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PETA to Congress: Shamu Needs You

Written by PETA | April 27, 2010

Today, the House Subcommittee on Insular Affairs, Oceans and Wildlife is holding a hearing to discuss the “educational value” of marine amusement parks and the recent death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau, who was dragged under water and battered to death by Tilly, a 12,000-pound captive orca.

PETA submitted testimony calling on federal authorities to prohibit the confinement of orcas (killer whales) at SeaWorld and other marine-mammal parks.

In a spin that would make Dick Cheney proud, SeaWorld execs explained that Dawn’s killing (in which her scalp was removed, her arm was disconnected from her body, and her spine, ribs, and face were broken) was “play” gone awry. SeaWorld waited a mere three days before resuming its pricey orca shows, the newest of which is called “Believe,” which includes “elaborate set pieces, state-of-the-art multimedia, music, and choreography.” Sounds real “educational,” doesn’t it?

SeaWorld and other greedy for-profit parks leave visitors thinking that orcas are little more than wind-up toys, all called Shamu, when they are in fact highly intelligent predators who, in the wild, would swim up to 100 miles every day and who think, plan, and communicate … and hunt. Dawn was Tilly’s third human victim. If Congress doesn’t act, who will be number four? Everyone can help by spreading the word to stay away from SeaWorld and other marine theme parks when hitting the road this summer.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Dr. Sumolya Kan says:

    Same case as domestic elephnat in tourism.

  • Alicia Vázqu says:

    please stop this.

  • Christopher Murphy says:

    Why risk pissing someone off on whatever side of the aisle by referencing politicians that have no skin the specific game? Keep it leftright neutral. Blackstone is villain enough. Making a dig against Cheney or anyone else unrelated is snarky and immature.

  • bob carlson says:

    I’m a generational Republican but I think Dick Cheney was a spinmeister’s spinmeister and the call’s fair enough no matter what side of the aisle you hail from.

  • Christopher Murphy says:

    Jennifer thanks for the post. Please remove the bit about Dick Cheney. Not all animal lovers are Democrats.

  • Hoilda says:

    The industries that profit from animal torture and abuse hire expensive lobbyists to hide their crimes and lie to cover up their abuse. But the American citizen can still overcome these paid liars by voting with their feet. Don’t attend these shows! And tell everyone you know. The owners of Sea World are Blackstone Group. If you worked for them you’d soon realize what their game is. They are greedy and heartless. They are run by people who are like robots whose sole reason for existence is to make money. They’d cash in by making snuff films if they could get away with it. These animals and employees are just disposable to them. They don’t care who dies. httpwww.blackstone.comcpsrdexchgbxcomhsfirmourpeople.htm?chunksize20000chunk1fgroupflocationsortorder Ask your Senator and Representative for an investigation into their business practices. When people and animals are getting killed because of their business practices there is a real rotten core to the business. Maybe a legislator can find the rot. It’s there.