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Pet Store Catering to Britney and Paris Shut Down

Written by PETA | December 12, 2007

I think I may have mentioned before how unhappy it makes me when brain-dead celebrities buy puppies from pet stores and drag them around until they get tired of them. Well, following an investigation which indicated that Britney’s favorite Hollywood hellhole, Pets of Bel Air, may have been getting its animals from puppy mills and operating without a license, the place was shut down yesterday! I have to say, I don’t have the highest of hopes that ol’ Brit is going to be able to figure out the ethical implications of this little piece of news all by herself, but it sure as hell sends a great message to anyone who’s considering buying an animal from a pet store instead of adopting. Check out the full story here.

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  • ONS-Torlan says:

    Thank you guys for preventing primped up Hollywood sluts from being able to control another life when they are already hopelessly desecated husks of what makes a human a human.

  • Avril says:

    Mutts are the best! And they are free!

  • Emily says:

    It sickens me to no end to see these ignorant celebrities buy designer dogs and tote them around like accessories. Now we find out this. I bet Paris Hilton doesnt even care as long as her dog makes her look good. I have to say I dont really expect Paris or Brittany to have a heart for those poor shelter animals much less the brain to adopt one. this just shows what Hollywood has come to.

  • Caboose says:

    How about you just dont get a pet at all but either a rock or Weighted Companion Cube OR a Rock Lobsta!

  • Susan Davis says:

    Lisa PETA is not “against having pets.” That’s a common rumor but it’s not true. PETA supports adopting homeless animals from shelters and of course spaying and neutering. Go to to see their site dedicated to helping and caring for cats dogs and other animals.

  • Kathera Lockharte says:

    well where I live there is a no kill shelter that actually does does something that I am sure you would all agree on if they have trouble adopting out an animal they send them to pet stores that sponsor them and those stores adopt out the pets the no kill shelter was unable to adopt out before not only does this mean that the pet store is not relying on gross puppy and kitten mills to supply them with animals but it allows the no kill shelters to make room for new pets without resorting to humanly euthenizing perfactly healthy cats and dogs the only time I feel that its appropriate to euthenize an animal is if it was injured sick or has suffered hideous injuries at the hands of cruel people who torture animals for pleasure. The bottom line is if pet stores can get sponsor an animals shelter so they won’t have to kill the animals to make room so that they can take in more then this would be a victory for us animal lovers.

  • Peta supporter. says:

    I love animals and i think that pet stores are good. but not if there treating animals like crap. I mean peta says that they dont want animals getting tested on and killed or on the streets but if they dont get sold in stores that get sent to the pond and that just like makes no sence of shuting down the store. i mean where do the animals go when the store gets shut down? and if the stores all over the country are gonna get shut down where are those animals gonna go? it really doesnt make sence to me?

  • Lisa says:

    I don’t understand?! I thought Peta is against having pets yet it says but it sure as hell sends a great message to anyone whos considering buying an animal from a pet store instead of adopting. Just doesn’t make sense!

  • UnderMySkinner says:

    What great news! Way to go PETA!

  • Stacy P says:

    In my travels yesterday in NY I saw two pet shops that were recently shut down. Let’s hope this is a trend!!

  • Victoria says:

    Good. 1 down billions to go It seems everywhere is no good anymore Even petco and petsmart sell animals? How can they sell them and have adoption days when they know their so many homeless pets. Maybe they should stop selling and make room for the dogs who are sitting in Kill shelters or suffering in the no kill shelters. Anyways..Im off topic.

  • Russell says:

    maybe Brit should keep that 2300 bucks she spent on a Yorkie and adopt her fucking kids back hmmmmm you’re a mommy right? dumb bitch

  • Merlin, the Mystic says:

    its a terrible thing to fall into the hands of The Living God..Lord have mercy on our wickedness…graphic barbaric and these people need help!!!!

  • Carla says:

    Shame on that place!! I won’t call it a store a store is were you buy closes or groceries. Operating “without” a license and getting their animals from puppy mills…to the Humane Society we thankyou! But they’ll just gather up those animals and move to a different location and reopen under a different name if they can’t get a license within that time or maybe they may not even try!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    It’s beginning. What better place for this to happen.

  • kelly says:

    When those of us who love dogs get the word out to our friends and neighbors and relativers to STAY AWAY from these pet stores and the websites that sell puppies then the abuse will stop and the puppy mills will close. Maybe someday the AKC who makes most of their income from puppy mill registrations and puppy mill microchips might decide to give up the blood money and care about dogs.

  • V. Soto says:

    What great news! Pet stores really bug me to no end.