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PETA Germany Protests Stone-Age Trauma Training

Written by PETA | September 30, 2010

Update: Government officials in Oberpfalz have denied on ethical grounds the U.S. Army’s second application for a permit to conduct trauma training exercises. Previously, an Army contractor withdrew its application for trauma training after facing intense public opposition, and last month an application from Deployment Medicine International, another Army trauma training contractor, was denied by officials in the German state of Thüringen. Animals 4, Army 0.

Joined by a prehistoric pal (who apparently speaks English), members of PETA Germany gathered outside a U.S. Army facility in Heidelberg to protest the Army’s proposed plans to torment and kill animals in cruel and archaic trauma training exercises in Oberpfalz, Bavaria.

This marks the third time since May that the U.S. Army and private contractors have applied for permits to cut up and kill animals for trauma training in Germany. The first application was withdrawn because of overwhelming public opposition to the project. A subsequent application was denied because officials determined that the animal laboratories would violate Germany’s animal protection law, which requires the use of non-animal methods when they are available—and there are PLENTY available! The German Armed Forces has written to PETA, stating, “[T]he armed forces do no animal tests for training purposes. For training exercises the soldiers learn with really good models and the doctors don’t need animal experiments.”

You can help make sure that US legislation that has been introduced to gradually replace the horrific use of animals in military training with modern, sophisticated non-animal methods, such as high-tech human patient simulators gets passed into law by writing to your Congressional representative. Politely point out that such exercises—in which pigs and goats are stabbed, mutilated, and killed—are incredibly cruel, inferior to modern alternatives, and should be replaced with medical training methods that save animals and better prepare soldiers to treat casualties on the battlefield.. 

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Alice havener says:

    This is unacceptable–Is this what we want to teach in our civiized world–to stab, beat, mutilate and kill innocent animals. As pointed out these exercises are incredibly cruel, inferior to modern alternatives and should be replaced with medical training methods that save animals and better prepare our soldiers to treat casualties on the battlefield. Come on, we can and should do so much better–now!

  • any, and everyone that mistreats, abuse, mishandle, torture animals, you will answer for your actions. God didn’t just make man, he made the animals too and gave man dominon over them but i hate to say God made a mistake because he doesn’t make mistakes but my question is, why put man in charge, to do all the things i mentioned above all for the love of green paper, (MONEY).

  • Douglas Anderson says:

    There is NO excuse for the inhumane, barbaric treatment of these innocent animals.
    There ARE superior modern methods that do not involve animals.

  • Kerry Sales says:

    As a Former U.S. Marine, I would never partake in this kind of training exercise. It’s barbaric and inhumane. Stop this outright abuse of innocent animals for training or any other purposes.

  • Lynne FitzGerald says:

    Does anyone know who makes these decisions? Is it one person or is it a committee that signs off on these training costs and methods? Obviously they need to be educated. I can barely stand to even know these things happen. Surely they can’t want to do this??

  • Sarah Young says:

    PLEASE STOP THIS NOW, it is incredibly cruel and definitely unwarranted and unfounded for so called trauma training. There are so many ways you can continue to carryout this training without such horrific suffering of animals

  • James Creely says:

    There is no valid excuse for this barbarism, we will never be truly safe or “win” any war if these practices are acceptable.

  • PJ McDaniel says:

    STOP this insanity now.

  • Ruth Zemek says:

    Mistreating animals for any reason is uncivilized and immoral.

  • Erika says:

    For heaven’s sake, stop it! Would you do this to your pet dog or cat? and just for practice? Use life-like mannequins. Our military leaders should Not let this happen a day longer. Do you have to be told not to torture these live animals? Your job is to protect the innocent lives, and that includes animals. This is insane. Stop it. Now

  • Susan M. says:

    The U.S. Army should be ashamed of itself for thinking of using and tormenting and hacking apart innocent animals for trauma training when there are other options available. This is shameful for our country. These poor animals are given no respect and cruelly subjected to inhumane treatment without any pain killers and killed in the end anyway. How could people be so cruel! It makes me ashamed to be an American. These animals need our voice to save them from this impending doom.

  • Nellye Bowen says:

    Please stop doing this! These is so logical reason to do it. Do you justenjoy watching animals suffer? I DON’T AND YOU SHOULDN’T! You aren’t gaining any useful knowledge this way, so STOP!

  • Irina says:

    Stop US! Too much blood on your hands.

  • Deborah Gray says:


  • Özlem says:

    Animal testing for any reason is barbaric,inhumane and disgusting…!!!We’re in 2012 and look what we’re talking about:( shame on youuu!!!!

  • Nicole Weber says:

    there are alternatives, this is unnecessary and inhumane

  • Sara Wersinger says:

    Not only is this disturbing but inhumane. My husband serves in the U.S. Army and also against these acts.

  • dan spencer says:

    stop hurting animals now

  • Angela Althen says:

    PLEASE U.S Army STOP killing and torturing of innocent animals!! This is not the way to train soldiers!! They can come out and think this is acceptable behavior and it is NOT!! It is a crime to hurt and animal!!

  • jaya says:

    For every action there is a reaction. According to the law of karma, if we cause pain and suffering to other living beings, we must endure pain and suffering in return, both individually and collectively. We reap what we sow, in this life and the next, for nature has her own justice. No one can escape the law of karma

  • adan knight says:

    Trauma training??? what a lot of rubbish.The americans love blood and guts look at their record of blood sports that are still happening today.Yay it’s hunting season, no we ain’t hungry we just like to shoot animals after all it’s sanctioned by our government and why not ? after all we are the gods of this world..

  • rhonda knight says:

    I thought the U.S. was supposed to be THE leading and most powerful country in this sick world??? WRONG, the U.S. is the most pathetic with all it’s money and pwers and massive ego one would think thay would lead the world to better intelligence and understanding.WAKE UP AMERICANS..

  • Amanda Sarmento says:

    We mustn´t accept this situacion anymore!!!! Why don´t people respct animal´s life??? Stop the violence, stop the cruently…we can´t support anymore

  • lirian says:

    Stop this cruelty. shame on you!!

  • Bridget Stein says:

    I think any testing or abuse on animals is DISGUSTING and I would like to do what they do to animals on them and see how they like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • manuela arioli says:


  • Lene says:

    Stop the cruelty NOW!

  • lisa says:

    War never helped us. there’s no difference between killing people or animals: it’s KILLING! Perfectly put Emanuel. Animals are innocent just like children. And they have a soul.

  • Katy Chittum says:

    STOP THE KILLING! I love the Army but killing poor animals?! GO GERMAN AIR FORCES! Get the hint U.S. Army! QUIT THE KILLING!!

  • Lucia Varela says:

    common!! why does they have to use animals?!?! what they have againts animals!? animals deserve justice!! this have to stop right now!!!

  • Emanuel says:

    Lisa, I agree with you, why killing all those beautiful creatures? Why don’t we learn from the past? War never helped us. there’s no difference between killing people or animals: it’s KILLING! Think about it people. Go VEGAN!!!

  • Lisa says:

    There are alternatives! We have computer simulation dummies that are far more humane and certainly less expensive, etc!!! I agree with KJ & KG and everyone else too! I am a Christian and a vegetarian. The cruelty of man against God’s creatures is abominable and a great sin! We certainly are evil and need spiritual help and healing!! Too much effort and money is spent in the name of war! We will ultimately destroy ourselves in the process!

  • Sonia says:

    Trauma training is exactly what it is! Not only is it cruel to the animals but traumatic to the soldiers to have to endure! What enemy is there in a defenceless animal? What sort of an “animal” are you breeding in the army? How absolutely dreadful..

  • betty almand says:

    This practice must stop

  • KJ says:

    Sad yet not surprising. The US government ALSO drops depleted uranium bombs in the middle east! So then testing on poor animals just proves their plain cruel! This, especially as a buddhist and a vegan, really upset me-you guys have no idea!

  • Samantha says:

    We have alternatives to using live animals. THIS MUST BE STOPPED.

  • Debbie Friedrich says:

    It makes me terribly sad and disappointed in our nation to allow such cruelties. I have the utmost respect for people serving our country, but the utmost disappointment and heartache over innocent animals that have no fighting power or knowledge to fight back. They feel pain just as you and I, they just have more of a child-like innocence as well. So in essense, its like killing a vulnerable child.

  • George Hendri says:

    I cannot say anything more cause they won’t hear. This is overly vicious. Where has the humanity gone? Even U.S. Army? I know you guys are strong enough to kill those animal folks, but dishing on them…Not. wise.

  • JIMMY RIVERA says:


  • alejandra says:


  • Antony Mazzotta says:

    this is more senseless violence