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PETA and e.l.f.

Written by PETA | September 14, 2007

Talking about the cosmetics company here. e.l.f. Stands for “Eyes, Lips, Face,” and these guys are pretty rad. In addition to selling 100 percent cruelty-free cosmetics, e.l.f. have teamed up with PETA for a promotion to help draw attention to our fur campaign. They made these handy little tweezers with a faux-leather case so that their customers can be “fur-free” too, and they also released the following statement:

“Millions of fur-bearing animals including foxes, raccoons, minks, coyotes, bobcats, beavers, muskrats, otters, and others are killed in the wild by excruciating beatings, strangling, and electrocutions. e.l.f. does not test on animals and supports PETA in the Fur Free campaign.”

elf_tweezer.jpg Thanks, folks. If I ever have occasion to wear makeup, e.l.f. will be the first place I look. My friend and colleague Mylie—who presumably knows a whole lot about makeup, since she spends the bulk of her salary every month on black lipstick—wants you to know that we’re running a contest right now to win a prize pack from the company, which you can check out here.

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  • Vesela says:

    Thanks to e.l.f. !!!! It’s amazing that they are crueltyfree!!! Wethe peoplewho love animals and care about their rights appreciate this!!!!

  • Amber says:

    Just in case anyone is still looking at this e.l.f. uses horse hair in their $1 brushes. I just confirmed this with them. The “studio” line is made from synthetic fibers but the cheaper ones do not!! Here’s the response I got from one of their reps “Niki Official Rep replied 13 minutes ago We apologize for any confusion. The $1 brushes from the e.l.f. line are made of genuine horse hair. The studio brushes are made of synthetic Taklon. Please feel free to contact me if I may be of any further assistance.”

  • Angie says:

    I know this is an old article but if anyone is still checking this can someone please let me know if their brushes are made from animal hair or if they are synthetic? I am looking for some nice cheap synthetic cosmetic brushes. These are nice and cheap for sure but I can’t see if they are synthetic or animal hair. Any input is appreciated!

  • Michele says:

    I received an email back from e.l.f. saying that they did not disclose their ingredients by email and that I should consult the packaging. Since I don’t live in the US I was hoping to order online but obviously that will not happen now. I did respond to their response telling them that I had no way of checking out the packaging due to my location and saying that I did not want a list of ingredients and that I only wanted to know which products were vegan however they have still not gotten back to me yet…

  • Mylie says:

    Anna most of their products are vegan but a few do contain beeswax. I am pretty sure you can contact them directly via email on their site for a current list of products which are vegan. I have an older list which I have posted below that indicates which products do contain beeswax. Always check the packaging or email them for the most current list which would include their newest products Earth and water mascara beeswax Shielding gloss beeswax Tone Correcting Concealer beeswax Soothing Gloss beeswax Shielding hydro tint beeswax Hypershine Lip Gloss beeswax Lip Elements beeswax Eye Elementsbeeswax This is a pretty short list considering the multitude of cosmetics this company offers. Their powder eyeshadows are amazing! My favorite is Pretty In Pink.

  • Michele says:

    Anna I saw on the e.l.f. website that they do not use animal ingredients except in brackets it said “except beeswax” but I do not know if that is just for certain products as it did not explain any further. To me if they use beeswax they would not be considered 100 crueltyfree. I plan on contacting them by email to ask that question.

  • Anna says:

    Are their products all vegan too? I know they don’t test on animals but I couldn’t find anywhere on their site whether or not they are vegan.

  • K says:

    Wow they’ve got PETA on their front webpage! D

  • Mars says:

    “I am totally against wearing fur but I thought animals caught in the wild are just beaten to death ” Nonaquatic animals are killed by a small caliber bullet to the head or struck once between the eyes. Both produce instant death. Beating an animal to death ruins the fur and is time consuming so it’s not done.Aquatic animals are normaly drowned as those traps are set with that result in mind.

  • Rex's mom says:

    I am totally against wearing fur but I thought animals caught in the wild are just beaten to death and the ones raised on fur farms are the ones who are strangled gassed or electrocuted. If e.l.f. wants to make a correct statement they should also mention what happens to the animals on fur farms not just in the wild.

  • Jaclyn says:

    EVERYTHING IS $1 AT E.L.F!!! I decided to try their products to see if they are any good. I bought about $20 worth of make up about 20 products!! Their stuff is awesome! I love their eye shadows lip glosses and my favorites are their brushes. E.L.F is so cool for being antifur!!!!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    These people are wonderful. I just entered. If I don’t win I will be happy to buy a pair. Judith Maher and Newkirk 2008

  • Jessica says:

    I loved e.l.f. from the moment I discovered it. Not only are they crueltyfree and use natural ingredients but almost all of their products are the best thing I’ve tried. Not to mention $1 blowing away the idea that you’ve got to go broke to go crueltyfree. Plus the fact that they’re one of the few cosmetic companies that create products designed to enhance beauty instead of “making” you beautiful. I love that and you can tell the difference. They are the company that made me love my makeup. I no longer buy anything else. D

  • oreos says:

    thank you e.l.f. for standing up for animals! this is great news and you people have a generous loving heart! this is the first time that i hear from you so i welcome you with a glass of champaign!!!

  • Mylie says:

    Thanks Jack. I actually use Tropez Ultra Glaze Lip Gloss Plum Raisin color. It’s a wonderfully affordable and much longer lasting dark shade than black. Plus you can wear it to the club or the office. And of course its cruelty free!