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Town Throws a Party for Cruel Factory Farm

Written by PETA | October 12, 2010

This month marks the 15th anniversary of Seaboard Foods in the Guymon, Oklahoma, area. Seaboard operates a pig factory farm where a PETA investigator documented that pigs were routinely kicked, beaten, and slammed against concrete floors. As a result of PETA’s investigation, a Seaboard manager pleaded guilty to three counts of felony cruelty to animals. But instead of running the bums out of town, Guymon is—wait for it—throwing Seaboard Foods a big birthday bash. Cake, candles, and … cruelty?


Undercover Footage from Seaboard Farms, Narrated by Rue McClanahan


PETA has a better idea. Instead of honoring pig abusers, Guymon should throw a party for the pigs. We have written to the mayor and suggested that he declare Saturday, October 23, “Pig Empathy Day”—and we’ve offered to send a contingent of Lettuce Ladies armed with vegan barbecue riblets and faux ham sandwiches to help get the party started. Sounds like hog heaven …

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Frank Booth says:

    Rev Meg, have you ever visited Oklahoma? I am embarassed that a fellow Reverend would make such a sophmoric statement.

  • Barbara Nottingham says:

    I see this picture of this poor pig. I don’t even want to see what happened to it. Yes, I would want to throw a party for all pigs. I would like to actually be there for them. Just because they are “pigs”, do they deserve to be thrown against a wall, kicked or tortured???? How would you feel if it were to happen to you? Just kicked aside like a piece of trash!!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    It’s Oklahoma, one of those states people move out of once they are legally and financially able to; what do you expect?

  • Frank Booth says:

    I love peta and what it stands for, but I cringe when I read stories like this. Like I said the “Lettuce Ladies” should be deployed to a shelter, helping people who are hungry. I’d rather see the Lettuce Ladies go to shelters, and create vegetable gardens, teach people how to grow their own veggies, can them and create their own food. But that would require hard work and actually helping people, as opposed to tempting them into becoming veggie/vegan through sex (scantily clad lettuce ladies).

  • Sandy says:

    WHAT A DISGRACE!! the farm and the town should be ashamed of themselves!!! I will be sure to never visit there!!