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People Line Up to Eat Dog Meat Soup

Written by PETA | July 15, 2011

During the hot summer months in South Korea, where dogs are bred to be killed and eaten, restaurants serving dog meat soup boast long lines of patrons who mistakenly believe it will help keep them cool.

But while many of us are quick to condemn killing dogs for food, shouldn’t we also be bothered by the consumption of cows, chickens, and pigs? Who wouldn’t be repulsed by how cows are crammed into filthy feedlots and are often butchered while conscious? Or how female pigs spend their lives confined to small metal crates and are repeatedly inseminated and forced to bear babies who will be torn away from them? And considering that chickens’ cognitive abilities are comparable to those of dogs, why does it make sense that we call one “friend” and the other “dinner”?

PETA hung this banner outside our Washington, D.C. office to remind passersby that eating any animal is cruel

animal wants to live, and every steak, drumstick, and ham sandwich is a life taken. We each have the power to make a lifesaving decision three times a day, every day.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • karen dawn ryder says:


  • Sydney says:

    I definitely agree that if someone is squeamish or finds it morally wrong over another culture eating animals they consider pets, they themselves should not be consuming any form of meat be it pig, cow or chicken. It’s incredibly hypocrital to be against eating a dog and yet not see anything wrong with eating a pig. I eat meat so I don’t personally have any problem with other cultures eating other meats. Me eating a pig is no different than someone in Korea eating a dog. I would not eat my own dog but if someone offered me dog then yes, I would it eat just as I would eat pig if someone offered ms pig.

  • Carla* says:

    Beverly, Peta does not condemn animals eating animals. It’s called nature taking care of nature. “Us” humans on the other hand have choices. We’re “omnivores” NOT “carnivores” And the way we kill these animals, if we did the same to humans we’d be in prison!! Plain and simple.

  • joan lorenz says:

    someone is really sick in their heads

  • Beverly says:

    I agree. All animals need protection from abuse. But, as far as preventing things from eating other things, good luck trying to stop a fox from eating a chicken, a cat from eating a bird and so on and so on… Unfortunately, some of us are born to be food for someone else. At least if we can agree on that, we can help protect the torture and confinement of factory animals. If we just say, “go vegan”, the factory farms with flourish because meat-eaters turn a deaf ear. However, if you show them how they treat the animals in factory farms, they are more likely to make a choice to eat healthy meat. You can save more lives that way in my view.

  • Melissa Thompson says:

    Some of these stories are just twisted. It really makes you stop and think….

  • Tasha says:

    very sick!

  • Rat King says:

    The tragic thing is that dog and cat meat consumption is actually forbidden in South Korea but this law is not respected because there are people pretending that it belongs to Korean culture! This retarded and cruel view is exposing milliards of dogs and cats to a horrific fate – the same as in our countries cows, pigs, sheeps, poultry etc! And the expansive soja plantations in South America aiming to feed the bovine killed and eaten in Europe and the United States are devastating the Rain Forrest! All these things together are leading to the ruin of this very planet! Within a few years the human being shall find a completely changed siutation on this earth, specially concerning the temperature, the seasons, the weather, the health and hence the financial systems, the economy, the war spirit of the poor, ending in terrorist thoughts because they have no other choice to defend themselves, just see how the greed of the human being is eating, consuming, flooding and turning this planet into a desert of lonely psychotic wanderers into the void – a world without joy, without stability, without security, without confidence, without equality for all living beings, without trees, without animals, without life…. Meanwhile, my dear animal friends, may I ask you to go to website with google and sign the petition against dog and cat meat consumption which is torturing these helpless poor creatures to death! Thank you for sharing!

  • Bev says:

    It isn’t right. Besides, dogs just like pigs do not have sweat glands, therefore all the toxins that sweat glands would release stay in the body. All the purine is in the meat and stays in even when cooked. Dogs are pets, not food!