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PETA Calls On States to Issue ‘No Chaining’ Order During Sandy

Written by PETA | October 29, 2012

Staffers from its Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters and Washington, D.C., office have endured the impact of Hurricane Sandy’s winds and storm surge, but that’s not stopping PETA from doing everything in its power to help the animals in the storm’s path. Community Animal Project fieldworkers are on call 24/7 and have already been hard at work helping animals left to fend for themselves against the storm and the flooding.

Of course, the best way to protect animals is to prevent them from being put in harm’s way in the first place. That’s why PETA sent out emergency-preparedness alerts to media across Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey, and other at-risk areas before the storm to remind guardians to be ready to allow animal companions to stay indoors and to take them along if forced to evacuate.

Unfortunately, not everyone has heeded this advice, and frightened, vulnerable animals like the dog you see here in Newport News, Virginia, have been left tied up outside to face the storm’s onslaught. So PETA has sent urgent requests to the governors of all states likely to be affected by Sandy asking them to protect all their citizens—including the four-legged ones—by issuing immediate “no chaining” orders for their states.

The orders should require that all dogs be allowed to stay indoors and not be left chained outside, where they may drown, freeze, be strangled, or get hit by flying debris in the midst of the hurricane, as happened to Smokey, who died alone outside during Hurricane Irene on the chain that he had been attached to since puppyhood.

No matter what the governors decide, though, if Sandy is headed your way, please allow your dogs and cats to stay indoors with you, be prepared to take them with you if you have to leave, and urge your neighbors to do the same!

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  • Marie Hill says:

    this is a crime and the owners should be held responsible… no dog should be changed outside.. they are pets and pets belong with their owners, not forgotten out in the cold , heat storms etc. dont own a pet if you dont have the compassion to love it like one of your own…animals feel lonely, pain cold, heat thirst , hunger, and need to socialize… your pet will feel these emotions… again, i repeat they are meant to be part of your family in all aspects of live….

  • zelime Gizzi says:

    This is for my dog Moose who has Cancer. I hope youll do the right thing and stop chaining dogs outside. Its animal cruelty. Please make a positive difference for dogs today.

  • Tonya Howard says:

    How on earth can people be so ignorant and cruel to do this – please no chaining and get your animals inside. God be with those left to fend for themselves – my heart goes out to them.

  • Alice says:

    Smokey’s owners should have been reported to the police for animal crualty!! Maybe they should be chained outside themselves in such conditions so they can suffer a slow coming death like that poor dog did! Smokey did not ask to be chained! Don’t get a dog if you intend to have him chained outside at all times! People like you SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL!!!

  • sinisa says:

    Do not chain them outside!