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PETA Chalks California Pizza Kitchen Sidewalk With Anti-Dehorning Message

Written by PETA | July 3, 2013

Move over, Michelangelo. When PETA members heard that a San Diego jury acquitted a man who had been prosecuted for chalking a sidewalk, they figured they’d try their hand at some protest art.

The chalk-wielding gang descended on California Pizza Kitchen in La Jolla, California, and “decorated” the sidewalk with a colorful message calling on the company to require its cheese suppliers to phase out dehorning, a painful process in which calves’ sensitive horn tissue is burned off with a hot iron or caustic paste. They say an image is worth a thousand words, and California Pizza Kitchen customers got the message loud and clear.

You can help: Please write to California Pizza Kitchen and urge the company to require its cheese suppliers to end the practice of dehorning.