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PETA Europe Protests Fur During Paris Fashion Week

Written by PETA | October 4, 2007



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  • Ariel says:

    Oh that “sarcasm intended” space cadet! Doesn’t heshe realize that we have “brave” “conscienable” “manly” hunters who pay thousands of dollars to socalled “preserve the land and wild animals” and so that’s why they kill the animals sometimes practically to extinction and that negatively affects the earth. But I guess that’s ok with the space cadet since destructive mankind has already polluted the air with related and nonrelated animal issues as per the U.N. report pointed out to the space cadet numerous times. Of course typical of space cadets the info went into outer space and now the space cadet is reaching far to say any kind of nonsense.

  • Jenna says:

    Dear Mars Please do some research on the amount of energy “real” skins and furs take to produce. A farmed fur coat takes 22 gallons of petrol a synthetic coat takes 13 of a gallon. Fur farms have been fined for the thousands of tons of waste they leak into nearby streams. Fur leather and wool are all many times more environmentally destructive than their crueltyfree alternatives. See the environmental section on

  • Mars says:

    So build more factories that destroy habitats and animal life and subsidize mining to get the materials and factory farming to get the plant material then pollute the enviroment with the chemicalsdye ect.and fumes and deplete limited resources instead of using a renewablenatural resource? Yep makes sense to me.Sarcasm intended.

  • Melissa says:

    antisean Right the press covered the story because women were naked. But naked women have nothing to do with animal rights and so the antifur message probably didn’t enter into people’s minds. So PETA has succeeded in drawing people’s attention to how outlandish they are. This actually hurts our cause as few can take this seriously. You said “Just imagine the headline… PETA sits down quietly and politely asks that people not harm animals” but I never said the protest should be “quiet.” You get enough protesters there it will be in the news. And it will be there for the right reasons and we will be sending the right message that this is a serious issue.

  • rah says:

    i dont see the need to actually demonstrate or protest when you are naked. because what ppl will actually be looking at will be the body and not the posters you are holding. ppl wont pay attention to the meanings of ‘antifur’ but they’d think ‘wow hot bods. today’s my lucky day’ or ‘what are they thinking man?!’ but its for a gd cause anyway so i support it. and yes animal fur or the cruel treatment of animals should be banned completely.

  • maddy molloy says:

    Go PETA cats!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    I think they are simply wonderful.

  • anti-sean says:

    Melissa I doubt the press would cover this story if the women weren’t naked. Just imagine the headline… “PETA sits down quietly and politely asks that people not harm animals.” The sensationalism is there to help get media attention which it certainly does.

  • Melissa says:

    I think people would take the protest more seriously if they didn’t dress up like cats. Think about it when was the last time someone in a cat costume engaged you in intellectual conversation? To me and I’m a vegan even it seems they are more making a spectacle of themselves than promoting a cause. Let’s switch to protests that don’t have funny costumes that distract from the issue and allow people to brush off the protesters as ‘crazy’!!

  • Tamara says:

    I think I have convinced my mom to donate her mutton lamb coat. It’s from the ’50’s…but its still fur and disgusting. I think she has some fur collars she used to attach to coats laying around someplace too. You’ll be getting those soon PETA! I’m so happy to be able to help you out in this way!

  • Jenny S. says:

    ok i like fashion and looking good as the next person but if hundreds of animals have 2 die fro smothin that u will adventually throw out is soo stupid. like they dont deserve to die for some famous rich Bth. its not ok and it never will be

  • Maureen says:

    In name of all our feline friends you Peta Pussy cats people are the best!

  • Soli says:

    I love it! Has anyone else seen products made of the socalled “Lippi Cat” fur? I read on another blog that there is no such speciesnot in China where they supposedly are an indigenous wild animal nor anywhere else on the globe. Speculation is that it’s really either domestic cat fur or fur from wildcats some possibly endangered species such as Bengal cats that they have given a euphemistic name to make the fur sound more exotic. It’s all over the fashion world right now. PETA should expose it for the sham it isthere is no such thing as a Lippi cat! also spelled Lipi in some places.