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Peace on Earth, Except for the Hunted

Written by PETA | December 26, 2010

Of all the ways someone could choose to spend Christmas Day, deciding to go out looking for an animal to hurt, harass, and kill seems a poor choice. Yet some men in North Carolina―Christians, to boot―decided to do just that: throw their “hunting dogs” into metal boxes on the back of their pick-up truck, release them into some woods down the road, and have them flush out some deer. What they didn’t plan on was a PETA staff member who was driving down the road on her way to deliver straw to a neglected “outdoor dog.” Misty Collins slammed on her brakes when she saw the doe, leg dangling and bloody, dodging traffic as she tried to flee the dogs biting at her heels. Misty jumped from the van just as the deer made it across the road and collapsed to the ground. The hunter arrived, too, rifle in hand, but, although Misty begged him to shoot the deer, who was being torn apart right in front of them, at first, he refused. Then he tried to cave in the doe’s head with his rifle butt, then shot her but didn’t kill her outright. Here is a picture of the bloody truck after the dead deer was loaded. Please, if you have land, post it as “No Hunting.” And if you can persuade a friend with land to post it, please do. More on this story to follow.

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  • Lisa says:

    Here in the UK hunting with dogs has been banned since 2005 and anyone caught hunting is prosecuted. I could’nt believe what i was reading when i came across this story,how these hunters could let their dogs chase this poor doe, rip her apart and refuse to put her out of her misery then try to cave her head in with the but of his gun when that didnt work try to shot her which again did not work so let his dogs finish her off and in the mean time she is screaming in pain and agony. All i can say is hunters must get some excitment or adrenaline rush to watch and listen to a defenceless animal die that way. And all they can do is come onto Peta and basically threaten anyone anyone that interfers with their hunt will be arrested. Well sorry to say mate but if i saw that happen i would of done excatley what misty did and i think many others would do also.

  • Joe Doe says:

    Apparently hunters have not evolved as much as most peta folks, so treat them like the other animals you so love and leave them alone to evolve in their own good time.  Besides, this story is no less horrible than a deer being chased and eaten alive by one of it’s other natural predators.  And usually “they” go after the babies.  Ah, the circle of life.

  • Animal Kioani says:

    Hunters are so evil! I know, there are so many at my school, it is sickening. Even girls hunt there! Let’s point out that the hunters are extremely fat. Anyway, the funny thing is that you are pointing out that it’s Christmyth and it’s Christians who are hunting. Well, that is obvious. You think an atheist would hunt? Duh, no. I would know. Only religious people hunt is my point. Well, let’s rephrase that to only humans would hunt.

  • HunterMatt says:

    NorCal is trying to give you a different side to look at. Most hunters, such as myself, respect nature and wildlife and actively oppose poaching. This was not an act of poaching but just the nature of the sport of hunting dogs with deers, which is illegal in many states but not in NC. I hunt grouse in NC and run into many bear hunters as well hunting with dogs. And we don’t need people to make laws to protect us as someone on this forum said, we already have them. Hunting is a sport I’ve done since I was a child and I’ve never bagged over my limit and I’ve always eaten what I’ve killed. I’d rather eat what I kill and clean myself as to go to the store and buy it just as you might rather eat at a steak house instead of going to the store and buying it. And where in the world do so called Christians have a religious stance against hunting? That’s a personal issue not a religious one as hunting is all in the bible. Hunting is simply a part of life. You wouldn’t expect someone to arrest a hawk for swooping down and catching a rabbit for supper…of course not, that’s how he survives. And yes I hunt with dogs when I grouse hunt and my dogs are wonderful companions and friends…but they are not my kids. I understand the difference between an animal and a human. All we are trying to say is hunters in general are not savages but law abiding, and nature respecting individuals and most of us care very deeply for mankind and humanity in general. We just know the difference between an animal and a person.

  • Bob G says:

    NorCal, what’s interesting is that you don’t find anything wrong with an injured doe pursued by dogs, in pain, in panic, being tormented for fun by hunters, on Christmas Day to boot! You just want to warn people to stand back and let hunters do whatever they please? Interfering with hunting has been made illegal in varouis states and will be shown to be an unconstitutional protection that tries to put hunters above the law, but interfering to prevent cruelty to animals or child abuse or elder abuse trumps any such protections for hunters. i think you have made the point well that all you care about is yourself and your bloodsport and that cruelty doesn’t faze or embarass or shame you, somehow. i wish you would examine your heart and ask yourself if that isn’t something missing from a whole person. i would think children would want a dad (?) who cares about not hurting others, not killing needlessly, and not defending those who were causing such misery to a doe.

  • Zoe says:

    I agree with Karin McKenna, this is just terrible. Also NorCal, why do you even comment here if you don’t believe in what this organization is doing?

  • jlk says:

    deer have been documented with quiet heightened sensitivity to a hunting death more than humans they suffer. crocodile Dundee had a creative idea to stop bord unaware folks what are we doing?

  • Jane Doe says:

    How can someone like that even be part of the human race and why don’t we have humane laws to at least make torture illegal for the hunted? I realize the reason they won’t get rid of a lame sport like this is because it rakes in money. BUT THERE MUST BE A WAY TO MAKE TORTURE EVEN FOR THOSE LEGAL TO HUNT, PUNISHABLE!!!! IT IS WRONG. IT HAS NO PLACE IN THIS CENTURY.

  • Atruecountrygirl says:

    I’m an animal lover like most on this website, but I have been raised in a family that hunts, and I too hunt, but I dont believe in hunting with a dog to kill a deer or just to kill an animal for show. I believe that if you are going to shoot a deer, rabbit, squirrel or whatever you should use the meat. If we weren’t aloud to hunt, we would become over populated with animals. I also think it’s stupid how people are getting mad about someone else’s opinion on hunting.

  • Michele says:

    NorCal, you have taken the comment about animals being defenseless out of context. We are talking about animals having to defend themselves against human hunters. They are defenseless because they do not have firearms and dogs on their side. A few commenters have said what I think – humans are awful as a species. We are destroying this earth and all of its inhabitants with greed, greed, greed. And anyone who thinks that humans are so superior to other animals – I don’t see any other species destroying the planet the way we are. Pathetic!

  • NorCal Cazadora says:

    ChrisF, I did not say it was illegal to ask hunters to stop hunting or to kill animals quickly. The latter is something most hunters work very hard to do anyway. But if you choose to ask me to stop hunting by interfering with my hunt, you’ve crossed the legal line – in many states. If you choose to disregard the law, that’s your problem.

  • Rita says:

    Every time I hear about a hunting accident that kills or even maims a hunter, I cheer. If you go out into the forest to murder something innocent, and you end up dying yourself, I have no sympathy for you. You got what you deserve. The world needs more hunting accidents.

  • ocean17 says:

    that is disgusting. hunters are some supremely psychotic and violent individuals, all they do is cause harm, in this case as pretendo-Xtians. where is the golden rule to be found in this unnecessary violence.

  • Rosie says:

    Oh my goodness! Those hunters are crazy! And they even refused to kill the deer quickly after that torture!

  • ChrisF says:

    Sorry, Art, norm or not, hunting for sport is cruel. That’s the point here.

    What was described may specifically be a somewhat isolated case, but hunting for sport in general is not, and is only cruel and inhumane.

    Also, Norcal, ‘interfering with a hunt is illegal’?

    Are you kidding me? It may be an ordinance in some areas to help keep people from getting shot accidentally, but I did some checking and found that laws do exist to stop hunting saboteurs from harming hunting animals, destroying traps and the like, but there are ‘0’, that’s ZERO, laws against asking someone to either stop hunting or asking them to take humane actions (like killing the animal quickly and painlessly).

    The laws on the books against interfering with hunting have to do with commerce and keeping a person from maintaining their livelihood.

    Try being a little more compassionate and maybe try understanding what you’re talking about in the future!

  • NorCal Cazadora says:

    Karin, I don’t care what you fear, really – I’m just laying out the facts. Hunting is a legal activity. If you’d like to lobby for the right to interfere with a legal activity, go for it.

    Camille and Deborah, yes it IS illegal to interfere with hunting in California, and in many other states. These laws arose in response to the harassment tactics of some animal rights activists in the 1990s.

    Wendy et al, yes, when you resort to illegal activity to further your cause, it looks bad. Just as it looks bad when hunters do illegal things. That’s pretty much across the board.

    Suzana, I wasn’t talking about Misty interfering with a hunt. Nancy specifically said, in response to a situation she’d seen in California, “We should get together and do something to interfere with this hunting.” That statement could be used against her in court; I thought she might want to know that.

    Dianne, while I disagree vehemently with your contention that animals are defenseless – I find that to be an incredibly patronizing view, and one that is rooted in a profound ignorance about wildlife – I am 100% comfortable with the fact that regardless of when and how I die, my body will feed other life forms, and should reincarnation be real, I am comfortable coming back as an animal that will get eaten. I have no illusions about life on earth. We all live off of other living things, we all feed other living things. It is not pretty. It just IS.

  • Nancy says:


  • glenda ryan says:

    WTF!!! What sort of mentality is that??? I just don’t get it. Never ever will.

  • Dianne says:

    I hope Misty is able to recover from the trauma she witnessed. NorCal – really? Makes the cause look bad? What looks bad is brutalizing a helpless creature. A pox on rifles, guns and ‘interfering with hunts can get you arrested’ mentality – our concern is for the animals, not guns, rifles and hunter so-called ‘rights’ to terrorize animals. May you all return in your next life as a defenseless animal.

  • PETA supporter says:

    I’m sickened and outraged! How can people do this to animals. This is so WRONG! God gave us authority over all animals as it says in the bible but not to abuse them. This is heart wrenching. I think hunters need to be treated the way that they have treated animals, like in the movie, “Powder”. Maybe then after witnessing first hand the pain if they can stand it will they get a glimpse of what its like to be the hunted.

  • nicolelapan says:

    God, people make me sick. I have absolutely no hope for mankind. Those poor dogs… don’t even know better. The only goal in life for me is to buy as many acres as possible and make it a sanctuary for all life… except hunters… they will be shot if they cross my path on my land.

  • kerry fagone says:

    one of the best show’s i ever watched was when animals attack (fight back)) it was so great to see the hunter no what it’s like to be hunted,, i was for the animals,,to bad hunter,, that’s the name of the game it’s just to bad more animals don’t kill more of these moran’s,, maybe they would but think twice about the value of life!!

  • Suzana says:

    to ari and NorCal Cazadora. Killing animals is wrong. Inflicting pain on a living being is wrong. And the hunter comes and give lectures? Saying that people can get arrested? And what was Misty Collins supposed to do? Continuing on with her life while the animal was brutally murdered? Would you continuing on watching a man killing another? People who come here do feel sorry for animals. We don’t give a damn if is a shotgun, or a rifle, or a knife, or anything else. The point here is YOU SHOULDN’T HURT ANOTHER LIVING BEING….

  • max says:

    hunters are some of the cruelest people on the planet…who the hell goes out and kills poor defensless animals for fun???

  • Jay says:

    Why does being a Christian have anything to do with this story? Are Christians inherently better people than others? This person should be exposed, and reported for poaching. Hunting for ‘sport’ is disgusting regardless, but this guy has crossed the lines for even the laws of this ‘sport.” Had I met this guy in person, I might not have been as polite. I never tire of hearing when a hunter gets shot and killed. Humans are the most disgusting race on the planet. Nothing but destruction and violence in our genetics. Such a shame and a waste.

  • Sarah McGee says:

    Several years ago on Thanksgiving Day I saw a buck run to a fence in our pasture. The poor creature was so panicked that it turned around and around for several seconds trying to decide which direction to run. I realized that a hunter was after it. I will never forget that look of fear and dread. I am a christian and I cannot comprehend how someone can call themselves a “christian” and put an innocent animal through this. I struggle with this constantly. I would love to worship with other christians who feel the same way. I have thought about placing an ad.

  • priscycute says:

    What a jerk AAAAAHHHHH I hate hunters so much I don’t understand what’s the joy of killing an animal how would they feel if someone kills a relative of theirs or shoots them. Animals feel like us humans come on sick people should be put away in a rat whole ggggrrrrr

  • Mary says:

    Monster and poacher to boot. I doubt he had a tag or license or whatever. Yet hunters always want to tell us how noble and humane they are…yahoos like this post videos of their “kindness” all the time…just plain disgusting.

  • Gala says:

    Why do people need to hunt down animals for sport and food? They can get meat at a local market, and there are other, less lethal sports they could take part in, like baseball or something. There is no need for this barbaric activity in this day and age. How would those who justify this activity feel if someone went after their family with a shotgun just for the fun of it?

  • Beverly says:

    People r so cruel. This is hideous. Men who can be cruel to animals can be cruel to people also.

  • Deborah Begley says:

    I found this statement amazing.. “interfering with a hunt is illegal and can get you arrested. (It also makes your cause look very bad” Is it really illegal to interfer with a hunt in the U.S? And how could it possibly make anybody look bad. Only to the hunters maybe, but who gives a damn about them?

  • Dru says:

    I have no problems with hunting, it’s natural. But I do have an issue with hunting on a full stomach. What a waste.

  • Wendy Hermanson Geller says:

    “it also makes your cause look very bad” To whom? Hunters? Oh gee. How sad. No offense, Cazadora, but most people (who aren’t hunters) think hunting is a sport for unintelligent rednecks. The poor little animals who get killed probably win the sympathy vote with the general public. No offense.

  • Dogluver says:

    I agree with Aneliese. Please don’t hunt!!!

  • ccat says:

    Pure, evil, black hearted monster. And you just know he doesn’t treat his own dogs with respect and love. They’re just objects that he “owns.”

  • married to a hunter says:

    I’m from wisconsin and I am married to a hunter who not only goes fishing. But I do know in this state it is illegal to hunt deer with dogs. I guess I thought that was everywhere. I know the dnr would be giving them a very large fine for that.

  • Santinobee says:

    Anyone that defends this even a little is going straight to hell. If there isn’t a hell, one will be made just for these bastards and their defenders.

    They must be really nice to their dogs too.

    Anyone that observes a real deer in the woods and can still kill her is an absolute barbaric scum.

  • Camille, from TX says:

    “NorCal huntress”– I am fairly certain that Nancy was discussing changing laws that allow hunting on a public piece of land adjacent to a public street, not jumping in front of shotguns. And no, it is not illegal to interfere with hunting, particularly if the hunter is trespassing, as people hunting with dogs so often do. Not to mention chasing deer onto a public road… Horribly dangerous for unsuspecting drivers.

  • Roseann says:

    What a horrible Christmas memory for Misty…and are those dogs worth anything to anyone after that?

  • Animal Lover says:

    Only sick, horrible people do stuff like this.

  • yolibeth says:

    this is horrible. these people must be real idiots. poor doe. no animal deservs such horrible pain!!!!

  • Karin McKenna says:

    So – you are a proud hunter, NorCal? WE ARE SUPPOSED TO FEAR BEING ARRESTED because YOU participate in a recreation that involves guns and killing and your “groups” requires protection from the police (tax payer paid) because what you do is so abhorent? You even want constitutional protections? Generally folks in that area have reasonable IQ’s and some semblance of civility. Maybe it is cultural with you – not all families evolve at the same rate. My children are productive, self sustaining citizens (drop the crap about store bought meat- they don’t eat meat) and do not require police protection for their recreation. Sorry that you and your spawn participate in blood sport requiring protection by the police. Oh – and God bless you – although, frankly, I think you have a surprise or two coming to you when you pass on.

  • NorCal Cazadora says:

    Nancy, I normally don’t comment here because I’m a hunter and I don’t expect to change anyone’s minds in this forum. But you should know that interfering with a hunt is illegal and can get you arrested. (It also makes your cause look very bad, but how you folks handle PR is up to you.)

    Also, given that you’re talking about wetlands, those hunters were almost certainly holding shotguns, which have a very, very limited range and pose little threat to motorists on that bridge – they’d have to aim at a car at pretty close range to even scratch the paint. Not the same thing as a rifle at all.

  • Heather says:

    Words can not describe how disturbed I am by this…Just terrible. I don’t understand who could find joy in this

  • African says:

    While not a Christian myself, I wish for people to please remember that Frank and Mary Hoffman, from, do all their amazing work in the spirit of Christianity. I have heard of these so-called “Christian hunting clubs” and it is sickening there are entire “clubs” that perpetrate such barbarism completely against the ethos of their chosen beliefs.

  • Ari says:

    I have a family of hunters and I know many other hunters and this is a specific awful case. Most hunters do not do things like this and using dogs to hunt deer is odd. This article makes it sound like this is the norm but people should know its not. My family also never hunts on Christmas “peace on earth ” is exactly what my grandma says.

  • nancy says:

    On Xmas eve I saw hunters with rifles at the end of the Dumbarton bridge in Palo Alto, CA. It’s a wildlife refuge so I called the police. The police said they’re allowed to hunt there. I’m just informing other bay area residents that there is hunting there right off the highway. We should get together and do something to interfere with this hunting.

  • Aneliese says:

    This makes me sick. Hunters are the scum of the earth; getting off on killing animals and making them suffer.

  • Debbie says:

    Misty Collins–how inspiring your actions were. And brave to stand up to a hunter. I live in a rural community in TX and know the type that do this during the holidays. Thank you, thank you for making a difference.