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PETA 2073

Written by PETA | February 17, 2007

When Vanity Fair recognizes that the tide’s turning, I guess it is, right? A friend of mine just sent me this cartoon from Vanity Fair magazine, and I’m not exactly sure what to say about it. It’s kind of creepy but, um, cool, I guess . . .

vanity fair.jpg

Seeing that buffet of people parts reminded me that if you read Ingrid Newkirk’s will, you’ll see there are marked similarities. Not the least of which is that it is also kind of creepy but cool nonetheless.

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  • Elizabeth Robbins says:

    Look closer at the picture for hidden clues. Sort of like a kids Highlight magazine! The black humor was not meant as a compliment to PETA. It speaks of the preconceived notions of extremism that precedes PETA. Animals over humans. I honestly like this concept!

  • sarah says:

    LOL!! i love it. and i love her will.