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PETA Asia-Pacific Frees the Elephants, Chickens, Sheep, and Penthouse Pets

Written by PETA | July 22, 2008

Remember that advertisement for the U.S. Army that said that folks in the Army do more before 6 a.m. than most people do all day? I was reminded of that when I reviewed some of the successes scored by the phenomenal PETA Asia-Pacific team. Check out what these superheroes for animals accomplished during a recent three-week span:

  1. When PETA Asia-Pacific learned that Tanzania was going to ship elephants and giraffes to the Manila Zoo, a tiny, decrepit, and outdated facility that has nothing to offer animals except a life of deprivation, misery, and loneliness, they fired off a letter to Tanzania President Jakaya Mrisho Kitwete, pointing out that “[a]ll confined animals suffer from profound boredom—some so severely that it can lead to self-mutilation and self-destructive behavior.” The president of the East African nation responded with compassion, halting the deal and saving many animals in the process.

  2. Photo Credit: Gaspar Rodriguez

    When Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared a war on hunger and inequity—while also saying that she would lead by example—PETA Asia-Pacific called on the president to adopt and advocate a vegetarian diet. The letter sent by PETA Asia-Pacific explained that animals raised for food consume nearly 1 billion metric tons of food edible by humans every year—enough to feed about half the world’s population. President Arroyo took the time to respond to the letter, resulting in tremendous media coverage.

  3. In protest of the grueling “death ship” journeys—in which sheep and cattle are forced to endure extremely crowded, disease-ridden ships with little access to food or water through all weather extremes—dozens of men and women from PETA Asia-Pacific and Animal Liberation NSW stripped naked and sprawled on the ground in a “die-in” on Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall. The protesters lay on the cold pavement (it’s wintertime in Australia—remember that hemisphere thing?) for 20 minutes under signs that read, “Animals Suffer and Die in Live Export.” Check out the activists in action!

  4. And leaving the most sizzling for last: Kobe Kaige (don’t pretend you don’t know that name!)—who has graced the pages of dozens of magazines, from Playboy and FHM to Stroke MX and Maxim, and who currently reigns as Penthouse‘s “Pet of the Year”—recently teamed up with PETA Asia-Pacific to draw some media and public attention to the cruelty of fur. Kobe—who posed fully nude amid a snowy set holding a sign that read, “Give Fur the Cold Shoulder”—helped save animals’ skins by showing some of her own.

Posted by Grace Friedan

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  • L says:

    I agree that nudity is sometimes necessary but we should strive to include younger people in our campaign y’know them being the future of our world and all. Maybe along with bikinis and swim shorts they could costumes as well!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    S.Q. Agreed there should be more men. A lot of ladies are members of PETA and their eyecandy “needs” lol should be addressed.

  • marie says:

    The playmate is not that hot

  • Maya, CVT says:

    SQ I agree. If PETA only used nudity and used it sparingly I’d think it was clever. But when it’s constant and combined with misogynist bullying of only female celebs and using the B or W word well it’s misogynist. To PETA’s credit I’ve said over and over that I think they have harmed the animal rights movement. I even told them that I will not donate to them. They have always posted my comments. What’s more I’ve communitcated with staff at PETA when I needed help for an animal and guess what they were there for me 100 percent of the time. Anyway I’ve seen them improve when they cover up the ladies a bit more use men and leave something to the imagination. I like that. It’s still too much for my taste but I’m still here reading and I think they have potential to be very sophisicated and influential. And I think the blog was a good idea no other animal group has one.

  • S.Q. says:

    lol Mike no they are not unattractive at the least but where are the men? I see a trend of mostly women in these campaigns. What about the ladies like me who’d like to see more men?

  • S.Q. says:

    Russell Excuse my horrific grammer I guess I was typing to fast. I am not afraid of a bit of nudity. It can be helpful in that it quickly attracts attention. But it should not be overused it becomes tiresome and redundant. Or it could lose its shock valuewhich is bad for your cause. And I’m worried about children being exposed to this. Seeing women make out with each other and stand topless is not really something I would want a young child to see.

  • brandie r. says:

    I’m with SQ’s comment. Why does PETA feel the need to consistently use nudity to get their point across? What does eating meat have to do with being naked? I can see some relation between not wearing fur and being naked. I’d rather wear clothes than wear fur or be naked. What’s next?

  • Russell says:

    S.Q. the correct grammar is “have you RUN out of ideas” it’s 2008 we all have boobs and booties and dingalings you’ll be ok if you see a few… loosen up

  • Aneliese says:

    Yes S.Q. and with younger activists like me only 15 here it wouldn’t be easy to say to my parents “oh yeah i’m protesting to help animals with PETA. oh yeah and i’ll be naked with a bunch of other naked people too.”

  • Curbles says:

    Hey S.Q. I hear what you’re saying but you have to check out the link “activists in action” in point 3 the amount of attention that PETA’s able to get for serious issues through nudity is really like nothing else. Plus no one gets hurt if some people volunteer to take off their clothes but a lot of animals continue to get hurt if people don’t use strategies that most successfully push animal issues into the public eye. As PETA folks have said many times they haven’t created this tabloid society that’s endlessly fascinated with sex and nudity and celebrity idiocy but they would be fools not to use those elements to the animals’ advantage. Really you should check out that link it’s pretty eyeopening. Take care.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    S.Q. I know exactly what you mean but there is always only implied nudity. Believe me there is a lot more T A on display at any public beach and on about a couple hundred thousand websites. There is also the “cold shoulder” pun aspect of the campaigna fullyclothed person would hardly have a “cold shoulder.” We’re a society that thrives on celebrity scandal and controversy. Sad as it makes the media seem a little skin is one of the ways to pique their interest. Anyway these are not unattractive peopleno?

  • S.Q. says:

    I know you’re in it for the shock but does PETA have to use nudity in so many campaigns? I’m starting to get to the point where I roll my eyes every time I see another group of nude activists in the news. Have you ran out of ideas?