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Pedro Martinez Attends a Cockfighting Event

Written by PETA | February 7, 2008

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  • dking says:

    Pedro also spent a good portion of his contract rebuilding the village he grew up in and buying houses for his fellow citizens. He truly is a role model and a hero of his country.

  • Gabriel says:

    who cares. he hasnt done anything wrong its part of his culture. if i go to a cock fight it not on the news and you not sending me letters. leave the man alone he is a regular person just like we are. im sure you and your members everyday actions arent videotaped and put on the internet. im sure all 1.8 million of peta’s members arent all angels. who are you to tell some one how to live their lives.

  • cip abe says:

    Why is it peta and hsus invading other countries rights?

  • sabong says:

    hey!!!! stop this nonsense!!!! fighting roosters are the only animal that doesnt feel pain. i grew up in a culture that cock fighting is a sport. all of you people that thinks chicken fighting is crueltry watching them getting slaughtered for food…now tell me whats up?!!! stupid.

  • Robert Wayne says:

    Good for PETA. At least they’re trying to do something good. And that crap about it being part of the culture of those third world toilets is a weak excuse at best for cruelty to animals.

  • Ver says:

    Pedro Martinez It is not right that you decide to have God’s innocent creatures fight each other. If you want to see a fight how about YOU get thrown into a dog fighting pit. Will that make you feel any better? Or do you just like to watch and not be the one to suffer? PEDRO MARTINEZ YOU ARE A SICK VILE CREATURE AND YOU COMPLETELY DISGUST ME!

  • lynda downie says:

    Cultures aren’t static. They’re constantly evolving. None of us have exactly the same culture our grandparents or even parents had. There’s no excuse to perpetuate cockfighting. It’s morally responsible to criticize such a horribly abusive practice.

  • Tucker says:


  • elphaba says:

    Steve Apparently someone PETA has to tell people how to live their lives. Don’t be cruel to animals. Don’t beat children. Yes? Also it isn’t clear to me how justifying a baseball player’s participation in a cockfight is putting humans ‘frist.’

  • daylight says:

    common nonsense steve for you the human race comes first and foremost! for me and other animal protectors humans and animals come together! if you try to impose your opinion you are a fascist!

  • Bob Pomilla says:

    Really the issue is as Mike Q. alluded to earlier what does deriving satisfaction from the tormenting of an animal say about someone? It indicates a certain degeneracy of character and absence of the soul I think.

  • Bob Pomilla says:

    The father of newly acquired Met starting pitcher Johann Santana was recently interviewed by the New York Daily News while attending a bull fight. Nice starting rotation Los Mets will be fielding this year. Just as disheartening however is the pack of marginally literate posters here halfwittingly defending animal abuse. This mindless mantra of “It’s their culture” is supposed to justify this? Genital mutilation is “culture” infanticide is “culture” slavery is “culture’. Segregation is “culture”. All of the above are or have been protected in various societies by law also. I suppose the “culturelegal” apologists for these practices have no problem with them?

  • Ana says:

    Travis I don’t need you to recognize my intelligence my degrees speak for me and so do my teachers. I also know I am intelligent and I thank God for such blessings. I certainly can tell who writes what post. And your posts directed to me are getting boring because they are pointless. I am vegan so no I don’t eat or wear animals. Do you???

  • common sense steve says:

    chrystal… who made you the dominant opionator of america???? “americans don’t want him here.” well guess what… i do want him here so i can enjoy his talent… what the majority of americans don’t want is to be told how to run their lives like peta and their stable of petaphiles try to do… they want to be able to eat and wear animal products if that is thier choice… they want to be able to go to a hospital and keep living by any means possible… the majority of america want animals treated humanely but the human race comes frist and foremost….

  • Chrystal Davis says:

    Send him back to his own country if that’s how he is. Americans don’t want his kind here. And he should not BE allowed in professional sports either.

  • FREE BURMA says:

    tom who gave you the right to use animals?

  • allegro says:

    post scriptum tom i shall find out who is behind your mask! you are either mars or rather the cock!

  • Allegro says:

    tom i’m back here in the right moment! you are no hindu! and if you want to indulge in your corpseeating you are definitely on the wrong blog! you are a real idiot because you don’t understand PETA’s message and the real hindu message krishnaconscious or not and i think every message of a normal thinking individuum and it’s sane philosophy! we are against every kind of pain infliction onto animals and inflicting pain includes also the slaughtering of these poor abused souls! you have no philosophy you are just following your stomach! if you got another email address i just hope that the blogowner shall get rid of you as soon as possible because you are just a wanker from yesterday with nothing than some steaks and hams and no eggs! and i tell you something i don’t like liars if you continue to lie at me i shall stay behind you until the end of this blog! i just made up my pc!

  • Travis says:

    Ana so how do you feel about eating animals? Also…I never called you intelligent you can’t even tell who writes what post! I consider that an extremely simple intelligence test that you failed.

  • Michele says:

    Tom you sound paranoid. Either that or you work for the antiPETA “police”… You are going to “monitor” the site and PETA’s activities? You’re creepy.

  • tom says:

    Allegro … the fact that I a nonKrishna conscious hindu choose to eat meat is an insult to your religion? I said I don’t care who or what you worship or what you choose to eat or not eat … that’s not being discourteous. PETA’s operationg principle “that animals are not ours to eat wear experiment on or use for entertainment” is in direct oppostion to my beliefs. And no I’m not going to sit by and ignore your organization’s attempts to restrict my freedoms. So I will monitor this site and your activities and respond accordingly.

  • Ana says:

    Your defense of cockfights puts you in the amoeba category. Cruelty is indefensible. And you’re right I am very intelligent. I don’t have a juvenile need to feel important my only concern is to fight for justice.

  • rintintin says:

    Travis may be you’re on the wrong blog! Mick you megalomaniac Ana meant you and you surely are less than an amoeba amoebas are useful animals revolting your intestines you are just shitting them! baaa!

  • Travis says:

    Ana way to make yourself feel important by hurling insults toward me and saying “an amoeba is superior to some of you” I’m not sure who “you” is but if you were half as smart as you think you are you would realize I didn’t even write the post you’re attacking so fervently. P.S. Humanpossum

  • NYC says:

    I just think that animal cruelty SHOULD be criticized but at the same time we have to be smart enough to try to do something about through education and using governments and regulations instead of just whining about it so much. All this name calling and calling for heads to roll is just not the greatest thing.

  • allegro says:

    tom mars you are not extending courtesy you are spitting poison and insulting my religion but never mind an idiot remains an idiot….

  • stereotype says:

    mick are you a perpetuum mobile spitting again and again the same shit without reflection? too sad for you go to buy a heart!

  • Anonymous says:

    Really Tim? I work for PETA and I just spent my entire Saturday taking care of chained and neglected dogs a state away. We don’t get any limelight for that so what on Earth are you talking about?

  • Ana says:

    tom Extend all of us animal advocates on an animal rights blog the same courtesy as well. Repeating the ad nauseum Eating Tasty Animals says more about you and your insipid humor. Your sarcasm detracts from any valid pov you wish to make. And yes your lifestyle is a killing one irregardless of your inability to be honest about it. If you hate PETA and their philosophy so much why waste our time and yours on this blog. I would no sooner go to the NAACP and make stupid comments with their letters nor tell them racism is good and write about my racist behavior. Go help people if you want but don’t denigrate others because their hearts are big enough to help love and respect animals. Travis Take a science course. Humans are animals and they are no more superior to the other animals than men are to women and whites are to blacks. Judging by the stupid comments made by those of your ilk an amoeba is superior to some of you. If you are so concerned about homelessness go join a group that helps them better yet invite homeless in your home and give them a place to eat sleep and the time needed to help them get their lives back in order.

  • Michele says:

    To “tim” from February 10 2008 1121 PM Before you go any further with your tirade against PETA check this out httpwww.helpinganimals.comgachained.asp

  • Kala says:

    Why do people come on to Peta’s website to just put us down? I read post after post and it is just plain haterd towards people just trying to better the planet. Noone is saying we value human life over an animal. Human’s have a voice animals don’t. If you don’t like it go away. Saying mean things towards us doesn’t make you look any better.

  • Spay and neuter immediately, please says:

    I can’t really say anything here that hasn’t already been well said by Vegancakes Mike Q Ana Maya and Kelly. But I do have a questionwhy do almost all of the comments in support of cruelty to animals sound like they were written by elementary school children?