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PETA Becomes Part Owner of bebe

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 6, 2012

Since bebe has turned a deaf ear to the 80,000 people who have asked the company to ditch real fur, PETA has wheeled out our Trojan horse. We just bought stock in the company, so now we can attend its annual meetings and submit shareholder resolutions for the company to end fur sales. If you have stock, too, or know anyone who does, please let us know.

Will bebe like us telling its shareholders that much of the company’s rabbit fur comes from China, where there are no penalties for people who abuse animals on fur farms? Will bebe want its investors to see our undercover videos of Chinese fur farms—videos that show rabbits screaming as workers slit their throats, cut off their paws and heads, and even rip the skin from their still-moving bodies? Doubt it.

PETA is planning protests outside bebe stores across the country, like this one at bebe’s headquarters in Brisbane, California. Join us and take along your bunny-lovin’ friends.

Want to help us keep the pressure on bebe? Contact PETA’s Action Team, and we’ll help you organize a demonstration in your area. And please tell bebe that you won’t be caught dead in its stores until it removes the dead animals from its racks.

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  • English Rose says:

    Oh I love it! Congratulations on throwing what could well be the killer punch PETA, I love your tactics and you have my full support! There is an old saying here in the UK at least which exactly describes this manoeuvre, but although completely apt to this particular issue (and only “a saying”) it could also be construed as too distasteful pun in this regard so I won’t reproduce it in full however it’s along the lines of there being “more ways to de-pelt an animal….”. And let’s hope for the sake of those poor tortured creatures out in China and anywhere else that your action here proves that to be completely true and bebe are held to account for their ill-judged decision to support the fur trade in the first place and hung out to dry for their total disregard of the views of their (customer) public. Please keep up your marvellous work! xx