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Payback: Duck, Duck, Oof!

Written by PETA | February 1, 2010
activeoutdoorsconcierge / CC
Hunter and Dog

Believe me, if anyone can appreciate the thrill of the hunt, c’est moi. Seriously, I can spend hours in a Goodwill store, tracking rare vintage vinyl and bagging unique treasures.

But if you want a surefire way to ruffle my feathers, show me a man with a gun setting out with his canine buddy to maim and kill ducks. Now tell me that said dog shot the hunter in his back, sending him to the hospital—which is what happened to one California man this weekend—and I can’t help but hope that the hunter, once he recovers, will have a change of heart and find a more constructive way to spend his weekends.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • brandon says:

    And if you think ducks are tame haha I would like to see you go out to a duck club and see how many tame ducks you see. I promise you the duck wont let you get close to them and they will run away because there wild!!!!!!

  • brandon says:

    And another thing thousands of deer in 1 state alone die each year from sickness mountain lions cars old age and much more. So dont blame it on us hunters we control the population. If it wasnt for us more would be killed for cars predatorsand sicknesses. So use your head.

  • emma says:

    ‘We are way down the totempoleofproblems Yet we are the only ones getting harrased’…Scott have you not read any other peta posts?? EVERYONE who harms animals gets harrased.

  • hunter says:

    Clara you do have a valid point. Deer dont know the difference but as you’ve noticed we both have different opinions. Which is great. Thanks for being a respectable person who gives valid reasons for their opinions rather than just shooting off at the mouth. If those reading this only remember one thing remember this Not all hunters are like some of the idiots you hear about. Ive already stated my case and really have nothing else to explain… refer to earlier posts. God Bless!

  • Carla* says:

    I find and most people that are on the Peta files find it offensive to take a life for reasons you’ve tried to explain to hunt murder innocent sediment beings that is all!! They pay the ultimate price for just being deer. They don’t know boundries where to eat and not to eat ie. farmers’ fields. You have your views we have ours. Too bad the deer can not fire a rifle back at you. Maybe in a hunters’ next life? Or if you believe you come back to life just in another form you could come back as a deer ya know just saying. Food for thought no pun intended. Peace to all!!

  • scott says:

    P.S. I am not saying “we have to kill them too many deer too many highway vehicle accidents” carla i’ve never once said we should kill them JUST for the bringing the numbers down.. that WOULD be cruel. And when Tyler says “All hunters come up with excuses why they feel the “need” to hunt they try to compensate for what they don’t have down there below the belt. He is sorely uninformed and watches too much Family Guy. the simple fact is we can get around 250 lbs of meat to feed our familys for approx. 50 60 dollars. try finding anything that inexpensive in todays market for those of us who do eat meat. And when Andre Inglis says “What benefit is there to shooting a living creature? Deep down what does it accomplish? Whether tame or wild life is life. Instead of taking a life why not give it? Or perhaps just leave it alone to live. I find that nature can take care of itself rather well without our interference.” This doesn’t make much sense at all due to the fact that just the general expansion of YOUR cities are pushing wildlife out of their own habitat. YOUR cities are removing and crippling THEIR habitats all the time. thats why i live on an acreage. i do less impact on THEIR homes. i think us hunters are WAYYYYY down on the “totempoleofproblems” yet we are the only ones getting harrassed. and deep deep deep down.. what does it accomplish? food for my family. are you willing to tell us we should starve because we’re not vegans? if so.. shame on you. how dare you tell us how to live. who made you god? i dont tell you to stop being vegan because insert unreaserched obserd opinoin here. if its JUST the fact that the animal has to die at human hands that you can’t see past… grow up.

  • scott says:

    “hunter” is absolutely right. just because you all hear a horror story of some idiot hunter being cruel doesn’t mean we all are. I bow hunt more often than using the rifle. my rifle is the last resort when i haven’t filled my tags and there is a week left in the season. look at it this way. How many deer are wounded and left to suffer under “natural” conditions when attacked by a coyote wolf cougar etc.? i hear nothing on here about “how brutal” they are being. i hear no one trying to get the preditory animals to go shopping for tofu and eat plants. us hunters leave LESS injured animals to roam in pain than already naturally occurs. AND the preditory animals hunt all year long as we are limited to only 3 months. and as to the arguement about the areas that have scarce deer populations… when that occurs there IS no hunting in that area that year. and if the next year is the same.. then still no hunting. see.. we too do something about letting the deer population get back to where it needs to be. but overpopulation is bad and NO the deer aren’t just going to move to a bigger area. they are going to stay where they can get the easy food which is most likely the farmers plantations eating what farmers need to sell to produce breads cereals and your veggies. we help them out in these areas by culling only a safe percentage of the overpopulated deer. if you still find this offensive in some way give us a WELL THOUGHT OUT idea as how you would deal with this without hunting. in closing i would also like to point out that when you choose the life of a vegan that is totally YOUR choice and i appreciate and honor personal choice. but i choose to eat meat due to its nutritional value in my opinion. let bygones be bygones. peace to everyone.

  • Hunter says:

    Maybe i need to clarify what i mean by “harassing hunters”. In my opinion this includes the following all of which have been done in these posts and in the article 1 Stop spreading false information. hunters shoot tame ducks all hunters torture their animals etc… 2 Stop blowing up one situation. Just because one idiot hunter shoots an animal then doesnt kill it quickly but lets it suffer dont assume all other hunters do this. That would be the same as assuming that just because insert race commits a crime it certainly doesnt mean that every other person of that race will also commit a crime. 3 Name calling and other derogatory comments. You make yourself and your organization look bad. If you have a reason to be against the killing of animals for food then state your reason using valid points and facts. 4 Get correct information before you spread rumors about hunters. If you dont know find out. And dont only trust and use one source. I have read the antihunting article on here and it is filled with misinformation and misleading information that was twisted to fit what they wanted to say. ex They said that so many percent of deer shot with traditional archery equipment were wounded and never recovered. While this may be true they didnt explain what traditional archery equipment was. Leaving you to assume this includes all bows when in fact it only includes bows and arrows that were made out of wood and have no sights. This equipment is not commonly used in the hunting world today.

  • Kurt K says:

    Janet I’m not sure I understand what point you are trying to make. Are you saying we should do unto animals that they would do unto us? Or are you saying nonhunter should do unto hunters what hunters do unto animals? Can you please explain what you mean? Thanks!

  • Hunter says:

    Tyler you obviously havent read the other posts… grow up! Im just giving reasons and facts of life. And the problems with farming are not the only problems that would ensue if populations were not controlled. Basically my whole point is i dont care if you dont want to eat meat because you dont want to kill animals but i am going to and by George dont take my rights as a citizen of the USA away from me. Fine boycott meatencourage others to do so but STOP HARASSING HUNTERS AND OTHERS WHO EAT MEAT. if you’ll notice no one’s harassing you

  • Andre Inglis says:

    What benefit is there to shooting a living creature? Deep down what does it accomplish? Whether tame or wild life is life. Instead of taking a life why not give it? Or perhaps just leave it alone to live. I find that nature can take care of itself rather well without our interference.

  • Janet says:

    Do unto others……..

  • Carla* says:

    “I guess your all for the raising of plant products due to the cost of ‘deer proofing’ all their fields.” Yip!

  • Tyler says:

    All hunters come up with excuses why they feel the “need” to hunt they try to compensate for what they don’t have down there below the belt.

  • Hunter says:

    Also note that the car whistles dont work in the fields. There are also other methods of preventing deer from destroying fields but these are expensive to the farmers and dont actually work 100 of the time. Compared to the price of hunters willing to harvest those same deer free. Simply put the population needs controlling. Hmmmmmmm… I guess your also all for the raising of plant products due to the cost of ‘deer proofing’ all their fields.

  • Hunter says:

    Well Carla your partially right does do produce more offspring but in places that are hunted there is no lack of deer… Here in Florida deer populations are really high and i know several farmers that have lost entire fields to deer… if they are not controlled by hunters it would grow out of control. To help counter this the FWC has implemented a doe tag system that allows you to apply for which has special requirements and get doe tags based on acerage and deer population. We then are able to harvest more does this keeps the population lower than just harvesting bucks. If they were not hunted deer would become a serious problem. Even so there are even problems that farmers who can prove significant crop loss due to deer can even receive tags to hunt deer in the off season as long as the deer are shot in the field they are destroying. Also the deer herd is also out of wack meaning the buck to doe ration is not where it needs to be meaning a rut breeding time that can fluctuate which means some does get bred late and this can cause complications with the babies. There’s your proof to all the people out there that say we dont need hunting to control populations. Cold hard facts… look it up at

  • Carla* says:

    P.S. if your using the excuse “we have to kill them too many deer too many highway vehicle accidents” just buy a deer horn they are silent to the human ear and attach to your vehicle. They work wonders if you can afford the expensive kind your life is priceless so go for it!! I should know I use one. I travel to The Pas and back at least once a year and never encountered a deer on the highway yet!! It’s not being “lucky” it’s called I have a brain and I use it wisely!!

  • Carla* says:

    Hunter2 doe produce more offspring usually twins but there have been cases of triplets to try and fill the void when deer populations are scarce. It’s called nature and nature has a way of taking care of itself. They certainly don’t need you guys to mess things up!! From a avid hunters’ former and not by choice daughter. Winnipeg Mb.

  • Hunter2 says:

    I totally agree with “hunter”. I live in Saskatchewan Canada. i also hunt for Mule deer and Whitetail. Our hunting season is only 3 months long. in that time we are only allowed to harvest 3 deer. none of the animal goes to waste. the hide is given to the Saskatchewan Wildlife Association for tanning the meat is deboned and used for me and my family and the bones go to our cats and dogs to chew on which happens all the time in the wild anyway and the head is also submitted to the Saskatchewan Wildlife Association to be tested for “Chronic Wasting Disease” which is caused by Over population in deer. over population caused by NOT hunting. think of a habitat as a bucket of water. and the deer population as water. if there isn’t something usingtaking away water it will slowly over fill. now think of a small hole in that bucket that regulates the water level. we can say that hole represents preditors hunterswild preditors and natural death. if you plug 12 that hole yes hunting regulates population better than just coyotes and cougars then the water population starts to rise. it eventually rises PAST the brim over population in the area meant to hold the deerwildlife and the water that pours over can be classified as “death due to sicknessdisease”. what we do as hunters not poachers due to THEIR illegal culling of animals is a benefit to the overall health of the wild population. The more thoughtful of us hunters even go as far as to feed them during the off season the other 9 months. so really when you try to make us feel bad about what we do with misinformed bad mouthing or idiologic curses we just laugh at you. we know that you know nothing about what we do. i just say “i hope nothing happens that you cant get your precious tofu anymore.. because oh my lord.. you may have to eat meat again.. or starve your choice.

  • Hunter says:

    Finally people who explain them self instead of just using the old men dont have b crap. Hey if you dont like the idea eating meat because something has to die thats good enough of a reason for me. Yes over hunting was a serious problem but that was years ago and now that is why strict regulations are in place to control the number of game harvested. And the regulations change from area to area to accommodate the natural habitat. And yes unfortunately it does occasionally happen where the game is not instantly killed remember this is much more gruesome and more prolonged in the wild but every hunter I know does hisher best to as quickly and humanely as possible dispatch the animal. I dont like that… i hate it when an animal suffers and i do my best to make sure the animal dies as quickly as possible. But if you decide to eat meat it will happen. And the fact is that I and many other people are going to eat meat so please stop trying to take away our rights. God Bless!

  • Carla* says:

    Here is my own theroy. “Warning” for what I’m about to say is graphic but need to say it in order to get my point across. My dad went out duck hunting one day and brought back 5 dead ducks and one alive one he wounded his wing and couldn’t fly. He decided to be a big man about it sarcasm BTW and ring his neck to kill him but he didn’t want to die. My dad then decided to nurse him back to health in my opinion the only way since he frick’n caused this sht in the first place in the hopes of returning him back to the bush where he got shot at. The first time I saw him he woddled right up to me and let me pet his head this was soon after my dad came home with him and all the pain my dad caused him and still came up to me WITHOUT fear now sarah figure that one out? After about a week he decided it was time to release him. The whole ride there he sat on my dads lap not sure why? If we all showed compassion like that little duck imagine what this world would be like needless to say he kept him. We live by a “protected” park so he would be free to go if he so choose to this day he comes back every spring. That was 12 years ago and my dad hasn’t hunted for ducks and geese since. The same goes for deer. I have never been a flesh eater from small I just couldn’t get past the fact of seeing a dead deer hanging in the garage or ducks and geese for that matter and putting them into my mouth. My dad since stopped deer hunting as he blew out his back I say Karma anyone??

  • Carla says:

    Sarah … you make no sense. Shooting ANY animal is discusting. Period. End of subject. Men who hunt have no B…LS! And women who hunt or condone it are just as idiotic.

  • Ralph says:

    I agree duck hunting is bad especially when done to excess as some of these hunters do however we shouldn’t celebrate someone’s getting wounded either. To me it sounds counter to what PETA should be touting.

  • hunter says:

    John probably feeds them or has tamed them himself like Sarah said… which is illegal in hunting THE ANIMALS HUNTERS SHOOT ARE NOT TAME not yelling just so you’ll see this… You just believe what people tell you… Cause you’ve obviously never been in the wild… Oh and yes I go to the grocery store but the only meat I buy is chicken… Havent eaten in my house meat from a store in a very long time other than chicken. Oh and have i said anything about vegetarianism being a “SADISTIC” form of cruelty to plants or called you “LOSERS” for not eating meat or any other sort of derogatory remark??? NO THATS CHILDISH!!! If you would like to discuss this like adults then lets give logical reasoning not childish remarks…

  • sarah says:

    Ducks provide very little nourishment anyway actually john duck is a very good sweet meat that provides lots of protin

  • sarah says:

    then john you have tame ducks not wild ducks you have ducks who at one time WERE wild but let me guss you started feeding them and they became dependent on you therefor tame i bet you couldnt walk up to one and pic it up a Tame animal is something you can petpick up and handle. you just have wild ducks that you have screwed up there natural fear of humans.

  • John says:

    No one needs to shoot TAME BIRDS like ducks not skittish which is why hunters decimated entire populations of them easily for food. That is an excuse for losers to waste time shooting TAME BIRDS. These same idiots also go to grocery stores. Ducks provide very little nourishment anyway. It’s a losers’ hobby.

  • John says:

    Sarah I own extensive property with wild ducks. THEY ARE PRACTICALLY TAME There is nothing sportsmanlike about shooting ducks. FOR LOSERS ONLY!

  • ocean17 says:

    hunting is bad it is uncompassionate it is cruel but above all it is an incredibly sadistic form of animal abuse. not to mention an unnecessary bloodbath. there are other ways to enjoy and “respect” wildlife.

  • hue says:

    I love these type of posts! Great stuff!

  • hunter says:

    Oh and its not just for getting some sort of sick high as you think. I would say your right if someone just goes out in the woods to kill something. They need to learn to respect and enjoy the outdoors as much or more than killing. It’s also for the gathering of food… although I do like just being outdoors… doing whatever. I have just as much fun sitting in the woods as i do actually shooting something.

  • hunter says:

    John as Sarah said the ducks people hunt are not your regular tame park ducks…. and yes you would be a moron for shooting those. And when you hunt you practice to have the ability knowledge and skill to quickly and as humainly as possible kill your food. In reality hunters probably are more humane than slaughter houses that mass produce meat. I eat meat and like all natural meat not the injected stuff you buy at the store. It is better for you and more lean meat. I get the impression that some of you have never left the city and actually seen ducks in the wild or other animals for that matter. Nor know how they are taken. Now im not against vegetarians more power to em its actually healthier but it upsets me when people with a different lifestyle think they can all of the sudden judge people who think differently… I dont call out vegetarians whatever their reason may be and i dont think vegetarians should call me out for eating meat. Respectfully Hunter

  • Andy says:

    Ducks in the wild are one of the most cunning animals. Most game birds are very difficult if not near impossible to shoot. I hate that animals are killed mearly for their fur. I do however hunt and fish. In these hard economic times it is a very inexpensive way to feed my family. I simply cannot pass up 100200 lbs of food for under $50.

  • ocean17 says:

    what John said.

  • Carla* says:

    Sarah maybe the ones in the bush get frightened more easily cause they don’t want to get shothunted and the ones in the parks are somewhat protected therefore are more tame. Ducks and geese in general are easily tamed thus Johns’ point.

  • Aneliese says:

    “Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.” James Anthony Fraude

  • sarah says:

    john these ducks they hunt arent the people friendly and food dependent duck you see in your local park. ducks in the wild are actually extreamely skiddish and wont stay long if theres people around

  • John says:

    Ducks are practically tame. How much of a moron do you have to be to get your jollies shooting tame birds? You can’t call them sportsmen. You can’t really call them men.

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