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PETA to Dwyane Wade: Dunk KFC Cruelty

Written by PETA | July 12, 2011

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, may be cooling his heels thanks to the NBA lockout, but he still shouldn’t go back to slinging deep-fried chicken parts at KFC, where he once worked as a teenager. KFC has asked Wade to bring his dunking skills to mashed potatoes and gravy by becoming an “honorary captain” while he’s “unemployed.” But PETA quickly wrote to D-Wade and explained why that would be a foul for fowl.

“While defenders know that ‘broken ankles’ are a risk with your crossovers on the court, chickens killed for KFC often have their fragile legs broken when they are slammed into metal shackles, among other horrifying abuses,”  wrote Senior Manager Michelle Cho.

Dwyane Wade: Dave Gillem | cc by 2.0

We also asked D-Wade to use his influence with KFC to ask the chain to require its suppliers to use a less cruel slaughter method. Hopefully, the NBA champ won’t be appearing behind a KFC window any time soon, and will stick to only inflicting pain on the court.  

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Jared Jacobsen says:

    Eureka,CA is Now Kentucky Fried Cruelty Free Way to go!!!

  • Alison Barstow says:

    Fortunately I am British, yet unfortunately we have KFC here. I have been a non meat/dairy consumer for over 30 years, in part because of such methods of farming, because of the unnatural, inhumane and downright money grabbing practices at the expense of other types of life.

  • maybe the youngest dead head says:

    I do not go to KFC and McDanolds because of the cruelty to animals and because i am a vegatarian.

  • PersonSwing says:

    PETA probably just realizes that you can’t take fried chicken away from the american people. If you can’t turn the world vegetarian, you can at least make efforts to reduce the cruelty. They aren’t “straying from their beliefs”, not everything has to be ALL or NOTHING Frede.

  • Frede says:

    I cry “Fowl” and Foul on PETA for telling people to do this but supporting Controlled atmosphere KILLING of animals for food. You can’t even stay firm in your beliefs that NO animals should be killed IN ANY WAY for things.