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The PETA Challenge to Al Gore Rolls On

Written by PETA | March 19, 2007

As you probably know, our letter to Al Gore, urging him to go vegetarian to reduce global warming, has been covered by media all over the place. But my favorite piece so far comes from a recent segment on The Glenn Beck Show on Headline News. Whether you’re a fan of Glenn or not, this certainly makes for some riveting television. Enjoy!

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  • Phil says:

    It’s not about the lesser of two evils it’s about standing up for what you beleive. I am proud of bot Glenn Beck PETA for with all of the differences coming together on an issue thats makes sence to both. I am not a big fan of PETA for some of their methods but I applaud them because they stand up for what they truly believe. If everybody in America did that say what you mean mean what you say we would be a better place.

  • Mrs MillieSnow says:

    Correction!Hillary Clinton said if you have insrancethat is fine with youkeep it!She dose not say thatyou must have the insurance in the gov.wants for you!I’m dispoinppointedGlenthat are stating the untruth!Mildred Snow age 83 Sarasota Fl

  • Rafael says:

    This is an extraordinarily bad decision by PETA. Gore is one of the few genuine environmental leaders in the country and you are playing right into the rightwing’s hands. Reducing meat consumption absolutely is a good idea. But this action is simpleminded opportunism which weakens the movement as a whole.

  • snowbunting says:

    Wouldn’t Al Gore be sued like Oprah via the Food Disparagement laws if he did add that to his movie? How do those laws affect PETA? I’ve thought about it more and I suppose the logic of going on a right wing program and being made fun of is to get more people to be vegan and therefore help animals and global warming. I seriously doubt anyone who can stand that show would become vegan who isn’t already. All it really did was make the righties more sure of themselves that Al Gore is a wacko hypocrite which isn’t what most of us who care about global warming want just as we wouldn’t want Al Gore to make fun of PETA. Plus it added the “I love it when they eat their own” and “Al Gore isn’t Green enough for the left.” I’m upset about the seals and the sea ice and wish more thought went into the decision of being on television.

  • Kimberly says:

    My hope is that the takeaway message for the majority of people who see the Beck clip regardless of their dietary practices or political leanings will be this If you are at all concerned about global warning you can make a definite difference by cutting back greatly on your consumption and use of animal products and if you have already done that kudos to you!

  • Kevin says:

    I agree Jennifer. The treatment of animals for me is not an issue unto itself there are also environmental affairs mistakenly called WARS global trade matters and so on to consider the far right from my perspective occupies the wrong side of all of them. There has been a love affar with the Right on this site. Recently there was a mention at this website of how PETA “loves” PETAs word Bill O’Reilly since they determined that O’Reilly likes looking at the group’s naked female members. Now we are encouraged to thank Glenn Beck for allowing a group he detests to criticize a man he detests… just say ‘No’ to Glenn Beck. I agree with the criticism of Al Gore to a point and that point is at some place far short of where PETAs current friends reside.

  • veganlove says:

    oh shut up Jennifer…it’s not going to harm Al Gore at all to simply push him into a position of untouchable. Just think once he does go vegan…not one damned conservative can trash him. He will be an icon of consistency. BTW Glenn Beck is actually capable of going vegan and has condemned foie gras and veal several times on his radio show. He has also condemned canned hunting. His radio sidekick is vegan and has been slowly bringing Beck away from the ‘dark side of the force’.

  • Jennifer says:

    Furthermore WK Lawrence and Melissa McCallum I have to say I agree with you both. I’ve been a member of PETA also and I too thought it was shameful the way they criticized Steve Irwin after he was killed. In spite of the good they do this issue with Al Gore is just the latest point of contention between PETA and myself but I’m sad to say it probably won’t be the last. Do we need to have a separate group for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Other People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”?

  • Jennifer says:

    lindsey said “No one is saying that we love glen beck or give him our support.” I disagree. This appears at the very top of this discussion “You can thank Glenn Beck for his story by emailing at”. If thanking someone is not the definition of support I don’t know what is. What’s happening here is this You have Person A who has made it his cause to speak out about the detriment of the enviroment due to humancaused climate change but has not EXPLICITLY mentioned vegetarianismveganism in his message. Then you have Person B who supports and cares about NEITHER cause sitting on his duff and slamming Person A calling him a hypocrit for only supporting one cause. And who are some of us thanking? Person B. I find this whole thing more highly hypocritical than Al Gore omitting animal farming from his documentary. Considering that he DID mention the plight of drowning polar bears in “An Inconvenient Truth” I would think my fellow PETA supporters would cut him SOME slack! But no. Let’s consider the source and the larger issue of who has contributed more to the greater good of saving the environment which concerns people AND animals and whose only intent is to criticize and find any fault with those who do. If we are going to be that nickpicky and make vegetarianismveganism the deciding issue then PETA is going to have to start denying aid to all carnivorous animals and rescuing only herbivores. Imagine “Sorry cats dogs hawks snakes etc. we can’t help you because you kill and eat other animals and we at PETA consider that a conflict of interest.” “Sorry Al Gore we at PETA can’t get behind you because you don’t include vegetarianismvegansim in your environmental message even though the success of your work would mean the survival of thousands if not millions of species. But hey Glenn Beck thanks for invoking us in your story to attack Al even though you don’t support anything ELSE we do.” I hope I’ve made my point.

  • John says:

    To the other posters Remember Al Gore is great for what he does for the environment. He just needs to be enlightened about meat and encouraged to make that an issue too. He has done a lot for the environment. Thanks PETA for writing Gore a letter!

  • Melissa McCallum says:

    I agree with WK Lawrence it’s ok to have a guy like Beck on PETA’s side when he is saying favourable comments otherwise he’s a bad guy. Shame on you PETA and I agree wholeheartedly with you WK Lawrence how tacky and heartless that PETA attacked Steve Irwin after his death. I am a member of PETA but there are some things they do that make me think twice sometimes.

  • lindsey says:

    No one is saying that we love glen beck or give him our support. The message is that there are people out there who aren’t on our side who agree with the fact that Al Gore should walk the walk. That’s all that’s being said. Whenever PETA is on something it always gets posted up so others can view it. No one is saying Glen Beck is awesome or better then Al Gore or deserves attention and recognition. It’s up there to show that our word to Al Gore is getting out and people are paying attention.

  • Jennifer says:

    So let me get this straight You guys are lauding Glenn Beck for invoking PETA to attack Al Gore? Please! Whatever Gore’s faults Beck is no green poster boy and he’s certainly not a supporter of animal rights! Did everyone just conveniently miss the part where he called PETA “a group that I literally have nothing in common with” and then proceeded to talk about his meat and leather clothing preferences? Look I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 20 years and I’m happy as the next person when someone advocates shutting down the animal farming industries. But has it not occurred to anyone here that Beck would flip on PETA in a second if he thought it would aid his attack on Al Gore? And what has Beck done for his planet anyway? If you ask me it’s a case of choosing the lesser of two evils and that would not be Beck! Besides the way the ranching industry here in Texas is whining about how the demand for cornderived ethanol will only drive up the prices of feed for their cattle it’s only going to be a matter of time before Gore is going to be forced to address this issue. Give him time he’ll come around. Beck on the other hand is as opportunistic as they come. Sorry folks but this is a hollow victory from a petty man who is using PETA’s name to play politics his own. Please recognize it as such. P.S. Happy Spring!

  • Courtney says:

    Glenn Beck is an ass..simply stated. The unfortunate thing about this segment besides Beck himselfwas the whole time that republican prick was making fun of PETA and everything they stand for. I’m glad we got the coverage I just wish it wasn’t on someone else’s agenda.

  • Jan says:

    I used to really admire Al Gore……..not so much anymore. Not mentioning vegetarianism in the documentary totally discredits him. The fact that he isn’t a vegetarian or vegan makes him a hypocrite. What are you afraid of Al? Practice what you preach buddy! DOWN with the vile meat industry and all the havoc it causes to animals people and to this planet!!!

  • doug says:

    Thanks for posting Glen Becks email address. I gurantee i will have him Vegan in a year lol! As for Gore he is coming here in Toronto to lecture and the tickets are being sold for something like 500 bucks! I want to hold a demo outside when he comes so if anyone is interested please post and i will give you my email.

  • K says:

    Yes! My sister saw this on TV a while back and this is was she must have been talking about! I don’t get it though.. why isn’t Beck a vegetarian if he has a concern with global warming? Scott did an awesome job too!

  • CupcakeMagee says:

    I think Stephen King said it best when he referred to Glenn Beck as “the retarded little brother of Satan.”

  • serinity says:

    lol brilliant! I love how much airtime the PETA person got and that the website was announced. It’s getting to be “in” or “pc” to call yourself and “environmentalist” so I hope that some of the people watching this who consider themselves environmentalists will go veg D People are worried about global warming so PETA getting the news out there and getting air time about the link between meat eating and the planet is such a brilliant idea!! D

  • WK Lawrence says:

    What a nasty guy! And this is a good thing. Promote animal rights with prowar Republican rhetoric from a guy who admits he eats meat and wears leather. What has Peta come to? And I thought attacking Steve Irwin after he was already dead was bad!

  • lindsey says:

    Okay I watched this video and it’s awesome. It’s just another way to get out words out and put more pressure on Al Gore. He can’t hide anymore!

  • kelly says:

    You can thank Glenn Beck for his story by emailing at