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PETA Celebrates 100,000th Lifesaving Surgery

Written by PETA | February 20, 2014

Thanks to your support, PETA is celebrating a heartwarming milestone. Our little fleet of mobile clinics recently performed its 100,000th spay/neuter surgery since it began operating in 2001. The lucky recipient was Coco, a female pit bull from Lewiston, North Carolina, who had been bred an appalling three times before her owner finally agreed to do the right thing and get her spayed. Coco is out of the puppymaking business at last, and with her risk of cancer and other diseases reduced, she’ll most likely be much healthier and happier. She also won’t be bringing more pit bulls into the world to be chained outside, forced to fight, abused, or abandoned.

Coco the Pit Bull Dog, our 100,000th spay

Spaying and neutering prevents cats and dogs from being born into a world that is already teeming with discarded animals. These unwanted animals would likely be dumped on the streets or would have to be euthanized in shelters. Thank you for helping PETA spare millions of animals a life of suffering. And we’re not going to rest on our laurels: The spay-and-neuter marathon at our Norfolk headquarters this month means that we’re now working toward our 200,000th lifesaving surgery.

What You Can Do

Help “fix” the homeless-animal crisis! You can volunteer to help “Cocos” in your area or sponsor one in ours.

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  • anne dominguez says:

    PETA you are performing wonders. I dream of the day that all animals are free of suffering and and finally are respected and given the right to share this wonderful planet with mankind.

  • Leah says:

    I am a proud owner of seven cats and one dog. PETA your awesome thanks for your support of the animals 🙂 one day I dream animal abuse and animal cruelty will stop.

    • its ,,just so amazing the fact ,that how so meany people HAVE LOVE for the animals ,I wish and I pray to that ,one day just ever and forever will any kind of animal that lives all over the earth,to live in freedom be protected,and the care of all of us people in earth.I THANK YOU PETA FOR DOING THIS ACTION FOR HELPING THOSE INNOCENT CREATURE WHO HAVE ANY RIGHT LIVE THEIR LIVES..the greatest gift our planet-earth,this will be,00STOP–TOTALLY KILLING AND EXPERIMENTATION ANIMALS..THANK YOU PETA FOR GREAT CARES”!!!!

  • Rachel says:

    congrats peta :3