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The PETA Citizen Journalism Award Goes To …

Written by PETA | July 18, 2008

You know, we’ve been partnering with and recently gave out a PETA Citizen Journalism Award to Cate Stewart, who published a fantastic essay about clean meat on Helium. You can read this award-winning essay here:

Would you eat animal-stem-cell–grown “clean meat” to protect animals and the environment?
Yes, I would definitely eat “clean meat.” I’m all for saving animals. And, by growing our own meat, we can save animals from slaughter and pain, and keep them from going extinct. If there was the option of “clean meat” I would buy it without hesitation. It would be a great alternative to eating an animal. If the public’s knowledge of “clean meat” increases, it could be sold in restaurants and grocery stores around the world and make the market a healthier place. This would be an amazing way to feed humans and to help animals. “Clean meat” is an all-around fantastic idea. If we could grow our own meats, there would be less of a risk of food poisoning and disease, because “clean meat” would not be contaminated with feces and would be the first disease-free meat. Imagine how wonderful that would be! No more worrying about what the meat you eat has in it, because you know that there’s no way disease could be inside. And even if you don’t worry about the meat you eat, you will not get sick, as you potentially could. If the “Clean Meat” could provide us with the proper nutrition and proteins needed in a daily diet, I would not hesitate to become a consumer of this product. I also like the idea of “clean meat” because “clean meat” is green meat and would not pollute rivers and streams, use up ground water, or cause deforestation as usual meat production would do. It would also cease the pollution that meat packing plants, slaughter houses, and meat shipping trucks make and we would have less waste from the animal carcasses that are left after slaughter. It would help everyone, from humans, to animals, to the environment. It would also be something to eat for people like me, who can not give up meat for health reasons or for people who do not wish to give up meat for their own personal reasons. Vegans and Vegetarians could eat this meat too, since you do not have to kill an animal to make “clean meat”. What a wonderful world! PETA, with the help of scientists, can make this happen, and it will help make a better planet and a healthier population. I am convinced that this is the future of our food, and saving the Earth and its inhabitants is essential. I urge you to look into “clean meat” and consider eating it when it becomes available. You can make a difference.

Posted by Christine Doré

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  • Maya, CVT says:

    Chrissy I think that is a good point like most of my opinions my ideas are based on personal experience. I became allergic to wheat that means no bread no cookies no pasta and almost no veggie dogs or burgers either. I was finally told that GMOs in wheat can cause this kind of allergy because of genetically altered proteins the body’s immunse system does not recognize the proteins and people are attacked by their own immune systems. I’m concerned that this might be true also for lab grown meat. These kinds of allergies can inflame the lining of people’s digestive tract and cause cancer. Anyway I hope they find a way to work around that problem and I totally agree that lab grown meat would be wonderful if they could make it safe.

  • Chrissy says:

    Guys guys… obviously few veggies would eat lab grown meat if it became available. But please remember that we are a tiny percentage and although we’re growing in numbers our omnivorous friends and family members are eating their way through a million animals an HOUR. I try to get people to go veg all the time but many many people who are otherwise kind compassionate and who might care about dogs andor cats will straight up never stop eating flesh for a variety of reasonsusually because they just don’t want to. These same people have said they would be happy to eat lab grown meat if it really does turn out to taste as much like dead flesh as it’s supposed to. If it works that’s a lot of suffering that’s alleviated right now and the number of people who accept and eat it will grow quickly etc. Otherwise animal liberation isn’t going to have a chance in hell until there have been several more generations of peta2. A million an hour.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    ps I don’t mean to dismiss Cate’s comments though. She has a good point although most people here won’t beleive it there may be people who do very poorly without eating meat. Here’s the reason. There are two types of iron heme and nonheme. The kind found in meat is heme. The kind found in vegetables is nonheme. Nonheme plant iron is locked up in the plant. There is no good way to release this iron into the body. Heme iron is much more absorbable. For some women those with digestive or bleeding disorders absorbing nonheme iron may be impossible and they can become chronically anemic leading to heart damage. PETA would be better off spending the money on nonanimal obviously research helping people who can’t deal with a vegetarian diet because they’re probably at a health disadvantage in general. I doubt the FDA will approve this bioengineered meat without testing it on animals anyway. So it’s a huge waste of time and money in my opinion.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    With all due respect this article is kind of misleading.From the little I understand as a vet nurse bioengineered food has altered proteins which can cause severe immune system problems in humans. I’m telling you and it’s just my somewhat educated opinion that eating GMOs or this freaky Frankenmeat will haunt humankind. Go vegetarian instead.

  • nicole says:

    dear dr cochrane if your so into eating meat please tell us what “heatlh condition” would prevent a person from giving up meat coz i can’t think of any and it’s really getting to me. meanwhile i choose not to eat meat because i have empathy for the helpless creatures that are being tortured and slaughtered for nothing more than taste buds. i couldn’t care less about the idea of clean meat… clean or otherwise i still wouldn’t eat it….

  • Judith says:

    PETA you blast Al Gore because he deserves it because of the meat issue so what is with this person who says “I must have meat in my diet”! And you gave this person an award! You needed to think this one out just a little more. Just a little misguided that’s all. We do NOT need meat in out diet! I don’t remember who said this on this board but I will say it again I will not allow my body to be a graveyard for dead animals! Peace for all animals!

  • Beckie Mayfield says:

    I agree GROSS! Flesh is Flesh I will not be eating any flesh “clean” or not.

  • Eric says:

    I hope this happens. I myself eat meat from local farmers who raise their animals very differently from factory farms. I know that probably doesn’t mean anything to PETA but I’m going to shy away from that discussion anyway for one very simple reason that I wont state. I have tried fake meat but it just tastes absolutely DISGUSTING. Not even close to the real thing AT ALL. It would be great if we could grow meat. No more having to kill animals would be great.

  • AndyP says:

    Why would PETA help perpetuate the idea that meat is “necessary” for human health by praising and posting an essay which includes a statement that the author cannot give up meat for “health reasons” a common excuse for people who don’t want to put any effort into being vegan? At least you could have posted a caveat that this statement was false or misguided.

  • nicole says:

    i’m confused what health reason would prevent a person from giving up meat???? soounds like a cop out to me.

  • Rainbow Warrior says:

    I’m really happy that I don’t need meet and that everything which reminds me to dead corpses is revolting my stomach!

  • Michael Essi says:

    What do you mean by “it would also be something to eat for people like me who can not give up meat for health reasons”? What health reasons would you be referencing that require meat? This statement bothers me!

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Hey Thanks for the primer on cell culture. As it turns out I have done it myself and I wouldn’t eat anything out of a lab. I do try my best to eat nonchemically treated foods including the game fish and localy grown and slaughtered grass fed or free range animals I eat. Nature has perfected meat. We screwed it up when we upbred cows and pigs. Lab meat couldn’t better than what nature provides. Also blood and bone meal are awesome additions to the organic garden not only are they slow release forms of N and PO4 they scare away the deer and groundhogs!! Each time you eat organic veggies they have likely been fertilized with slaughterhouse byproducts manure is indispensible in my organic garden as well. Since petroleum products are so expensive blood meal isn’t any more expensive now. Most of the people on this site who are so provegetable haven’t even ever grown one. Funny.

  • Jenny says:

    ??? Meat or “Clean” meat… ITS STILL MEAT! I became vegetarian not only to show compassion for animals but the thought of eating FLESH grosses me out. HOWEVER for those who do not wish to give up meat I believe it is a much better option.

  • liliana says:

    The people don’t give up eating meat because the taste of the meat because we don’t need to eat meat eggs or milk. We can live without animals products but the mayority of people don’t care about animals so they are not going to quit eat real meat some people that care for their health eats the clean meat and I am vegan and I don’t need to eat the clean meat. But if in the future is going to be a clean meat I hope the governments in all the world close all the slaughter houses.

  • Soli says:

    Dr. Cochran It’s called “invitro” meat and it’s not all that different from the flesh that you omnivores eat anyway. Cultured cells will be grown in a medium that mimics the naturally occuring body fluids of animals in order to provide nutrients to the cells. See PETA’s blog on the invitro meat prize for a link to articles about the science involved. If you’re so concerned about ingesting chemicals I sure hope you’re eating only organicpreferably veganicfruits vegetables and grains what with the pesticides chemical fertilizers and genetically modified Veganic gardening eliminates the animal wastes and byproducts like feces bone and blood meals that may be used in organic gardening to fertilize the plants in place of petrochemicals And if you’re so grossed out by chemicals and so into healthy natural foods anyway why are you eating meat at all??? It contains hormonessome naturally occuring some not antibiotics possible environmental contaminants such as mercury in fish and naturally occuring saturated fats and cholesterol. Add to that the occasional postslaughter contamination of flesh products with fecal matter resulting in E. Coli O157H7 salmonella or similiar bacteria and viruses. None of these things are good for you. Give me clean invitro meat over that anyday.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    I have always contended that if what you are eating whether flora or fauna requires a person with an advanced degree in chemistry to develop or produce you probably shouldn’t eat it. What should we call this stuff? What is the first color in the “Soylent” line of engineered foods for the socialist collective?

  • Judith says:

    Wait wait wait! What happened to the discussion we were having a few months back that said EXTINCT MEANS SAFE FOREVER! Now the minds have changed once again? There were tears over this mine included. I don’t agree with this person. I just watched Meet your meat! Extinct means safe forever! Peace for all animals!

  • Niranjan says:

    AWESOME write up! So what is the next contest title???