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PETA on Facebook!

Written by PETA | November 21, 2007

So add us already. If you’re not on Facebook yet, it’s a fantastic way of meeting new friends, rekindling old romances, and getting back in touch with people you’ve spent the last 10 years trying desperately to forget. And if you are on Facebook, we would be honored to have you as a friend.

Just click here to check out PETA’s new profile, where you can check out our videos, write on our wall, and just generally be a part of our fascinating little Facebook world. See you there!


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  • Linda Remaley says:

    my 12 year old dog was poisoned by the man from china that live’s next door,molly died a horrible death December 8th 2010 the man’s picture is on my facebook,i will do what ever it takes to stop this, my heart is broken

  • Catherine says:

    Well we should respect animals more than people because people can defend themselves on the other hand animals just can’t. So this is why they need us to stand up for them. As far as conserning the guy from Asia who accuses Peta for racist behavior i would like to say that church all around the world says that animals are at human’s disposal. So in order to be a better person you better not go to church but stand up for species who are much weaker than our human race…humans are killing everything in nature.. It is better to kill a man than an animal . A human may deserves such behavior animals definetely not…

  • Lorena Andrade says:

    Thanks God you guys exist. I respect and love animals they are not in this world for suffering. Thank you PETA for all your work!!!

  • tori says:

    you people are flipping awsome. i love this site and all it can do for animals in need. i am a biggggggg time animal lover and didnt even know about this site until a friend told me about it now we are going vegg together thank for inspiring me.

  • aline geday says:

    im so glad that your on facebookim an animal activist in lebanoni try so hard to keep cats out from the streetthank you for existing!! your are my hero

  • pratibha gupta says:

    best of luck for spreading information about animal love and care to protect them.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Because Starla they know better than that.

  • Jason says:

    It’s a good thing you showed your Facebook page image because there are a lot of groups about PETA some of them are very creative I also joined AntiAntiPETA a while ago the documentary was great congratulations!

  • Starla Donaldson says:

    Thank you!! Thank you!! for all you do for animals. I have been a member of PETA and an animal rights advocate for some time now and the videos and stories still shock me. I don’t see how a person can watch the videos and read the stories and not make the commitment to go Vegan. Such an easy change for my daughter and I and feel so good about not contributing to the slaughter pain and needless suffering of these animals. Go PETA Go! You are doing such a great job still so much to accomplish!!! Thanks again you are awesome!

  • julie frew says:

    Hi Ingrid I support you all the way. I sign every petition that you send me I think your wonderful and I wish there were more compasionate people like you. Thank you for all you do for animals.

  • Kris Lennon says:

    I was fired from Petsmart because I was suspected of being a member of PETA. I sued them and settled the case recently. Keep up the good work PETA. I do not agree with everything that PETA does or espouses but I feel there is a need for the organization as the animals truly need a voice and rabid advocacy. I also wish you were more active in the Cleveland area. We need more PETA activity here.

  • Suzann Pedersen says:

    I love what you guys stand for. I love that you are there for the animals. I hate the fact that you will belittle people and use racist terms in order to get your point across. Guess what… it doesn’t work. I happen to be one of those “shrimp eye” people who was a devoted member of your organization. What that man said definitely makes me think twice about staying in your organization. There are plenty of nonprofit organizations out there that do not stoop down to that level.

  • Brandon Becker says:

    I recently joined the new PETA group on Facebook. To all AR supporters please consider joining mine as well Abolitionist Animal Rights httpwww.facebook.comgroup.php?gid4834647806

  • Christina Jansen says:

    Ingrid I just watched the movie “I Am An Animal.” It made me cry. Keep doing what your doing! I support you Canada supports you and the animals!

  • matt says:

    i love you x

  • mike says:

    Dear. PETA.. i appreciate what you guys are trying to do but one thing i couldn’t stand is that you guys said some harsh things to Korean singer rain. You could’ve said it more professional way to point out your message but instead you guys said some racist stuff to the singer. How can you save an animal when you can’t even show respect to other human beings such as yourselves? so is it okay to call an asian person a shrimp eye actor or pinky i think you’re stereotyping asian male’s genital size? If that’s how you guys act then how can we show respect for you guys? i love animals i really do but what you’ve said was not just about animals but racist respond to the celebrity. I’m speaking about Jason Baker what he said about rain made me lose respect for him. Saving animals? please…GO TO CHURCH AND LEARN HOW TO LOVE OTHER RACE HUMAN BEINGS SUCH AS YOURSELF. For example Martin Luther King didn’t go rampage on white people using racist terms or stereotypes He used his words very carefully and guess what? he minimized the issues far more than what you’ve accompolished so far. So please if you do love for animals show us some love and open up our heart by caring that we can accompolish any by supporting each other. thank you