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People Stampede to Help Neglected Horses

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 16, 2013

The strain of months of neglect showed on the horses’ emaciated frames and in their sunken eyes. Confined to muddy pens that had long since been grazed out, they could only stare at the grass out of reach beyond the fence. They continually checked their dry water troughs, hoping that the rainy Washington weather would leave them a sip of water. Two dogs on the property fared no better. They waited listlessly for the once-a-week drop-by from their owner, when they would finally get to eat.

People who lived near the property where the animals were kept had called law enforcement time and again to report that the seven horses and the dogs were being neglected.For months, officials had been trying to get the animals’ owner to improve their living conditions, but the situation was getting worse. Finally, a neighbor called PETA and, at our urging, law enforcement seized all the animals. Several community residents stepped up to foster the horses and help them recover and the local animal shelter took in the dogs. A veterinarian confirmed that one of them was a full 40 pounds underweight.

Now, the horses and dogs are eating well and regaining their strength. And PETA is working with the district attorney to get cruelty charges filed against the animals’ neglectful owner and we will push for the court to ban her from owning any more animals.

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  • Nsw says:

    Can you please help SAVE THE PENDERLEA HORSES??!! The owner is a horse hoarder. She has hundreds of horses, neglected – no adequate food, water, shelter, stallions running with colts, inter-breeding, injured horses with no medical attention, horses tethered/tied up with unsuitable ropes for unnecessary time with no access to water. There is currently an RSPCA investigation into this womans lack of care for her horses. Have a look at the Facebook page: Save the Penderlea Horses….you can see for yourself the terrible conditions these pitiful horses have to live in. There are hundreds of them & this owner has a history of horse neglect dating back 20 years.

  • jenna says:

    there was a good out come in this instance and wish the same could happen for the penderlea horses there are 200 horses that are in need of help their owner has been starving and leaving horses to die slow painful deaths for over 25 years many many people have reported her and the RSPCA don’t do much they just say they are investigating and monitoring the situation this happening right now please help us save these horses….

  • Veronica says:

    wow, my home state. I know first hand how little the animal control and law enforcement do/can do & how long it takes for them to respond. They need so much more legal power and man power!!! The very first time they saw the owner they should have taken the animals.

  • Manel D says:

    This woman must be a wicked & a vicious witch. She should be thrown into a jail cell and make sure to visit her once a week to give her the food & the water. May be that would be the ONLY language and the method this moron will understand.