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Pet Hospital Chain Bans Cosmetic Mutilations of Dogs

Written by PETA | July 31, 2009
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If Rover’s running with a little more spring in his step today, it may be because he heard the good news. Banfield—the largest network of animal hospitals in the U.S.—has announced that it will stop performing three painful and needless cosmetic procedures: tail-docking, ear-cropping, and debarking.

Banfield’s decision follows that of the American Veterinary Medical Association, which, while getting a lot of things wrong during its recent convention in Seattle, got this one right: It upheld its opposition to these vile procedures.

Dr. Karen Faunt, Banfield’s vice president for medical quality advancement, notes, “It is our hope that this new medical protocol will help reduce, and eventually eliminate, these cosmetic procedures altogether.”

Amen to that! Here’s hoping that next on the list is banning the declawing of cats.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Goldie says:

    For those who debarked their dogs maybe they talked too much themselves too let’s detalk them. Does that feel good?

  • Cynthia Johnson says:

    Way to go!WE are afterall the one’s with the voice!Iam a proud “cat mom” to 5 kittiesall of which are adopted in some form!They are indoor kiitieshoweverI DO NOT BELIEVE IN DECLAWING OF CATS!If God forbid they ever go out they need those claws to escape predators!NO CAT DECLAWING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Debarking is severing a dog’s vocal chords so that heshe cannot bark. Some dogs try to bark anyway and all that comes out is a muted chuffing noise. I consider this the lazy owners way of appeasing the neighbors. When I adopted my cat Hobbs all those years ago he was 1 year old and already declawed. I would not have declawed him if he had not been however my house is furnished in mid20th century garage sale anyway nothing matches and it’s all had many other owners before me. I don’t care what human company thinks and my animals are comfortable.

  • Linda says:

    Thank goodness for Dr. Karen Faunt! She made the right decision to stop Banfield from performing unecessary surgeries that mutilate dogs. Dogs deserve to be respected as they are born the way God intended! Let’s hope that all Veterinarians follow. BRAVO!!!!!

  • Melanie says:

    What is “debarking?”

  • Edward says:

    I like cats I have one myself. He never liked going outside so I had him declawed. He seems happier now. He is more playful and eats more of his food. Comparing declawing to mutilation is like comparing the house arrest to Alcatraz. How many of you are just agreeing because PETA said so?

  • Shelly says:

    Wonderful news! I never thought to ask my vet if they performed these procedures. Perhaps it’s time to find out and switch to Banfield!

  • sherry says:



    Hopefully this hospital will set the example for all!

  • Tatiana says:

    thats awesome!!! I hope that other animal hospitals do the same thing. D it was a big ishue. I’m crossing my fingers for declawing to stop. Its like cutting of your toes. I don’t really mind my cat clawing furniture! Does peta have a petition against declawing? I bet they do…. grrr… how can a vet agree to declawing.. anyways thank you banfeild and don’t forget about declawing!

  • freida darnell says:

    i have a great dane and i got him at 6 wks.old. everyboby kept asking when i was going to get his ears done i told then they are not getting done. hewas born with these ears a thats the way they will stay. everyone tried to take me into getting them done they are pretty that way i just couldnt do it to put him through that.

  • gazisponymad says:

    i didn’t even know you could debark dogs thats disgusting! I’m glad they have finally stopped

  • Kristin says:

    As a tech at Banfield I as well as everyone else that works with me were OVERJOYED to hear the news. Actually the hospital I work at didn’t do ear crops and debarking at all and rarely saw tail docking. And we don’t do declaws much either because we try to talk people out of it. But seriously nothing would make me happier to see declawing go out the door. So many people say “Well my cat’s declawed and I’ve never had a problem”… but then again it’s not their claws coming out is it? And as someone who works at a vet there’s hardly such thing as a declaw that goes smoothly.

  • deirdre says:

    Finally! Hopefully soon people will be embarrassed to even request such horrid things be done to their pets.

  • Linda says:

    That’s good news! Just a week ago I was looking at some dog rescue sites online and came across one for Doberman pinschers. One dog had natural ears. It was the first time I’d seen a Doberman without ears pointed upward. She was absolutely adorable and is pending adoption on a good note. It also got me wondering about this very topic of ear cropping and tail docking her tail was docked they said and why basically mutilating animals like that is still desired by people. Their tails and ears were meant to serve a purpose not to serve someone’s vanity for something so unnatural. And debarking is extremely cruel. How’d those people like to have their larynx cut so they can’t speak. Anyway glad to read this!

  • AAG says:

    Yes what about the cats? NO MORE DECLAWINGA BARBARIC MUTILATION. If you don’t like claws don’t adopt cats. Paws come with claws. Cats need their claws for many reasons including selfdefense. I think that vets that 4paw declaw should be thrown in jail!

  • georgina hall says:

    leave animals ears and voices and and talis has mother nature intended

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Great news for man’s best fiend. For the last 12 years I have been trying to make amends to my beloved cat that I stupidly declawed in 1997.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Good for Banfield!!!