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PETA Bashes Gucci Over Seal-Fur Boots

Written by PETA | March 28, 2008

Gucci_Seal_Boots.jpgSeal boots, Gucci? Come on, guys. Did you think that just because you were selling them in Russia, we wouldn’t notice?

PETA’s Assistant Director, Matt Prescott, contacted Gucci CEO Robert Polet this week asking him whether he really wants his company associated with the seal hunt. Seriously, Gucci, when even Paris Hilton has worked out that something’s a moral outrage, there’s not a lot of room for saying you didn’t realize it was a problem.

You can contact Gucci about this latest lapse in judgement through the webform here.

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  • Reema says:

    I simply cannot fathom how mankind can be so cold and ruthless to creatures that feel pain in every sense just like we do. Man is on the road to self destruction as this senseless killing that too for fashion!! is leading to nothing but bad karma. I believe all the hunters people who use the products of this kill and those who profit from this blood money are all doomed!

  • FREE TIBET says:

    Will DeJaungo Yes because of these little cute seals down to hell with such a criminal exploiting bloody economy and all it’s supporters!!!

  • Will DeJaungo says:

    Lets destroy an entire economy on the behalf of some little cut seals.

  • Kristy Zamonsky says:

    Denise I wont say that i’m shocked by your comment on an animal rights page it is the logic of a self centred egotistical woman with absolutley no morals. If you want to preach about gang violencedrug abuse shootings than make your own organization. People on this site are passionate about animal’s welfare and if your so passionate about stopping violence than put your money where your mouth is and start your own webiste until then keep your obsurd and hatefull comments to yourself. Kristy Zamonsky

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Margret what a beautiful statment. I’ll remember that for a long time!!

  • Michele says:

    Denise just what qualifies as a “baby” seal in your opinion? It is actually legal to kill a seal that is about 2 weeks old… But that is really besides the point does it really matter whether the hunters are killing babies or “adults”? It matters that these seals are being killed for their skins for FASHION yeah that’s really going to help deal with issues like shootings and drug abuse… I’m not quite sure how you think your antianimal comments are going to impact on people who are here for the ANIMALS like you know the “A” in PETA stands for Animals not just Anyone. Get a grip and go away.

  • Margaret says:

    We sometimes take for granted the beauty of such animals some of us have are fortunate to have them on our front lawn and complain about them and others wish we could even see or touch them. We should cherish every animal on this earth no matter what type of animal it is how can anyone take pleasure in mudering one is beyond me how can they be so heartless with not one compassionate bone in their body what a shame ThankYou PETA for giving these helpless animals HOPE and LOVE there’s nothing worst then losing something you really LOVE……..May God Bless You

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Denise Most of us are aware that “harvesting” whitecoat pups is illegal. But it is certainly legal but not moral to kill them when they are about 12 days old or as soon as they have shed their white natal fur. A harp seal generally has a lifespan of 25 years so its life is severely shortened. Most pups that are killed can’t swim yet and have no escape from an approaching sealer.

  • EllaL says:

    you know .. I think there should have been TWO planets created.. one for animals where they live in peace and free from torment and exploitation by the human race and yes.. animals WILL kill each other. it’s called survival.. for food the carnivores or defence.. and then.. the other of course for the humans.. what.. will.. they .. do.. without.. the animals..????? no milk no eggs.. no meat no horses to ride on.. no furs no killing animals for their blood thrirsty ‘entertainment’..the list is and wouldwill be ENDLESSS.. I doubt the animals would’miss’ the humans.. frankly they’d be glad to see the back of their tormentors.. the humans.. why.. sigh..the world just wouldn’t be the same would it without those animals.. of all and every species.. so why don’t they respect and cherish.. and treat well these creatures that they DO share the planet with?? there is something inherently cruel in human nature..I really do believe that.. they’d think jtwice about going up to another person and striking that person for fear of retribution.. but the defenceless..from the largest to the smallest.. no match for clubs and bullets.. wellthat just about sums up how I feel about a large proportion andor section my own fellow human race..

  • Leigh says:

    Denise Tryon If you hadn’t noticed this is People for the Ethical Treatment of ANIMALS. There are many other organisations out there dealing with social issues faced by people. PETA is addressing a terrible issue here and we should be glad that there are people to speak up for those who can’t. Well Done PETA

  • Amber Falobas says:

    I hate Gucci.

  • Missi says:

    I think that everything i have seen on this site so far is disturbing and wrong. If any person who comes to this and watches these videos and says the things that are going on it them are ok needs serious help. If this is what it’s come to people doing these kinds of things to animals these experiments on helpless animals and to make there clothes look better. Then why don’t we just start doing human trial experiments. We can lock them in cages and put them in tube and inject them with stuff and see whats happens. Also when decided to new boots or leather seating for our cars we can start using human skin and and human hair. To everyone who doesn’t believe that there is anything wrong with animal abuse. I bet you everyone single one of you thinks child abuse is wrong. Well sorry to let you no this but it is the same thing just as humans are superior to animals adults are superior to animals. Animals were hear before we were in case anyone hasn’t notice we came second into this world. If everyone keeps eating and killing these animals for things such as fur. Then everyone is going to have to learn to eat things other then there chicken beef duck eggs milk just to name a few and learn how to eat there vegitable and fruit. There going to have to learn how to make there clothes and car look nice without there fur and skin. Also to the lady who commented the drug abuse. Lady drug abuse come on now people put them selves in the situation. Seal don’t lay on the ice and say here I am come take my fur. Drug user do the drugs willing. They know it’s wrong. The people shooting eachother they it’s wrong too. Would like everyone to sit down and say it’s wrong to kill. If you have seals in your yard then move if you done like it. If your afraid of your chilrdens well being then move.

  • lynda downie says:

    Denise it looks like you’re doing exactly what you’re telling us not to. You’re trying to clean up PeTA’s backyard with your all scolding and telling us what we should and shouldn’t be doing.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Denise respectfully I must disagree. Seeing seals in your neighborhood is not proof that their population numbers have increased they may be entering human territory because they are being pushed out of their natural areas. I have all the respect in the world for you wanting to protect your kids but the seals mentioned in PETA’s protest are not being killed to protect children. The seals are being killed for profit. Killing wildlife does not necessarily keep numbers down some wildlife can adjust their litter size when “harvests” occur. Whether or not thier numbers are down is a matter of scientific survey not eyeballing. I would ask also what is the logical reason why a seal’s life is not just as precious as a human’s? assuming that the seal is only being killed for profit not for selfdefense.

  • Frances Peà says:

    You should give them shame you sing a duet with mainly seals on their products should be in place to see if they take away their skins to make shoes. And they feel pain just as we analyzed this and I am not going to buy their products and I will run my voice in my country so cruel for people like you. Frances Pea 16 years Puerto Rico

  • Denise Tryon says:

    For gods sake Baby seals have not been killed for at least 10 years it is illegal. It is the Harp seal that is harvested and when some idiot lies on the ice and pets and kisses one of those without losing a leg or arm then I too will join you on the ice in protest.The seal population can be so high I have harp seals on my lawn in the winter and they have went after my kids when they have gone outside to play My kids welfare is more important to me than the seal. What you people need to do is focus more attention on the thousands of people who are shooting each other drug abuse that is killing thousands etc instead of sitting around trying to come up with protests about things you have little accurate facts about. Clean up your own bloody backyard before you try and clean anyone else’s especially when you have no idea what your talking about eg. The seal hunt.

  • Molly says:

    Mr. Polet Is this necessary? Fur Seal Hunt Boots. Come on it is 2008! Aren’t we smarter and more compassionate as a people?

  • Diana Araujo says:

    Please Stop Harming Animlas your act for producing bags is inhumane leave the seals alone.

  • Autumn says:

    I think it’s great that Paris Hilton is against seals being used for thier fur too! She gets a bad rep alot and I think this will make ppl look at her a little different. At least us animal lovers anyway! Go Paris! And where can I buy a hoodie like hers?

  • marriah says:

    gucci is one of the most promenant and loved fashon sources in the world all over the globe people look to you for tips. It is both depressing and funny to see a 15 year old who is both morally more mature and emotionally more mature then the peopla at gucci who decided that taking baby seals and clubbing them and making boots out of their ass is ‘cool’ and ‘in fashon’ fake fur please. or at least humane uthanization.

  • angel caputo says:

    get real rob!!!