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From the PETA Archives: Carnivore Picnic

Written by PETA | September 11, 2009
Carnivore's Picnic


If you’re a PETA expert, you might remember our classic “Carnivore Picnic” billboard. If not—or if you’d just like to brush up on your PETA trivia—guess which of the captions below accompanied this classic PETA image (answer after the jump):

Caption One
“Timmy, can you please pass me the rotten carcass?”
“Well, gee whiz, Suzie—of course. One charred slab of flesh, coming right up!”

Caption Two
What’s the difference between these teen picnickers and a pack of hungry cheetahs?

Caption Three
The carnivorous pack had gathered for the kill.

Think you have an even better caption for this classic PETA billboard? Leave a comment and let us know!

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Eugene says:

    Arn’t humans Omnivores? Hence flat and sharp teeth in our mouths. We eat meat because we can we eat vegetables because we can. We can choose not to eat meat we can choose to eat meat. It is a natural process of natural selection. If we are in some wilderness and some tiger is hungry whats stopping it from eating us nothing. However I am against raising animals in harsh environments just so that we can eat them. And I am against the scandinavian biogas technique burning ‘pests’ for fuel. Thats cruel but if we need meat let us have it

  • Laura Phillips says:

    Do you really think our pointy teeth even compare to that of any other meat eating animal? Have you looked in a canines mouth lately? just a little different than ours i believe.. besides.. do you really think we could kill the animals we eat with our bare hands tear the meat off and eat it with out the assistance of man made tools? I doubt it.. and killing an animal to eat meat IS killing for killing’s sake.. you dont need to kill the animal to survive so you are just doing it for your pleasure not necessity..

  • Colin says:

    you know those pointy teeth in your mouth? the ones called canines? well it’s been pretty much proven that they’re for tearing up meatlike in the mouth of a… canine don’t get me wrong I believe that certain types of animal raising are wrongand so is killing for killing’s sake but i think you may be asking too much of people to give up meat. as long as the animals lived well i don’t see whats wrong with ending their lives quickly and painlessly of course and then well eating them. I think peta is full of great people but maybe a bit too expectant of their fellow man.

  • cl says:

    Pathetic statement from a pathetic human. Cheetahs eat meat and it is normal for them to do so. Human beings do not need to eat meat Chris. And what the hell are you on Peta for anyway? Jerk.

  • Chris says:

    Okay this is a little off topic but can anyone recommend a good vegetarian cat food??? Sorry!!!!

  • Chris says:

    I’ll give up meat when the cheetahs give it up

  • Johnny says:

    vegancoin do you really think all of that would fit on one billboard? Seriously…

  • RabidLeroy says:

    Everyone’s getting in on this “go vegetarian” advert frenzy. Even I myself am putting a TV advert in the works! Just think about it… being exposed to various animals eating their kills while being ‘asked’ if you’re hungry. Then all of a sudden flashforward images of meatmaking processes then a ‘juicy looking hamburger’… only to be greeted with a “Bon appetit sucker!” How’s that for an advert? While billboards work well how about some YouTube adverts to help spread the word? Honestly this one really takes the cake… or did you mean tofu fillet?

  • christina moschella says:

    You’d be horrified if you thought that was human flesh they’re eating but how is eating a slaughtered animal any worse?

  • Renfield says:

    The Smiths are a peaceloving family. They donate to charity help the homeless watch the neighbourhood recycle used goods and promote equality among all people. There’s just one thing they overlooked.

  • vegancoin says:

    dateline nowheresville usa. joe sixpack and his family tired of the overpriced overprocessed and highly synthetic empty calorie junk foods available at the local fast food outlets decides upon a family picnic instead. thinking he is being clever resourceful and a pennypicher he still doesn’t get it. Cruelty is on the menu. As is heart disease high blood pressure colon cancer adult onset diabetes and a host of other maladies. in fact what he doesn’t realize it that meat is the most dangerous thing we can put in our bodies because meat is poison. pure and simple. try thinking next time joe sixpack your family will thank you for it. compassion. it’s what’s for dinner.

  • Lee says:

    Could you pass the rotten slab of flesh? I heard disease and obesity is in style along with murder and Armani…

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    The last photo of the Jones family before the children died from ecoli.