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Ron Artest: “Call Me World Peace”

Written by PETA | June 24, 2011

You say you’re for world peace? Are you willing to say it on your driver’s license? Our friend and soon-to-be-former Ron Artest is. The Lakers forward has filed a petition in L.A. Superior Court to change his name to Metta World Peace,  which left us scrambling to update our spay-and-neuter ad starring the basketball champ:


Our brand-new mobile spay-and-neuter clinic also bears Artest/Peace’s image, and frankly, we can’t think of a better moniker for it than the “Peace” train. After all, spaying and neutering prevents abandonment, neglect, and other forms of cruelty to animals born into a world long on puppies and kittens and short on good homes.

Written by Jared Misner

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  • Ash says:

    I believe that the “spay / neuter” mobile clinic is a great idea,because there are animals who need a good home and a loving owner , and indeed, there is a shortage of these homes. Good on you, PETA! Keep up the good work!