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PETA to Airlines: Cruelty Doesn’t Fly With Us

Written by PETA | May 10, 2012

PETA protesters wearing monkey masks and holding signs reading, “Deplane Monkeys,” recently held demonstrations outside the Chicago headquarters of United Airlines and the U.S. headquarters of Air France in New York. PETA is urging the airlines to commit to a ban on shipping primates to laboratories, as almost every airline in the world already has, including Delta, American, US Air, and China Airlines.

No-Fly Zone

PETA demonstrators also dropped a banner from a busy overpass next to United HQ, generating a lot of views and picture-taking:

United Airlines, which recently acquired Continental Airlines, is now the last U.S. air carrier without a policy prohibiting the transportation of primates to be abused and killed in crude, painful, and archaic experiments in laboratories.

Think Flying Coach Is Tough?

The cruelty involved in laboratory experiments on primates and other animals should be self-evident: After hearing from PETA about the horrors that cats and dogs endure in labs, for instance, Nippon Cargo Airlines, which had been shipping dogs and cats from the United States to Japanese labs, implemented a worldwide policy against shipping any animals to labs.

When primates are shipped to laboratories, they’re first separated from their families and locked inside dark, terrifying cargo holds for as long as 30 hours. Then they’re delivered to facilities that will poison them, cut them up, and kill them. Many monkeys who are shipped to laboratories were first ripped from their homes in the wild.

Help Stop Primates From Being Shipped to Laboratories

Please join PETA in telling airlines that still transport monkeys to U.S. laboratories to adopt a policy against the transportation of nonhuman primates for use in experiments.

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  • Shirley Elliott says:

    While United might not be guilty of torturing the primates, they are guilty by association through transporting them. Society needs to learn to show compassion to ALL living creatures and not be part of their torture and exploitation in any way – be mindful of what you eat, what you wear etc. Therefore I don’t support companies or organisations that promote in any way animal cruelty – each individual can make a difference. Nothing has ever changed in the world until people stand up for what they believe in. Animals have the right (like humans) to live a life where they are not exploited, tortured and ultimately murdered.

  • Isabel Reinhards says:

    If United Airlines fly monkeys to be tortured in laboratories they are also guilty by association. I hope they realize that the money they are getting for flying these animals is tinted with blood and stop flying them.

  • Marina says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s not the airline’s fault about what cargo they carry, you are barking up the wrong tree. If you want to protest animal testing, do it at an animal testing lab, not the airline.

  • Roy Todd says:

    Please stop – Primates are part of our close family.

  • shanez akhtar says:

    Please have some humanity and stop this cruel act from the dark ages of using animals to experiment. The tests are unreliable and therefore irrelevant, they is evidence to proves this from as early as the 1960’s. If you do not fly the monkeys etc. across then you are saving precious lives, that will be tortured and killed in vein. Please stop for the sake of these monkeys, for the sake of humans and for the sake of your humanity, thank you.

  • Ladan says:

    I am saddened that there is a need for mercy emails to United Airlines so they behave kindly to these lovely creatures.

  • Juliette Joseph says:

    Unfortunately, I have no comment. What humans do to animals leave me speechless. Sorry.

  • Michele Dillard says:

    I detest your policies and I hope justice is served soon!