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Photo of the Day: PETA Cat Has New Occupation

Written by Melinda McKee | December 24, 2013

Marshall, is one of the cats we rescued from overtaxed shelters in the wake of the BP oil spill who now reside at the Sam Simon Center, our Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters. He wants you to know that animal law is serious business.

Marshall the Cat Studies Law in Norfolk

Check out more of the PETA office cats in action.

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  • serene says:

    I love cats, in fact my mother and one of her neighbors are trying to save some stray cats that have found a home on her porch. These cats were living in the dumpster but are now able to be petted and loved on. The neighbors in the apartment building as well as the building’s owner seem to think my mother should allow them to die and have forbid her to place a box on her porch in which they have been getting shelter from the cold and snow. one neighbors response was ” they are just cats Chinese people eat them”, i cant believe these people. We have contacted the local animal control but her response, get this ” they are feral like a squirrel or possum”. Right? because you can pet a wild possum? We found a place that will take them but it will be a few weeks and the owner and neighbors are giving my mother trouble if she continues to feed and shelter them. Can the owner really make my mother ignore these creatures? she can not have pets but the lease does not state she cant help animals?