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Peace on Earth, Except for the Hunted

Written by PETA | December 26, 2010

Of all the ways someone could choose to spend Christmas Day, deciding to go out looking for an animal to hurt, harass, and kill seems a poor choice. Yet some men in North Carolina―Christians, to boot―decided to do just that: throw their “hunting dogs” into metal boxes on the back of their pick-up truck, release them into some woods down the road, and have them flush out some deer. What they didn’t plan on was a PETA staff member who was driving down the road on her way to deliver straw to a neglected “outdoor dog.” Misty Collins slammed on her brakes when she saw the doe, leg dangling and bloody, dodging traffic as she tried to flee the dogs biting at her heels. Misty jumped from the van just as the deer made it across the road and collapsed to the ground. The hunter arrived, too, rifle in hand, but, although Misty begged him to shoot the deer, who was being torn apart right in front of them, at first, he refused. Then he tried to cave in the doe’s head with his rifle butt, then shot her but didn’t kill her outright. Here is a picture of the bloody truck after the dead deer was loaded. Please, if you have land, post it as “No Hunting.” And if you can persuade a friend with land to post it, please do. More on this story to follow.

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  • Marina says:

    @PETA I understand that you do not like hunting but due to human expansion there are less predators for the deer and they do not regulate their own numbers like you say they do. Because of the change in predator-prey relationship, hunters are extremely important and most will respect the animals and regulate their populations. I’m not saying that there are not bad hunters or poachers out there which should be punished but it is important that we regulate the numbers of animals as they actually can not do it thmselves. It is a fact that given the circumstances, withought hunters deer will overpopulate. Also, humans were physically built to eat meat and plants, would you argue about how bears eat meat? Just my opinion here so no need to be offended.

  • HUNTA 4EVA says:

    I hope PETA knows that you will NEVER stop hunting. I guess everyone has a right to dream or have high hopes though. I am a woman i have hunted and fished all my life and any kid i have the chance to take hunting or fishing i will jump on it. Its better than drugs in my opinion. I respect every animal i kill and i practice shooting alot to make sure i do my part in not letting them suffer. I hunt about anything i can like Deer,Turkey,Squirrel,and Coon. And like i said i will take any kid hunting that wants to go to prevent them getting on drugs. Like i said hunting is something that will never stop. Sorry if i hurt anyone’s feelings.

  • DEERHUNTER says:

    Lisen hear im sixteen yesrs old i get up in the morning and work hard all day long with my family so the crops that will feed peolpe all over world and i hunt because it MUST be done to protect our lively hood .I never miss and that deer goes to no waste.I would kindly ask if you would shut your mouth if you have nothing nice to say.

  • AnotherHunter says:

    I have noticed that the only people who are not being civil here the anti hunters. The hunters have all been very respectful. Anyhow, I do not need to hunt for my food. Not at all. But I prefer to feed my family meat from an animal that has not been fed the crap that cows are fed. The others are right. This man is not a true hunter. Any real hunter is going to shoot to kill. Not to wound. For us, the best shot is one that instantly kills an animal. No true hunter likes to see an animal suffer. Another rule for the true hunters is that you never leave a wounded animal. If you screw up your shot and the animal gets away, you do not simply wait for another animal to come around. You do whatever it takes to track down the animal that you wounded and make sure that you do not leave it to suffer. PETA, I love my animals very much. I love my dogs and my horses. They are part of my family. I also love wildlife. I think deer, especially elk, whitetail, and mulies are beautiful. I will still go out, even when it is not hunting season, armed with my binoculars, to watch them and appreciate their beauty. Here, this will throw you for a ringer. I have rehabilitated deer. I find deer near my property once in a while who have been hurt by predators or shot by hunters not man enough to make sure they finish the hunt. Over the years, I have figured out the best way to help heal a deer without making them lose their fear of humans. I love doing it. It warms my heart the day that they finally wander off, not needing my help anymore. Being hunters does not mean that we have no compassion for animals. I wish that those who make uneducated assumptions about hunters and hunting would educate themselves see the argument from both sides. Please, if you are going to come at us and call us bloodthirsty and other names and wish death to us when we hunt, please think about what you would have to do when your beloved cats and dogs kill other animals like birds, mice, squirrels, or bunnies.

  • She-Hunter says:

    Animal Kioani, hunting is not for the religious. I know many atheists who hunt. Nor are all hunters fat. I am a hunter and I can say that if I saw what Misty saw, I would have done the same thing she did. That man is not a hunter. That man is a monster. The cruelty he inflicted on that doe was sick. Real hunters do everything in their power to make a clean kill. We do not like to see an animal suffer for longer than necessary. And real hunters will also eat the animal they kill. If you knew anything about hunting (and I am not going to do your research for you) you would know how important they are to the conservation of wildlife. We love animals and as HunterMatt said, while they can be great companions, they are not humans. They are lower on the food chain than us. Kill or be killed is the way of the wild world. Lions eat zebras and wildebeest and other various animals. Wolves eat deer and elk. We are just one predator amongst the many so what makes our killing and eating any different than those PETA strives to protect? And your insults only make you look worse. Saying things like “Hunters don’t evolve as fast as the rest of us.” Just a hint if you want people to think your opinions should matter. Try explaining your side rather than attacking.

  • KyukiYoshida says:

    This is pretty bad, I’ve never really heard of a hunter doing such things, But you shouldn’t be interfering with other people’s lives. Some people eat meat, and some people hunt for it, and you can’t change that. Some people make their living to feed families of their own off of hunting and selling off meat to the market. You can’t stop it. If hunting and butchering like with farm animals was cut off, for one, there are so many deer and they multiply at an astonishing rate, same with cows, pigs, etc. that alot more would be being born then dying from natural causes and they especially deer would over populate, in 2-3 years there would be alot of accidents caused from there being so many crossing streets highways etc. and secondly, some people would be out of money, not be able to feed families, and there would be less and less meat available in markets. Not everyone can live healthily as vegetarians.

  • PETA says:

    Re: John. While PETA respects the opinions of others, we do not condone those that are violent, simply in the name of free speech. PETA urges you to deter deer from frequenting your property with humane methods. Deer regulate their numbers according to available food, water, and shelter. When some animals are removed, more deer will either move in from surrounding areas to fill the newly vacant niche, or the remaining animals will have higher birth rates the following season. For these reasons, it is extremely counter-productive to remove some animals in an attempt to decrease the number of deer. Fencing, repellents, and planting vegetation that deer prefer not to eat are all effective solutions. One repellent that doesn’t harm wildlife or companion animals is Liquid Fence ( Please contact PETA for more tips on humane alternatives to deadly population control:

  • fuegokat says:

    Okay, lets recap so all the bloodthirsty, rock-eating hunters can grasp what they should know by now: 1. Of all the species on Mother Earth, Homo Sapiens has by a landslide been the most destructive, interruptive, interfering lifeform to develop, so much so that we may well off ourselves sooner than we thought. (Apologies to the insect and bacterial forms, as they are clearly superior in their efficiency and adaptability). 2. Human population is vastly more than our planet can successfully sustain, as we have no true natural enemies anymore (with exceptions to above mentioned insects and bacterium, and ourselves). 3. Let’s go ahead and elevate our conversation by eliminating talk of bibles and deities, as intangible parables or fairy tales have no bearing on the very physical topics we are covering. You wanna worship a rocking chair? Go ahead. Just don’t try to tell me your Rocking Chair told you it was okay to terrify, maim and murder another one of its creations. Period. 4. Many of the hunters I have known utilize “the hunt” as an excuse to sit around in trees, bond, and ingest alcohol and/or other mood-altering substances, then go home smelly and overdosed on their own testosterone and feeling smug, actually believing that they have communed with nature. 5. I mention testosterone because the vast majority of “hunters” are male, possibly compensating for their lack of hugs. 6. In summary, most humans do not have to hunt, they choose to so that they may give themselves the illusion of being in control of, and in some strange way, connecting with another creature. Because, let’s face it: if you eat meat, from the store or restaurant, it generally does not in any way resemble the animal it once was. Want honesty? Try telling your kindergardener what happens to Bambi, Elsie, Babe and Clucky on their way to the plate. Discuss…

  • John says:

    @PETA, My family owns a significant piece of farmland in a rural area. It is our main way of producing a living. With an abundance of edible crops natually deer flock to our land. Without some management of the herd then our crops would be destroyed. The most effective means of management is hunting, I am not advocating the philosopy of some hunters “if its brown its down”, but to suggest that there is no need for hunting I believe is incorrect. If the herd grows unchecked not only does my family suffer, but the deers suffer too. There is not enough food for a population to grow unchecked. There are few natural predators remaining to deer. Humans have been a predator to deer for thousands of years. I realize that we do not have to actively hunt food now to survive, but just because we don’t doesn’t mean that the environment can now sustain a larger population of deer. In fact you could make a case for the opposite statement, with so many traffic accidents and shrinking rural areas the need for hunters in my opinion has increased. We live in a country where we are entitled to certain liberties. You are entitled to your beliefs and that is fine by me, because that means I am entitled to mine as well. I am more than happy to have a debate with anyone on the subject as long as that debate is civil (as your response was). I was merely referring to some of the violent comments made by some individuals that posted here. If I kill an animal you better believe it will not go to waste, but the fact that I do have the right to pull the trigger to put some meat in my freezer means I will continue to do so. As long as both sides remain civil towards each other and take responsibility for their actions then I don’t see any reason why they can’t both exist. Again I know this is my opinion and I don’t expect it to change yours. I am very opinionated myself and hope that one comment wouldn’t change mine so I respect that it won’t change yours. I just think every side of the issue should be examined before jumping down each other’s throats.

  • thunder says:

    not all hunters are like this. there are some ppl who r but many take amazing care of there dogs. we dont just shove em in metal boxes they no that load up means go hunting they run a whole hell of a lot more than ur obese diabetic fluffy couch potato and theylove it.

  • PETA says:

    @John. Thank you for your respectful commment. However, PETA strongly disagrees with your statement that, “there is a need for hunters in this world”. While PETA has no quarrel with subsistence hunters and fishers who truly have no other options, few of us will ever be in such dire straits, and we should not use behavior that might be acceptable in extreme circumstances as a guide for our daily choices. Hunters with access to another source of food DO have a choice, and everytime they kill, they choose violence over compassion.

  • john says:

    While this is a case where a hunter did not do the correct thing in delivering the most humane death possible for the animal some of the comments on here are so contradictory. How can you in one sentence condemn someone for killing an animal and then in the next comment on killing that person? Last time I checked people are living creatures too. I agree that hunting just for sport is not right. If you do not intend to eat the animal than you have no business shooting it. I realize I am walking into a hornet’s nest with this comment, but I couldn’t resist. I personally hunt and every shot I take I attempt to make a shot that will put the animal through the least amount of suffering possible. Whether you believe it or not there is a need for hunters in this world. I am by no means comparing a human hunter to a predator in the wild, but I don’t see anyone jumping down a coyote’s throat when it kills a deer. Just something to think about I realize I won’t change any opinions with my comment, but please don’t lump all hunters together as evil based on one incident. As I will not lump all members of PETA together based on my experiences with individual members.

  • Canaduck says:

    People who get off on killing animals for fun should be checked out by a psychiatrist–every single one of them. I have no doubt that some hunters are otherwise extremely nice people, but it’s obvious that they’re suffering from a lack of empathy and would benefit from serious therapy.

  • hunter says:

    First to the girl who is an atheist. “all hunters are fat?.”? Time to grow up don’t you think! Now to the person who said only humans hunt. What? Every dog and cat hunts. It’s not the hunters that are uneducated apparently. Now to everyone else. Start studying the other side. You are way off. You have filled you minds with only things you want to hear, not reality. Stop hunting and see what happens. Over population, death by disease, famine, parasites. Predator population will increase, killing off prey, followed by killing off of predators. Mother nature doesn’t offer a balance. She offers an overabundance, that left uncontrolled, causes many more problems than humans hunting. You know its been proven that plants have feelings also. Why don’t you take an agenda to protect plants? Because plants can’t make funny noises when in pain? Hunters never ask for sympathy as one said earlier. Most hunters are ethical, caring stewards of what God has granted us. Much like most non-hunters don’t wish DEATH to hunters. But I guess there is a fringe everywhere.

  • Gunner08 says:

    Darlin, Hunting over dogs in NC is on a by county basis. It is illegal to disrupt a persons hunt in NC, and somebody mentioned that it’s the tax dollars protecting hunters (via that law). Well, the hunters also pay taxes. Some of the people on here are uneducated about hunting. If you leave a population unchecked they will spread disease and die a slow horrile death. I also do not believe the original article because I am a hunter and the pictures are of dried blood on the dog box. When you put the deer on the dog box it typically doesn’t get removed until it is skinned. I can sit here and type up a story just to get you fired up against a group of people, does it make it true? No. The worst thing on earth is People against People. If you would concentrate your efforts on your children staying in school, off drugs, and not stealing, raping, and killing other people the world would be a much better place.

  • carla says:

    Norcal.. why the hell are you wasting your time on Peta. Peta and it’s supporters love animals, which you obviously do not.

  • carla says:

    Amen Karin. NorCal (probably not his real name) sounds like an asshole. Anyone who kills innocent beings are I hope all suffer horendous deaths. I would have done the same thing and been arrested!! If anyone in my family hunted I would disown them in a heartbeat!!!!!!! Hunters are weak and sadistic!!!!!!

  • travman says:

    Websites like this are so extremely one sided. Fact is if people did not hunt deer populations would spiral out of control. Also hunting keeps diseases among deer herds from spreading to other herds or even cattle. These ar just a couple FACTS. There has been so many years of research done by Conservation agencys to support this. Try doin some reserch with an open mind. Most hunters in general are not “sport” or “trophy hunters” but just men or women trying to put food on the table and in the freezer. Many hunters here in the midwest also donate tons of venison to many food shelters. Does this make them so bad. It makes me sick to hear people say that hunters are bad people. Nobody loves nature and its creatures more than hunters and fisherman.

  • Voice Of Wisdom says:

    Kill for food,not for fun.

  • James Scotto says:

    Atrocious. Yes, they are just: helping people by preventing accidents, helping starving deer, feeding the homeless, helping the environment. As if it’s not bad enough that they kill the innocent for thrills… they throw on all the crap excuses as well. Just pitiful.

  • Laura says:

    SICK! SICK! SICK! There are some very sad people in the world who need to get a life! It is discusting killing animals for fun or any other reason hunter’s use as an excuse to go on there killing spree!

  • Cernunnas says:

    That only has a name… MURDER. To make it worse, it’s just for “fun”. Yeah, so fun. If reincarnation exists, I hope hunters get to be a deer in the next life. Oh and NorCal and any hunters that may read this: no, you just can’t possibly justify hunt, even less living in the first world.

  • still shell-shocked says:

    Well, I’m kinda wondering why a ‘hunter’ is here in the firt place. And then, I am once more mildly surprised that interfering with a “hunt” is illegal. But then… the government allows the brutality in producing animal products. So, I guess I’m not surprised. Just sad. And really, why… why would interfering in a “hunt” make any cause for helping animals look very bad? Where are you coming from, mr. hunter? In the book, “Thanking the Monkey” there is a comment from a hunter about how his child got hold of his gun and “accidentally” shot him, shattering his shoulder. He recalls being in the hospital (now this is a hunter, remember) and screaming inside in agony trying to reach his morphine pump. The only thing is, to move his baby finger makes him scream. (So, then his story leads me to think of the thousands of animals that the shooter misses, or more correctly, doesn’t kill… let’s face it… not many sure-shots out there now are there?) And let’s remember when we as humans did hunt… out of necessity. The natives prayed before the hunt, took only what they needed and thanked the animal for its sacrifice. I am wondering in what way one can justify hunting today. I mean, come on… get rid of the gun, the bow, the scope, the dogs, the gadgets a hunter feels he has to have to capture that animal. Go in… one on one and let the victor come out. So, mr. norcal, I am not sure why you feel the need to hang out here. Perhaps, just perhaps, you feel that what you are doing is wrong, in your heart of hearts, you know it is wrong. Maybe, you are with us in your soul consciousness but maybe you are unsure of how to extrapolate yourself from where you are right now. Thank you for being here. Your comment was well spoken and you will find your way. I do know that we are all on our own paths and that we are in different places in our evolution. I will protect life. That is my destiny. Love and Kindness to you.

  • stevarino says:

    I am one of these “scumbags”. I won’t use dogs to hunt but I do still hunt. Whats despicable to me is that all of you would rather see the deer starve or suffer from other diseases than to be taken by a hunter. Alot of hunters I know donate alot of meat to needy families. Also the reason why he didn’t shoot the deer to start with is because it would have been illegal to fire the weapon on the right of way of the highway……long live deer hunting!

  • Janiejones1369 says:

    Regarding the defense of hunting from one of the commentators. I grew up in a family that was split across the sibling lines when it came to hunting. My parents were not hunters. I’ve never owned a gun in my life. It’s my experience that the term responsible hunting is not much more than an oxymoron. As a public school teacher, I overhear story after story after story from kids who retell the weekend hunting outing, or the night at the hunting shack with Dad. I won’t go so far to suggest I believe all hunters are bad people. But lots are. In the Midwest, hunting is a rite of passage, something you’re born into. If you live in the Midwest and aren’t born into a hunting family and as a result, never became a hunter yourself, congratulations. You are part of the much greater majority of nonhunting Americans, most of whom see hunting as barbaric, dangerous, cruel, unnecessary, narcissistic, painful, and selfish. Hunting is all of those, and all hunters are participants in the unnecessary cruelty of hunting and create many instances of suffering and loss, even if that’s not their intent.

  • Just Plain Scott says:

    Hey NorCal…

    Interfering with a “hunt” is illegal and can get someone arrested?  Got some news for you: during the 2nd World War, hiding a Jew from Nazi officers was illegal, and subjected any European doing that to arrest, conviction, and execution.  Should those brave souls who stood up to MURDERERS have minded their own business, and left Jewish would-be holocaust victims to die?  There’s often a difference between natural (ethical) law and man-made law, designed to accomodate the rich, the powerful, and the influential.  I suggest you study up on that before you make any more idiotic remarks like the one above.

  • Fran M. says:

    HORRIFIC!!!! To hunt down innocent creatures!!! What goes around comes around!….and I hope it’s very soon!!!!

  • James Midnight Rambler says:

    Hunting with Hounds is the cruelest of all methods. These hounds are trained killers. They are not only used for deer and bear but also coyotes. Often, to train the hounds, hunters will shoot to disable the pursued animals, so the dogs will be able to catch and tear apart the animals. I personally own a good size tract of land in upstate NY and I post AND PATROL the lands to keep slob hunters off. Hats off to the brave PETA staffer for trying to intervene.

  • Xander says:

    While I strongly disagree with the actions of the hunters (and the entire practice of hunting), why was is necessary to list the beliefs of the hunters? Would you do the same if the hunters were Jewish or Islamic? A lot of people forget that people that say they are Christians and do horrible things aren’t true Christians. There are such things as bad Islamics, bad Jews, bad atheists, so why couldn’t if have been left that these were hunters?

  • animal welfare: our future! says:

    I urge everyone to look at the Cook’s Illustrated website. There in Christopher Kimball’s glory, smiling for the photoshoot, holding his rifle in one hand and holding up the head of the dear he shot. Write Christopher Kimball and joine me in expressing your opinion.

  • janet says:

    There is a “humane way to hunt”, not with dogs “finding” the animal; and tearing it apart; pure torture.

  • Farmer88 says:

    Re PETA: I also don’t recall Jesus also saying “Do not touch animals, they are like us, instead eat grass, figs, and trees.” Jesus would have ate animals, mind you animals that were hunted, just like any sane person 2000 years ago. I think it would have been an anomaly for someone to not eat meat in that day and age because there were no vitamin supplements or tofu or anything that could replace the necessary nutrients lost from not eating meat. People would have starved to death back then if they did not eat meat.

  • Darlin' says:

    I do not appreciate the Christian remark.

    As I do live in North Carolina, and am a Christian myself, this article seems to make us look like hypocritical barbarians.

    While I know plenty of people that hunt here (it is the South, mind you), and plenty of people that are less than respectable on a daily basis( I do not approve whatsoever, as I am Vegetarian and an advocate for animals) the structure of the article should not have been written in light of “Typical southern hypocrites at it again, and their religious too!”

    I do believe this behavior is morally reprehensible, and I do not agree with nor endorse it, but the general assumption (Of what I took it as) “Southern, religious pricks at it again” is very annoying.

    There are people here that do not see things in the right light, but there are also very loving, compassionate, polite, and well educated people here (that are also religious) that live here too.

    As I still wish hunting were illegal, (and as stated before, using dogs for hunting deer is very odd) I wish the people writing articles would keep in mind not to group together one region for the negative media is has sustained.


  • PETA says:

    Re: Concerned Hunter. Thank you for sharing your comment. PETA encourages you to remember that the Bible has been cited as justification for many cruel and abusive practices. It has been used to justify slavery, child abuse, and polygamy. Hunters may the Bible to justify their taste for animals’ flesh and cruel entertainment. But does killing and eating dead animals really seem consistent with Jesus’ message of peace? PETA’s stance against hunting is based on a very simple idea, one that Jesus himself encouraged: that we should choose kindness over cruelty. PETA urges all Christians to recall this message before killing God’s creatures for sport.

  • Eileen Young says:

    Hunters just don’t understand. They are sick people who deserve our sympathy. Enjoying killing a beautiful animal proves that. Empathy is totally lacking in these people. It is not manly to kill an animal, it is cowardly. I would hate to be married to a hunter, obviously a very cruel heart. What goes around, comes around eventually. God is slow, but sure.

  • Concerned Hunter says:

    This is perfectly acceptable for Christians. So, don’t try to make Christians look like hypocrites for hunting. Acts 10:13 Then a voice told him, “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.”