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PETA Celebrates National Topless Day

Written by PETA | August 20, 2010



Pamela Anderson is willing to bare her skin to save animals on fur farms.
Pamela Anderson bares it all


Lucy Clarkson, former Lara Croft model, protesting the Queen’s Guards’ caps for PETA U.K.
Lucy Clarkson


PETA protesting Mars outside the M&Ms World store in Times Square


PETA U.K.’s Running of the Nudes
Running of the Nudes


Check out the NSFW version of Keeley’s PETA ad.


PETA protest against circuses
circus demonstration


Isn’t a love-in more fun than fur?


Because chickens have breasts too!


Our protest against Australian mulesed wool
Mulesing Demonstration


PETA’s first-ever shower demonstration
Shower Demonstration


Demonstrating against exotic skins in Stockholm, Sweden
Exotic Skins


PETA U.K. demonstration against gestation crates
Naked woman in a gestation crate


Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Petra says:

    I like Pamela Anderson and her brassy attitude. But I do tire of PETA’s seeming need to use the tired “sex sells” tactic, which reduces women to pieces of meat. Also, I notice that only pretty people are seen in these pictures. Are the efforts of the more plain folk any less important than the efforts of those who are percieved as “beautiful?”

  • Alan Braganza says:

    The PETA Anti Fur campaign is an effective attention grabber and through the involvement of famous celebrities much has been done to promote animal protection and welfare. Man made fabrics are warmer than fur and an animal does not have to die as a result. HUMANS in the 21st century do not need to use animals as they did in EARLIER TIMES. OUR HUMAN POPULATION is growing TOO FAST and we must INVENT and use MORE animal substitutes out of our OWN DESIGNS which are inanimate or nonliving to begin with and this is really the BEST solution because these can be produced in huge quantities. In response to WHY HUMANS MUST TO NOT KILL AND HARVEST ANIMALS is because in PRESENT DAY SCIENCE we can artificially design fur as faux fur for function warmth and fashion Animal Fur farms in Asian countries and elsewhere must stop we can substitute animal protein from meat with varieties of vegetable protein in most part This will make us healthier less disease prone slimmer fight heart and blood vessel disease and cancers we can eliminate the rituals and traditions of having animal parts worn as trophies and consumed as primitive medical cures such as in traditional medicines of Eastern cultures We must choose other ways to feel good and live healthy balanced drug free lives to begin with by exercising and respecting our bodies we can instead THINK about what PETA is about and MAKE A LIFE PRESERVING DIFFERENCE for ALL animals being harvested and slaughtered inhumanely. People would do well to CARE for ALL ANIMALS both domestic and wild and treat them ALL with love and patience and respect for their wildness and existence on Earth. Choose and promote healthier lifestyles eating from more vegetable and fruit sources. USE ANIMALS HUMANELY not for abusive entertainment or sport. DO CONTROL Animal POPULATIONS to be manageable and sustainable in number SO AS TO NOT ALLOW sudden EXTINCTION OR sudden DISEASES TO DEVELOP AS A RESULT OF OVERCROWDING through HUMAN NEGLIGENCE AND FILTH allowing prion and virus mutations SUCH AS MAD COW Bovine Spongiform Encephalitisand AVIAN AND SWINE INFLUENZA. The global animal livestock and meat food industry may then function with much less numbers needed to sustain the growing human demand. Consider that farmland for grazing is replacing much of the forests and rainforests which are being cut down because of human demand for beef and other products. Understand how this affects individual ecosystems. Understand the growing human population and how its cycle of demand for food and land affects all animals. Therefore choose to have MUCH LESS PAIN AND SUFFERING OF ANIMALS by being more aware of how radically human numbers are displacing established animal populations and help conservation efforts for animal reserves and sanctuaries making as many changes as possible as consumers towards speaking out for Animal Protection and Environmental Preservation. It’s our natural world that we must protect.

  • kammie says:

    What I don’t understand is WHYafter millions of years of animals viciously attacking animals humans eating meat protein being REQUIRED fur being an essential tool for warmth and other purposes bone tooth skin all being used for important reasonswhy all of the sudden modern groups decide we need to eliminate it all together. I understand the unneeded pain of animals excessive use of animals and cruel treatment of animals as a reason to protest. But there’s no way to replace the use of animals completely in our society. It’s part of an ecosystem. We’re a predator. I’ll admit intelligent animals but all the same animals. There’s no reason to protest a monkey in a car commercial no reason to protest the shearing of sheep. Go ahead and save the pandas cut back on the excess meat manufacture but don’t go overboard. That’s exactly where this nudity protest stands Overboard.

  • bunny says:

    i really fear for our society and intelligence when people usually girls of course say your protests and adverts are “sexist against women” what a load of fing BS as a woman with a brain i obviously know they are not more like empowering to women if anything! keep it up D

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    ShanE jones If you want to check out at least one seminaked handsome veg dude there’s a photo of my friend Dale here on PETA’s Twitter page artfully created by his girlfriend Angie httptwitpic.com2hi25b

  • Kayla says:

    Sam PETA protests Mars because what Mars does is wrong. The Hershey corporation doesn’t test on animals so why should Mars? One of PETA’s main animal rights issues is against the torture and painful slaughtering of animals in factory farms. PETA is against eating meat yet we still fight to relieve the animals that produce that meat of their terrible lives and their suffering. Overall PETA is just fighting for animal rights all over the globe and they are fully willing to fight what they believe in. I find it 100 admiable and I hope to be a part of their network someday.

  • Kayla says:

    Krina Mehta Nearly all “fur” and “leather” products have tags in them. Check the tag to see if it is genuine and if it’s not it’s probably okay to buy. If you’re unsure or have any doubts check out the price range. Real leather and fur are typically much more expensive that faux fur and faux leather. I hope that helps!

  • shelley says:

    Jennifer why are you even reading the peta blog with that conservative attitude? I think the general public is kept in the dark so much that salaciousness and shock value are some of the only ways to educate or at least get their attention. No great achievements have been made in animal liberation by sitting around a conference table drawing charts. Probably 4 out of every 5 people in the world know pamela anderson having her on board as a PETA ambassador is a great thing for the organization. I’m not branding her a hero at all but she’s using her fame as leverage to get a good message across. Unfortunately you need a guerrilla approach these days or no one will notice you.

  • Tarra says:

    Woo for sexy protests! But I do agree with Jennifers idea of a cruelty free fashion show

  • tori says:

    these are amazing!!! savin animals one step at a time

  • Sam says:

    OK… you guys are protesting Mars because it tests on animals? WHY even complain they use dairy in their chocolate anyway. I thought you guys were vegan so why are you bothering even protesting something that doesn’t fit your diet to begin with except to exploit the group to get media attention.

  • stephanie says:

    These are some awesome pics for the sake of our animals…if this dont get the point across I dont know what would…way to go PETA…you rock!!!

  • Jennifer says:

    Can we progress beyond the “I’d rather go naked” campaign and other nude escapades and try an annual fashion show “Fashion Without Fur.” Make it a splashy celebrity charity event with clothes.

  • Jennifer says:

    PETA I am so in favor of all your animal rights principals but I am so tired of and sometimes offended by some of your methods. The “I’d rather go naked” campaign has its place in the right context and in small doses but you use too much nudity way too often. Salaciousness and shock value are not particularly intelligent or effective ways to educate the public or change hearts and minds. It has become exploitation and has pushed PETA into the category of the lunatic fringe for many in the general population and you are in danger of losing the support of some of us that believe in and share your objectives.

  • Krina Mehta says:

    How do we know what is made of animal fur vs fakesynthetic materials? IS there any brands that are suggested to buy which does not use any animal products?

  • Curtis says:

    PETA sure knows how to protest in the buff! D

  • Toby says:

    I’m topless at the moment myself but as a male in a sexist society I’m not violating an immoral law. I was going to ask a governor to veto a bill allowing body traps but the action alert says ‘the last day is tommorrow’ without giving an actual date… if I send the guy an email but the thing was passed on Friday then I’ll prove to be an outoftouch Civil Rights supporter who doesn’t keep up with appropriate dates…