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PETA to Alabama Governor: Reform Slaughterhouses

Written by PETA | March 16, 2009
eldoradonews / CC
Pilgrim’s Pride

Last week, a former employee of a Pilgrim’s Pride slaughterhouse in Alabama took his work home with him and went on a killing spree (you know, the kind involving humans—the kind that there are actually laws against). Is it so shocking that someone who kills for a living would be violent off-duty, as well? Statistics show that counties with slaughterhouses have higher violent-crime rates than other counties, which is why we sent a letter to Gov. Bob Riley of Alabama asking him to require that slaughterhouse workers receive empathy training and that cameras be installed in slaughterhouses.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems obvious that slaughterhouses would be linked to violent behavior. Pilgrim’s Pride is infamous for employing cruel workers, some of whom were videotaped stomping on chickens’ heads, ripping off their beaks, and slamming them against walls in an undercover PETA investigation. We hope that Gov. Riley will take our advice to help prevent future killings—of both humans and nonhumans.

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Marlo says:

    Considering how apathetic everyone in this industry is, if empathy tests go through, they will “pass” the fails in order the keep them, since no-one in their sound mind could brutally kill all day every-day without dehumanizing themselves and everything else. whats really needed here is slaughterhouse rehabilitation for the slaughterers and the to-be-slaughtered, and end meat addictions and health problems/poisoning due to eating flesh, blood and fat of other creatures. but for now, empathy tests are a very good start.

  • Rebecca Robinson says:

    The whole idea of a slaughterhouses should be forgotten. These animals need to be treated with respect and given good lives. Empathy training is the least of my worries though it’s a good stepping stone. Slaughtering needs to be as human as possible. Although the whole idea of human slaughter is oximoronic humans will never totally stop eating meat so the only thing we can do is reform the system.

  • Curtis says:

    Great idea PETA. I am outraged and saddened by the recent shooting in Alabama. Unfortunately incidents like this happen all too often in all parts of this nation. Our weak gun laws make weapons too readily available to dangerous people. I also think reforming slaughterhouses is a good place to start as they breed violence in the world.

  • Janemarie Crider says:

    I am not surprised at all. If you can kill without remorse than well…you can kill without remorse. If someone has no respect for life than why should it be a shock when this happens? Many serial killers started by “experimenting” with torturing or killing animals before they went on to their human victims. I think that training and cameras should be required at the least. It is a shame that is kind of thing happened in my homestate.

  • Kelley says:

    All violence is the sameonly the victims change…

  • Nadine Zimmer says:

    This is not surprising being that this murderer also killed for a living! No pun intended Cameras must be installed in slaughterhouses and empathy training must be required in order to prevent future rampant killings!

  • Janet Fitzgerald says:

    This doesn’t surprise me! Why can’t people accept the fact that anyone who is capable of killing an animal can turn around and do the same to a human being.