick buck and more space. How dare they.

  • Seamus McCartney says:

    I hate (yes it is a strong word and that’s why it’s being used) these so called animal shelters that are deceptive by using the very title. It is disgraceful how humanity thinks that they can just use these animals as though they are their own property and that they are inanimate objects, without feelings. One of my favourite quotes is “If a group of beings from another planet were to land on Earth – beings who considered themselves as superior to you as you feel yourself to be to other animals – would you concede them the rights over you that you assume over other animals?” ~Attributed to George Bernard Shaw

  • dena Besser says:

    An animal is a living thing that depends and trusts humans to take care of them..Can you see their faces of terror as they realize their beloveds would kill them for the root of all,,

  • catlover101 says:

    this is terrible we need to inform more people this is happening cause most people dont even know…:( and people need to be aware of where these animals are going.

  • Lacita says:

    I would like to help. I live in the area. Had trouble getting the volunteer link. Email me!

  • Aneliese says:

    Email sent! I am so glad that this billboard has been put up!

  • katrien thijs says:

    Please, help to make an end to this cruel practice, forbid the shelter who are supposed to rescue helpless animals who were already abandonned, to sell them and send them to an horrible death!!!! Best regards, Katrien Thijs

  • nancy says:

    I love the billboard. Thank you for letting people in Utah know what’s going on.

  • Tony says:

    no offenses but it looks like a whole entire four people might see that sign. they should of put it somewhere were more people could see it.