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PETA Blasts Iran’s 1960s-Era Space Program

Written by PETA | January 29, 2013

Like many of you, we were appalled by photos that have surfaced showing a visibly terrified monkey crudely strapped into a restraint device in which he was reportedly launched into space by the Iranian Space Agency (ISA). Back in 2011, our friends at PETA U.K. urged agency head Dr. Hamid Fazeli to ground the misguided mission, pointing out that nonhuman primates are no longer sent into space by the American or European space agencies.

It appears that Iran is repeating the wasteful and cruel mistakes that marked the darkest days of the space race. Monkeys are smart and sensitive animals who not only are traumatized by the violence and noise of a launch and landing but also suffer when caged in a laboratory before and after a flight—if they survive.

NASA ended the use of primates in space radiation experiments in the early 1990s, following protests by PETA. In 2010, NASA’s plans to restart the program were canceled after PETA and others voiced strong ethical and scientific objections to the ill-advised plan.

Similarly, the European Space Agency (ESA) has a very active space exploration program and has publicly stated that it “declines any interest in monkey research and does not consider any need or use for such results.” The ESA instead employs modern technology such as state-of-the-art simulators to assess health risks for astronauts.

Whether it happens in Iran or Ireland, in an underground laboratory or in outer space, cruelly exploiting animals for specious science is indefensible. We’ve reached out to the ISA once again to ask it to stop shooting monkeys into space. Learn how you can help stop experimentation on all animals

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  • Lee says:

    First off whoever Ted is why read this stuff if you don’t care about the animals? Secondly if there is a heaven and hell people who do things like this will most certainly end up in hell one day. How do some people sleep at night with the pain they inflict?

  • Lauren says:

    This needs to stop now!!!!

  • andres felipe says:

    quien hace justicia , pobre animal si podes mover que calambres le cojeran en el cuerpo .. hagan algo porfavor detengan esto

  • Ted says:

    Man that monkey got to go into space? Lucky jerk.

  • Jess says:

    There are no words to describe how inhumane and cruel this is.

  • Jess says:

    let’s stop this – for a better world <3 <3

  • Michelle Wedlake says:

    If a child did this to an animal just to see what would happen, most parents would stop the child and teach them it is wrong to treat living creatures without regard for their suffering. Its just the right thing to do.

  • Heather says:

    You can see the terror in this little guy’s eyes. What a horrible, horrible thing for him to go through. This is so senseless and unnecessary. No animal deserves this and it just tears me up to see this. Some people just don’t give a damn about what they do to another being. I just don’t understand how our government can pick and choose what’s considered “cruel”. If it’s a citizen, it’s cruel, if it’s gov’t or companies testing products it’s A-OK. What it is is INHUMANE!!

  • Karen says:

    animal cruelty again, stop this immediately this is so cruel and in humane, stop it.

  • Michelle Shafer RN says:

    The Iranians are a historically creative and intelligent people. What went wrong here? This really is an act contrary to their artistic and anthropological history. Be true to your heart, Iran. You have & will be better!

  • Martina says:

    its so horrible stop it please

  • Cindy says:

    If they wanna know something, They should do it by themselves not animals..What they did will turn back to them, sooner or later..

  • Ruby says:

    Oh my God! I seriously didn’t know this was still going on. It makes me sick to my stomach. What really bothers me is how disconnected human beings are to other species. If it’s not human, it doesn’t count. That is incredible to me. How do we stop this from ever happening again? Peta, I would like to know.

  • cost says:

    This is appalling! Iran is truly showing itself to be stuck in the dark ages. I cant begin to imagine what this poor soul went through!

  • GARIAZZO Patricia says:

    C’est horrible ! J’ai vraiment beaucoup de peine ! Aux bourreaux je dis : Arretez de vous servir des animaux comme si vous aviez tous les droits sur eux . De quel droit ? Regarde le film La planète des singes !

  • Sls says:

    Stop this cruelty! I am crying seeing this picture!

  • Rosie Slanto says:

    No animal deserves this ever!!!

  • Zelime says:

    What can we do to get them to stop? Poor thing looks Terrified! So sad, breaks my heart

  • ella says:

    Revolting horrendous horrific… despicable fuckers…..

  • Cintia Gisela Cervantes Ar&#233;chiga says:

    This is an useful cruelty, there is no reason to send a poor animal to suffer for something they don´t understend.

  • lory says:

    it’s a shame for every human being!!!!!

  • Jessica says:

    That poorthing looks scared to death!! Inhumane bastards!!!

  • DanaP says:

    appalling and disgusting

  • Gina Lombardi says:

    This is absolutely horrendous. I cannot believe that people can be so cruel to another living being. It is unthinkable to me. This poor little monkey says so much with his expression. I can’t fathom how anyone can use animals this way… So very, very sad.

  • Helen mccabe says:

    Absolutely despicable, cruel and sickening. It needs to stop. People who do this have not got a heart.

  • michele says:

    A shame !! but these stupid and backward people just want to follow the US exemple, but why they don’t send themselves into space? that should be a great thing !

  • Sabrina says:

    No! No! No! Why? I can’t understand this cruellaty SHIT! Please!!! Stop this projekt! The Animals are very, very helpless!

  • MBB says:

    Ths is one of the most cruel things I´ve ever saw in my life. You want to be a modern country? Then stop torturing animals!!!!!

  • Corina Roessler says:

    Absolutely horrid. This poor baby looks *terrified. I don’t care WHAT country this occurs in… it’s WRONG. Period. God be with him as he makes this dreadful journey. 🙁

  • SaRAH says:

    This is irresponsible and like it states in the article it was done way back when and so we already now the results of sending animals in space. This is cruelty and it is mortifying that it is still being done. No animal should have to suffer, we are supposed to take care of animals and show them love, not this.

  • sandra sheehy says:

    If this is progress ,then we really are a very evil species.

  • Kim Gonzales says:

    Makes me sick.

  • anna bystrzanowska-boruch says:


  • Tatiana Nicorici says:

    Dear Dr. Hamid Fazeli! I think that it is absolutely unacceptable to use animals for your space program! By doing this u demonstrating how cruel and old fashion u are. Why don´t u try to experiment on yourself?Pls. stop experimentation on animals! Br. Tatiana.

  • Siraganda says:

    What a shame – they should shoot their president into space! Stop all animal abuse! All Animals deserve the same rights!

  • Mirko says:

    It is a horrible and useless way how to “develop” our “civilization”, meaningless and cruel! I say stop to any kind of experimentation! Animals are not alive to be abused from humanity!

  • Danielle mcglinchey says:

    So terribly cruel. Please save this monkey. This is disgusting!

  • Amelia swatson says:

    Please please stop animal cruelty its not fair that they suffer that way. Looks his scary face you arent the owner of them lifes

  • hanna palm says:

    This is absolutely horrible!

  • Elfi Bauer-Croon says:

    Grausame Menschen! Was soll das? Es ist menschenunwürdig!!!

  • Caroline Roux says:

    C’est honteux et cruel !!

  • Dawn says:

    Totally barbaric!

  • maria says:

    NOOOOOO MORE — Caracas/Venezuela

  • charlotte Bouyer says:

    C’est une honte !

  • Anna Holdsworth says:

    Just horrendous. It sickens me that any human being can do this to another creature. You only have to look in the monkey’s eyes to know it’s wrong.