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P-Diddy’s Dog-Fur Jackets

Written by PETA | December 26, 2006

The AP reported last week that Macy’s has pulled two styles of Sean John hoodies following an investigation by the Humane Society which revealed that they contained fur from raccoon dogs, despite the fact that they were being advertised as faux fur. A spokesman for the store talked about its “long-standing policy against the selling of any dog or cat fur,” (which, by the way, it’s frickin’ illegal—hence the policy) and P-Diddy also expressed his outrage and concern, saying “I was completely unaware of the nature of this material, but as soon as we were alerted, the garments were pulled off the Macy’s floor and Web site.”

Here’s what I don’t get. Why is it that both Macy’s and P-Diddy freak out when they discover there are cats and dogs in their clothes, and yet they’re perfectly content to produce and sell fur garments made from other animals? I would love to hear them try to come up with a rational answer to that question.

I know that I posted this video a few weeks ago, but this is what happens every day to raccoon dogs who are used for their fur. Not for the faint of heart.

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  • Ryan says:

    Michael Vick all day.

  • Anonymous says:

    you awda be ashamed ov ur self

  • Patricia Tricorache says:

    Your racoon dogs video should be submitted to Pangea Day an interesting worldwide film project. The address is I think animal cruelty of this magnitude needs to be more widely publicized. Maybe one day crimes against animals will be tried like crimes against humans.

  • jeanette says:

    Will my sadness over this extreme cruelty make a difference? Who can I contact to make a difference. I am so absolutely disgusted with seeing time and time again human’s truely crue spirit when they are profiting. They care nothing about the animals who bring them the large dollars. I am so sad to see those of the human race who apparently have no feeling or conscience. I am so saddened by all of the inhumane treatment of animals that goes on daily in so many aspects of society. I want so badly for it to stop. Are there any of these farms in the US? Please stop the cruelty. If you must profit from the death of animals aat least let them die without the pain. This can be done. Please please stop the pain.

  • Debbie & Glenn Carson says:

    We cannot understand the logic of people when they compartmentalize animals justifying why some are okay to wear some are not some are okay to eat some are not. It’s an all or nothing and as such as a society we should not eat or wear animals.

  • thuja says:

    i adore fashionable clothes and would never even wear faux fur as it looks awful. Who would wear animal fur? It is like wearing a label that says BARBARIC IDIOT

  • cindy says:

    WTF !!! P DIDDY is a fug cunt i dont even know how to expres my anger … I COULDNT EVEN WATCH ONE MINUTE OF UR VIDEO s !!! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!

  • argus says:

    the whole diddy stuff is very confusing. on ecorazzi web site it’s reported that diddy thought his dog fur trim was faux but when humane society informed him that it was dog fur he removed the jackets and thanked the society for having him informed. so if he replaces dog fur by faux fur this means he does not replace it with real fur from other animals! so before we talk bad against him we should actually know if he has faux fur trim dog fur trim or fur trim made from other animal skins! so dear diddy we saw you on many pictures with your dogs and it seems that you are really fond of them so please let peta and the world know if you are trimming with faux fur dog fur or other material we really should appreciate it because in the same way one day you decided to be called diddy and no longer daddy in the same way you could decide at once to go fur free and earn real wings for heaven because as you tell us you love jesus! so don’t be a bad boy but a good boy and grow up really!

  • TP says:

    All i have to say is this. peta is right

  • Elizabeth says:

    All I can say is fur is to be worn by animals not people. Be careful what you purchase because dog and cat fur from China is illegal in the US and is oftened mislabeled ie. raccoon dog which means dog faux fur gaewolf and many other names to disguise what it actually is. Cat fur is often called “katzenfell”. Burlington coat factory was busted a few years ago for selling dog fur their excuse was they thought it was coyote because that’s what it said on the label. Coyote fur is no better than dog or any other fur either way an animal suffered a horrible death. Go to to see how to tell fake fur from real fur and beware when buying anything with fur trim faux or not. Thanks and Happy New Year everyone!! Peace and happiness for all animals and pain and suffering to all those who bring them harm!!

  • Michelle says:

    this video really made me want to cry the thing is still alive when they just rip its skin off.. and the look on there faces it jsut broke my heart..and the people doing it seem to be laughing as its writhing around with half of its flesh hanging down. i couldnt watch it all the way through.. this is so horrible

  • Amber says:

    bastard. that’s all i can say.

  • Allie says:

    This cideo makes me sick. these animals should be running free in woods or in our backyards not being slaughtered for materialistic reasons such as p.diddy’s new coat.

  • Paul says:

    If Celebs are content wearing one sort of fur to other based on the animal the fur came from then this is nothing more than a case of DOUBLE standards. The only people that wear fur are people who are vain and egotistic. I believe fur will never look as good on people as it does on animals.

  • Mke says:

    One more reason I don’t like Sean Combs!!

  • dan says:

    Are these ppl not opposed to all fur? If not then the reaction is bizarre yet common. It’s an engrained paradox all animals are equal but some are… than doesn’t need to be illustrated here. Sadly animal rights activists are in many ways being hoist by their own petard animal activists play the “cat and dog fur” card for compaign purposes precisely to tap into the mentality of the public witness the McCartney’s lobbying Europe and then have the cheek to complain when the final outcome just returns us to where we started e.g. some animals are more equal than others. P Diddy is an idiot. But as a materialist twit what do you expect? Those who are truly culpable are compaigners like Ms. Mills who focus on cats and dogs’ fur when they should know better.