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PETA Files Urgent Criminal Complaint Against Lobster Slaughterhouse

Written by Chrissy Matthies | September 19, 2013

PETA delivered a detailed criminal complaint to authorities in Maine after revealing stomach-turning undercover video footage captured in Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster (LBML) slaughterhouse. PETA’s nine-page complaint cites 38 incidents captured on video during our investigation related to apparent violations of Maine’s cruelty-to-animals law.

Watch Now

PETA’s groundbreaking investigation revealed that workers at LBML routinely rip and tear the legs, heads, and shells off live lobsters and break apart conscious crabs’ shells with sharp spikes before violently scrubbing off their internal organs with stiff-bristled brushes. Each lobster’s claws and tail are saved, while the rest of the body is dumped in bins and left to writhe in agony. The crabs who have been torn apart are still alive when they’re lowered slowly into boiling water.

Stop the Mutilation

Other lobster-processing plants use less cruel methods of killing the animals, such as hydrostatic pressure—the method used at Shucks Maine Lobster in Richmond—which Bean once relied on, reportedly because she recognized it as more humane. PETA requested to meet privately with Bean or her staff prior to releasing the results of our investigation but has still not received a response.

Of course, we’d rather lobsters and crabs were left in peace, but there’s no excuse for a big company—with the ability to kill them instantly—to kill them slowly and cruelly instead. Maine’s laws need to be enforced, and those who are dismembering and mutilating live animals should be prosecuted.

What You Can Do

Please urge Linda Bean to stop the suffering and implement faster, less painful ways of killing crabs and lobsters. Click on the button below to act today!

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  • rachel paul says:

    Stop the torture.

  • Linda Bean must stop this says:

    Your customers should boycott your business until you copy Shucks Main Lobster in Richmond. Better: use Thousand Island Salad Dressing by ‘Follow Your Heart’ Company on all your vegetables and sandwiches. This will help you go vegan!