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Eight Dogs Barely Escape Baking to Death

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post | June 18, 2014

Eight dogs are lucky to be alive after they were reportedly left in a roasting-hot van for nearly two hours outside a San Francisco mall last Friday. To help prevent other dogs from enduring a similar miserable, terrifying, and potentially fatal ordeal, PETA is asking the mall’s manager to stencil our “Too Hot for Spot!” public service advisory on every third parking space in the mall’s lot.

"Too Hot for Spot" StencilIllustration © Ken Cursoe, Background © David Lee |

Every summer, PETA receives reports of incidents in which dogs have suffered and died in agony from heatstroke after being left in a hot car. This often happens when shoppers “pop in” to a store and then run into a friend or become distracted and forget that dogs—and sometimes children—have been left vulnerable in the heat.

It doesn’t take long for the temperature in a parked vehicle to reach deadly highs: On a relatively mild 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to well over 100 degrees in just minutes—even with the windows slightly open. Dogs can cool themselves only by sweating a little bit through their foot pads and panting, and they can succumb to heatstroke in just minutes, resulting in brain damage or death.

Don’t make a fatal mistake—before running errands, drop your dog off at home (and make sure that fans or air conditioning is running and plenty of fresh water is available). And if you see a dog trapped in a hot car, take action. Have the owner paged inside the store, and/or call the police immediately. Stay at the scene until the situation is resolved—the dog’s life depends on it.


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  • Eu says:

    Human negligence at work..

  • laurel hoare says:

    We have just had a similar case here in the UK – a dog was left in a car, all windows closed, in a restaurant carpark whilst the family ate a meal. The dog was non responsive to those that found him so they called the police who released him and, i believe, prosecution of the owners is underway. The owner’s response when told was “it’s just a dog – what’s the problem’!!!!! Here in the UK if anyone finds an animal locked in a vehicle on a warm day without open windows, obvious access to water and suffering we are allowed, by law, to break the windows of said vehicle to release the animal (same for children – because people do that too)

  • Irène says:

    Every year it’s the same thing!!! How many times must we tell irresponsible parents and irresponsible dog owners not to leave young children and animals in their car in the summertime! Every year children and animals die and yet, this is such a simple fact to understand! Why are people so stupid?

  • Gail Stanton says:

    There were 6 dogs that baked to death in a truck canopy in Langley B.C. Canada weeks ago during a heat snap, and I read a comment in a newspaper from a fellow implying ‘what is the big deal’ it’s like leaving your cell phone in your car’ gives some idea of what we are up against, they are out there!

  • Please be aware of animals in locked car. Heat can kill.

  • its rediculous….we cant bear heat and we expct poor animals to roast in the heat???