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‘Pet’ Bear Kills Young Man

Written by PETA | August 20, 2010

A bear owned by notorious Ohio animal exhibitor and convicted felon Sam Mazzola has mauled a 24-year-old man to death. PETA has campaigned against Mazzola’s cruel act for years as he took bears on the road and charged people to “wrestle” them or have their photos taken. His act left injured people and property damage in its wake. Mazzola was fined, and after 20 years of exploiting animals, federal authorities finally revoked his license to display animals. But because there are no laws prohibiting people from keeping wild and dangerous animals as “pets” in Ohio, Mazzola is still allowed to keep bears, tigers, and other animals.

Need I mention the chimpanzee who removed a woman’s face and fingers in Connecticut or the woman who was mauled by a bear who escaped from a menagerie in Ashtabula County, Ohio; forced his way into the woman’s home; knocked her to the floor; and attacked her? The list is long. The time is overdue for lawmakers to revamp the laws so people can’t keep tigers, bears, chimpanzees, and other wild animals in backyard pens and ramshackle cages.

Please join us in calling on Ohio Governor Ted Strickland to quickly sign the pending executive order that would ban the sale, purchase, breeding, and possession of many species of exotic animals in the state.

Written by Jennifer O’Conner

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  • Sylvia Smith says:

    I complained repeatedly to anyone that would listen about an antique mall in Cincinnati Ohio that kept a caged isolated depressed spider monkey for more than 20 years. She finally died and was out of her misery after 2 decades of holding her blanket over her head and rocking in a dark dank corner of a massive used furniture facility. The owner claimed she was part of the family and the locals including The Enquirer though it was just fine. Cute. And she continued to rock and hide and suffer. The most disgusing and cruel site I’ve ever seen. That’s Ohio for you. Ban this kind of cruelty NOW.

  • Delilah says:

    Most animals born into captivity cannot be released into the wild. If a responsible private owner provides proper care for their animals in a safe environment. They should not have to suffer the consequences of a person who has mistreated or abused animals!In this instance the death of a young man. That person should be prosecuted and the animals removed from their care and placed somewhere that will give them the care they need.This will not turn out well if a ban is passed. Rescues and sanctuaries are full and in need of funds to build enclosures for vet care and food for these animals. The only other alternative is to put the animals down how is that Humane? Tragic is more like it!

  • Marea says:

    This is so sad when will you lot get it that ‘big’ animals belong in the wild? Here in Australia we arent allowed to keep such animals its illegal.. and if we want to keep certain types of birds or turtles and snakes we need special permits.. take a leaf out of Australia’s book.. and ban the keeping of big wild animals.. its much safer and wayyy much kinder..

  • ditto says:

    Since my name is not “rev” my first letter was not printed. But to clarify the bear was euthanized by a vet not shot in the heart.

  • Anon says:

    Why are regulations in the US and around the world so stagnant??? I don’t understand what it takes for states and countries to step up and put a stop to these actions. Dozens of attacks and deaths… not to mention the horrifying number of animals that have suffered andor died in these conditions. We only get to hear about when a POS abusive human has died or his “pet” has escaped and killed a person. Never do we get to even hear about the innocent animals lives lost or even comprehend the unspeakable abuse they’ve suffered. Mazzola ultimate FAIL. What part of WILD animal do people not understand? what a Dbag. Another victory for animals fighting back against abusive “owners”… makes me so happy!!

  • Virginia Schmidt says:

    It has been widely publizied what happens to wild animals wnen kept in captivity and in small confined spacesnot free to act themselves. What is it going to take for people to realize they will rebel much as you or I would if we were treated the way these wild animals are treated. Please don’t allow these wild creatures to be kept by idots and people are just using them as a source of explotation.

  • Lindsey D'Antonio says:

    Letter sent. I just hope that for once a politican does whats right not whats easy…

  • clarice says:

    Yes this bear has been put down. Now PETA is concentrating on getting the other animals out of there alive and getting wild animal ownership banned in the state which may happen soon.

  • Sabrina says:

    Yes the bear was tranquilized and then shot in the heart according to the news. A bear is killed for “being a bear.” Disgusting!

  • Marcia says:

    No one has any business keeping wild animals unless they are the sanctuaries that save them from the fools who buy them cannot care for them properly and use them to make money. I cannot understand how this has been legal all these years.

  • Jocelyn Humphries says:

    These animals belong in their natural habitat and they are not attacking these individuals these people are putting themselves at risk by harassing an animal that belongs free in the wild.

  • maureen says:

    How can people feel sorry for other people being killed by wild animals????? Do they not realize a wild animal will sooner or later react????I just do not get the moronic mentality of people that make wild animals perform whenever I read a story about a wild animal kept in captivity kills I shake my head back and forth and think Oh well what did you think would happen when you force an animal to do things they DO NOT normally do????? Like DA I never thought my pet Chimpanze would tear my face off…Get real people

  • Rosario says:

    bears tigers apes monkeys as well as orcas whales dolphins etc. need much space for moving and healthy life they should live in freedom in their own world. if they are kept prisoners this can end tragically for both animals and people! we have to learn that if we want to see these animals we can look for example a video tape where these animals were filmed in their free habitat but forcing them into our lives is stupid and selfish! for this reason we have not to keep them in zoos or even worse circuses where people go to look how animals are forced to imitate human behaviour! this is not an amusement but torture for these living beings who have a right to live their proper healthy life in freedom!