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PETA to Boston Mobster: Hit … the Soy!

Written by PETA | September 2, 2008
heraldinteractive / CC
Carmen DiNunzio

Quick: Who wins the cheese, the mouse or the mob boss? Answer: No one wins. In this unusual game of cat and mouse, the cheese is clearly the villain. Just ask reputed Boston Mafia godfather Carmen “The Cheeseman” DiNunzio, who, according to the Boston Herald, has been locked in his home under house arrest since May for his part in an alleged bribe.

It’s clear that this “big cheese”—who earned his name after his local cheese shop and who weighs in at a whopping 400 lbs.—has done his time gorging on gouda and snacking on Swiss. Following a request from his doctor, the court will now allow DiNunzio to leave his home for two hours each day so that he can hit the gym and lose the pounds that are putting extra strain on his already bad heart and diabetes.

His doctor recently told the court, “I need him to have at least 30 minutes a day of sustained aerobic exercise. The best exercise he can do is sustained walking allowing for both arm and leg exercise.”

OK, I’m confused. Wouldn’t a reputed Wise Guy who is under house arrest for allegedly receiving money most likely be able to afford a mail-order Bowflex?

Well, regardless, we say: Hey, Big D! Drop that cheese! And listen up to our little business proposition. Yes, we sent “The Cheeseman” his very own delicious nondairy cheese pizza from Boston’s own T.J. Scallywaggle’s—recently voted one of the top 10 vegan-friendly pizzerias in the U.S.! We’d tell him to go there, but you know, he’s a shut-in.

We suggest that Mr. DiNunzio try stocking his cupboards full of nondairy treats that aren’t full of artery-clogging fat and cholesterol, like their dairy counterparts, if he really wants to whack those unhealthy pounds. He certainly has the time to cook up some tomato sauce for that spaghetti, a side of broccoli with garlic, and some pure vegetable minestrone. He will be getting those recipes and a copy of our “Vegetarian Starter Kit.” You know, for some leisurely reading?

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Tabitha I was referring only to Brandie’s “Overweight people cover the globe!!!” statement.

  • Tabitha says:

    Mike I believe Brandi was pointing outthe “everyone’s fatter in the south” campaign.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Brandie R? “Overweight people cover the globe!!!”? Hardly. The U.S. is the fattest nation in the world.

  • nicole says:

    this is disgusting. people who carry this much weight put a huge strain on the health system with their diabetes and heart disease and slew of other health problems… and what is even more awful is the fact that hungry jacks is selling the quad stack burger this just started in australia 70grams of fat and half a poor sweet cow poor thing never did anything to anybody!!! this should be illegal… i can’t stand that people can allow themselves to get to this size. go veg and have some self respect or be prepared for the insulin needles and the bypass surgery.

  • kelly says:

    How many deaths has this creep been responsible for? How many people has he robbed? His lawyer wants him out so her can “attend to business.”

  • brandie r says:

    See! People in the North region of the U.S. are fat too! Not just people in the South. Wow. Imagine that. Overweight people cover the globe!!!