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PETA Comes to Pit Bulls’ Aid

Written by PETA | April 6, 2011

Those of you who have been following the story of Patrick—an emaciated pit bull who had been stuffed down a trash compactor at a New Jersey apartment complex—will be glad to know that police have located his owner and charged her with felony cruelty to animals. Sadly, Patrick is just one example of the horrific abuse and neglect that pit bulls are routinely subjected to.

PETA recently came to the aid of two pit bulls who had been subjected to appalling neglect. One 4-year-old dog had been chained outside for her entire life—her owner had never even bothered to give her a name. Because she had no social interaction (her owner simply threw handfuls of kibble on the ground), she was terrified of people and would cower in her ramshackle doghouse whenever anyone approached. Mercifully, her owners agreed to surrender her to PETA.

While out on one of their regular missions to deliver doghouses, food, and straw bedding to neglected dogs, PETA staffers were approached by a man who expressed concern about a neighborhood dog. The staffers discovered that a well-meaning family had recently taken in an emaciated, desperately ill pit bull, but the dog was not responding to treatment and refused to eat. Because the dog was so far gone, they agreed that the time had come to put him out of his misery.


Neglect can be just as lethal to a dog as any other form of abuse. If you suspect that a dog is being neglected, take action.  You may be his or her only hope.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • waltersmom says:

    we are the “animals”-humans are so unevolved that we can’t even co-exist with the other species of our planet….,

  • susan says:

    right now i have in my apt. a 1 1/2yr.old female pitbull and a 3 yr.old chihuha they are almost together, they play and run around and I have 2 cats and she is fine with them all. they get treated really bad. abd like in the other comments if u cant take care of them then give them to someone that will love them unconditionally. they shouldnt be treated like that .. I have owed 3 pitbulls my self and I had them till they passed . and I loved them all dearly they are /were my babies . I have one still with me she is creamated and sitting in my room with her mommy plz dont treat these dogs like that ,they dont deserve it………………..

  • Sky Roditis says:

    Besides all these logical posts…I would like to see government support dog owners in Canada with allowing for tax breaks on MEDICAL & TRAINING costs for dog owners. It would be a step in the right direction.

  • FRANK NOCE says:

    As long as it remains a minor crime,a misdemeanor offense, cruelty to animals will never be taken seriously. Its a very very short step from cruelty to animals to cruelty to human beings. Most horrendous crimes of brutality to people have been committed by people who have done similar things to animals @ gotten away with it,or the act it not taken very seriously ( treated as a misdemeanor).

  • Diana says:

    why do people have to be so mean to animals ,dumping a animal isnt the answer,if you cant take care of the animal get it a new home,if your not gonna devote your life to these animals dont get one at all,pittbulls get a bad rap anyways ,but they are very loving dogs,no animal deserves to go thur starving and abuse

  • Lisa says:

    Why are humans so cruel, evil and greedy?? We were not born this way, it is a choice. PLEASE STOP THE KILLING OF INNOCENT ANIMALS!!! Every single day I hear, see and read the evil that humans are doing, pretty soon there will be nothing left of this world all because of humans and their evil. It makes me sick and ashamed.

  • Evelyn says:

    The Famous PATRIC Story speaks a million words, That Humanity can be so savage thinking, I say this world is Satans play ground and the Devils Work is taken over the World useing Man as his tool to do all of his Evil Work. GOD BLESS ALL WHO CARE AND LVE ALL ANIMALS, AMEN.

  • Charmain says:

    Just want to share my story about a dog I adopted. He was left without food and became so thin that he looked like a skeletom walking around. He was going to be put out but his eyes spoke to me. So our journey together started. They had no hope for him. I gave him the name Lucky, you see against all odds he made it! Today when you look at him you will never think that he was just that skeleton walking around. That was 5 months ago. He has the most gentle soul. I love him and he is loved. Just wanted to share Lucky’s story. Thanks for all you do.

  • Jessica says:

    So happy they charged that BIOTCH!!!!! I cant wait to work with PETA someday and catch all the a$$holes that hurt animals!!!!!

  • EUGENIA says:


  • loralovesinnocentanimals says:

    I was wathing 60 minutes on CNBC last night and was horror struck to actually see that in China diners will pay $100 for a bowl of “shark fin soup.” It showed how sharks are brutally pulled up from the ocean. They then have their “fins” cut off and are thrown back into the ocean to “go to the bottom of the ocean and drown.” This was the exact comment of the reporter. WHAT!!! I was more than horrified that humans could ever perpetrate such extreme creulty on innocent sharks. The ocean is their terrain, not the terrain for humans to invade. Then, in the same segment, there was an investigation on how “tourists” want to “look at” sharks and submerge themselves in cages beneath boats and “look at” great white sharks. The boat operators pour blood and “chunk” meat into the water to attract the sharks so that the “tourist” in the metal cage will get his “look at” a great white shark. Where do humans get off with this ego trip of thinking they deserve to enter the realm of ocean creatures (such as magnificent sharks)? Why are they not trying to help their own families learn to value the creatures God has created on this planet for us to enjoy? Are they that “bored” that they cannot go look at sharks in “National Geographic”? I realoly have a problem when it comes to the modern human ego that says “us humans can do what ever we want when it comes to animals and all the non-humans” on this earth. Where did this crazy egotistical thinking come from? I am glad I am a champion for the innocents. I never have had a desire to feed myself via animals or feed my “boredom” by invading the environment of an innocent. God bless you, PETA.

  • Charline says:

    I will never understand the reason of why some people take in an animal only to have it chained, starved, abused and or ignored all its life. Any reasoning you can give me will NEVER be accepted in my heart and mind. It’s a disgrace.

  • Aneliese says:

    I’m so glad Patrick’s owner was found and is charged. Thanks for the update and all you do for animals, PETA.


    stop adopting pets, if ur not gonna take care n love them!!!

  • loralovespitbulls says:

    Thank you PETA for giving a voice to the innocents. Animals are not able to talk like humans and I suppose humans consider themselves superior to the innocent animals because they can talk. Well, humans are wrong! Animals are far superior to humans and do not commit devestating cruelty to others. They are in touch with their natural instincts and I revere and admire animals. They are one with God and commit no sin. I pray that some day the humans who have cruely hurt and murdered innocent animals will burn in hell forever. I LOVE pit bulls so very much. My husband and I adopted Duffy (a brown red-nosed pit bull terrier) 7 years ago. He is the smartest, most loving pup I have ever owned. We could never imagine life without him. He is our baby. My heart breaks for the suffering pit bulls and other tortured animals in this world at the hands of horrible human devils. I pray for the innocents. Let us band together nonstop to create strong protective legislation for pit bulls and all the innocents. It amazes me that certain humans will stand in front of abortion clinics and protest the legal right of a mother to end her pregnancy (stop human embroyo development) and do nothing when it comes to the slaughter/murder/torture of innocent animals. Well, animals are not in clean and humane environments (givent anesthesia for pain) when they are slaughtered/murdered and tortured by humans. Humans must think they are “superior” and deserve “better treatment” than animals. WHY? We are all God’s creatures. We humans should eat vegetables and have plant-based diets henceforth and protect and guard our precious animals. We should love each other and live together on this planet in harmony, with respect for all the innocents. I pray for this. I have a passion for the innocents. Humans, stop the ego trip…pit bulls and all animals are superior to humans in every way. They sit with God. Do we?

  • Demetrius says:

    How can people be so cruel?

  • amylovesangels says:

    Unreal – and unthinkable…thank god for you peta