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Payback: Dog Shoots Hunters

Written by PETA | December 1, 2009
utne / CC

Scotland is a land of mysteries. Does Nessie exist? Do bagpipe players really go “commando” under their kilts? And are the forces of “cosmic justice” at work, protecting the country’s harassed, maimed, and hunted animals? That last one was recently answered: Sometimes.

Today’s installment of “Payback Is Hell” was made possible by hunters, a dog, and a gun. The Mirror reports that two Scottish hunters who were shooting geese were themselves left bloodied and injured after their dog stepped on an unattended shotgun. Unable to duck for cover, each man was shot in his leg; one also took a hit in his hand.

The lesson here is no mystery. Always choose to be kind, not cruel, to animals.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Amy says:

    I’m sorry that the men were hurt it’s not funny that they were shotit’s really not petabut I do think that karma did play a role in that situation.

  • Richard says:

    This has to be the most bloodthirsty set of comments i’ve ever seen! People hoping the hunters bled and hurt and even died. How are you any different from sport hunters?

  • DAVID says:

    some of you speak of how you enjoy that “the tables have turned” do you find some joy in finding that a person is injured? its clear you may have a hatred for hunters. however you eat vegetables correct? well raising animals such as cattle is the same as growing corn or wheat for harvest. some speak of how they are all out here to preserve nature in its natural habitat. farming would be an abomination of your beliefs. you believe that mother nature has a balance but it seems that your beliefs only pertain to animals. you would protest the harvest of redwoods or any other forests yet its ok to eat crops and therefore fund farms that manipulate the landscape that used to be. everyone needs to understand that as long as humans roam the earth the earth will NEVER be the same. we can recycle and try to be energy efficient but life would not be life without death. if your pet dog or cat of many years went out into your backyard and a coyotefox or any other predator came in and killed it only based on their natural instincts to hunt and feed would you feel no anger? would you feel no pain for you and your pet? would your emotions not overrun your point of view if not for a moment? I volunteer much of my time for stream restoration projects to restore habitat to trout streams. i volunteer to help pheasants reproduce in the wild. I believe in nothing but catch and release for all fishing. yes you may say well you shouldnt fish in the first place. on the other hand i have caught fish with a small hole in their mouth which shows that catch and release does work they get smarter. at the same time when we release hundreds of pheasants to try to boost numbers the predator numbers rise. coyotes will change their diet to only young inexperienced pheasants an easy target. you have to take out some coyotes to try to maintain a balance. where do you draw the line? Im torn i support and believe in the ethical treatment of animals yet i believe in maintaining a balance in the population. hunting for food has been around since the dawn of man. when seagulls over populate and pollute the beaches with fecal matter that produces the ecoli virus to the point that you cant take your children to the beach to enjoy nature do you not understand the balance do you not see a need to step in the same way that mass dairy farms wreck the ozone with lethal methane gas. where do we draw the line???????????

  • joe says:

    were the hunters OK?

  • WASR-10 says:

    The lesson here is keep the firearm unloaded when not in use.

  • anne says:

    its wonderful when the tables turn i hope they suffered a lot of pain just as the birds dobecause everything comes around they got their just deserts

  • Hyou says:

    now that we’re talking about scotland wouldn’t it be funny if they were eaten by nessie?

  • Love Dogs says:

    I ask everyone to get online and view the Cooke County News a paper out of Gainesville Cooke County Texas the front page proudly shows young children that are “young hunters” with dead dear hanging behind them that they shot. It made me sick

  • gerold says:

    When the animals come back who will shot by hunters they will not kill the human only the human people do that they are only psycho huntershomo perversusHoper

  • sue says:

    Great dog. Pity he didn’t shoot the loosers in the head What goes around comes around!!

  • Curious Questioner says:

    Im just curious why is it “OK” when animals kill animals and yet when humans do it…we have no right? Does no one else believe in survival of the fittest or is it that we should all die together?

  • Heidi says:

    I just love when things like this happens. I wonder if they realise now that bullets hurt? Or are they just some of those men that never learns. How hard must Karma hit them before they listen?

  • SusieQ says:

    I love hunting accidents! I always hope that a gunshot wound will make a hunter wince at the the thought of inflicting such pain on a fellow creature. I don’t want people to get hurt I want them to LEARNhunting is a waste of timethere are so many wonderful things to enjoy on this beautiful planet to spend timekillingdestroying beautiful animals. Isn’t the world full of pain as it is?

  • Maggi Zankel says:

    Life on this Planet Nature has designed living creatures to eat or be eaten kill or be killed.We are helpless to change this system.

  • Maureen Reis says:

    Why must we take such joy in others pain? You behave as if the dog chose to do it! I’d like to se any lucky sucker squeeze a three shot off from one pull! That’s got to be a record shot or a really long tale! What were the hunters doing hugging? That was a mighty fortuitous shot!

  • Roger Brenton says:

    I love poetic justice.

  • Scott Adams says:

    This certainly is an interesting story however I must agree that the shooting of anyone or anything is not an occasion for humor. As a PETA activist I abhor the killing of animals and I detest hunters. However I don’t condone the idea of “payback”. Isn’t this remarkably similar to killing abortionists under the reasoning of saving lives? It’s a conflict in terms. If there is one good thing that comes of this it’s that the hunters may reflect of how it feels to be shot and may in turn make them think twice about shooting defenseless animals. My recommendation is not to promote or take pleasure in the pain and suffering of ANY animal human or otherwise..otherwise we are no better than they are. Peace to our twolegged persons as well as the fourlegged types violence is never the answer. Education and a conscience is!

  • Robin says:

    To the people who are upsetbecause people are celebrating the dog’s deed for shooting the hunters “because they are humans”. What about the geese? Anyone that shoots to kill another animal is NOT human. Those hunters had no reason to kill those innocent geese. They didn’t have to kill to survive so why kill them at all. It serves them right! This is the 21st century time to stop the killing. As for the dog GOOD JOB!! HE DESERVES A BIG DOGGIE TREAT!

  • Pierce says:

    Funny story but I find it hard that the dog fired the gun three times. I read the story in the “Mirror” and the other members of the hunting party refused to answer questions. Interesting … I will give the pooch one of those shots though.

  • Amanda says:

    I’m going to have to respectfully disagree Reverend. My little rescued hunting dog is capable of great empathy and has had tiny newborn kittens and baby birds at her mercy at various times and not only has she not hurt them she has gone to great lengths to find help for them. She may be an exception but it is possible.

  • julie says:

    living in the south ive always hated hunting season coming round! i hope there really is reincarnation and all the hunters in the world come back as the animals they once hunted!!!!

  • Maeve says:


  • andrea says:

    good doggie!!! now if only his aim had been a bit higher…

  • Geneva says:

    Wow that’s terrible. For the birds and the men. I mean first of all guys cut them some slack. Even though they were killing birds doesn’t mean they deserve to get shot.

  • Kathymarie says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…..

  • Andrea says:

    I don’t want to celebrate anyone getting shot. As the dog did not intend to shoot the hunters though one can view it as karmic justice what this really shows is a pair of idiots who didn’t practice elementary gun safety.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Brien I think the dog just accidently stepped on an unattended rifle. I have had experience with hunting dogs believe me when I tell you they have no feeling for their fellow creatures even other hunting dogs they have been robotically trained to do what their masters command them to do which is retrieve game. In “civilian” life they have problems because they want to chase down every small animal or bird they see. taking them for a walk or to a dog park an experience to say the least.

  • Shawn McCormick says:

    I dont really know what to say. I understand valuing the lives of animals but devaluing the lives of humans? I mean to report in a positive light the injury of a hunter… is disturbing as well.

  • carla says:

    Excuse me Ms. Ashura!? Men DO NOT for the most part treat any animal with respect or kindness!!!! Man does not have any right to shoot any animal for ANY reason. Who the hell made humans in charge of “maintaining the animal population when the human population is WAY out of control? These two “so called” men deserved what came to them! Karma baby!!!!

  • Andrea says:

    the hunters certainly got what they deserved but hopefully the dog still be okay. Would anyone know?

  • ACarLessFamily says:

    The fact that the idiots left a LOADED GUN unattended shows how intelligent the avarage animal killer is P

  • roxanne says:

    Karma bites them in the leg. Yeah!

  • Donald says:

    uhh saying good doggie is too much for me. When two people have been shot it shouldn’t be a source of humor.

  • Ashura says:

    Hunting sickens me but I don’t think that hunters or any creature for that matter deserve to be shot. Why is everyone celebrating that a man was horribly injured in an accident? I’m sure he was just misguided by the common beliefs that hunting “controls the population” or is “painless”. Being uneducated doesn’t make somebody evil bad intentions do. Remember humans are animals too so let’s treat every living creature with the same amount of kindness and respect.

  • Heathert says:

    LOL…This is great Personally I think Peta should give the Dog an award!!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The dog had an affinity for its fellow creatures while the hunters have unjustified irreverence for the lives of innocent creatures.

  • Chris says:

    Good doggie. It’ll be hard to hunt innocent animals when you have a bandaged hand and leg. KARMA!!!!

  • Mitzi says:

    It’s so dificult to feel sympathy for these two men because they had none for the birds!!