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Parliament’s Fur Robes Are Royally Ugly

Written by PETA | March 11, 2011

Baroness Lola Young wants the U.K.’s House of Lords to elect faux fur to Parliament. The baroness led a debate in the House of Lords last week to ask Her Majesty’s government what plans it has to support and promote ethical and sustainable clothing.

Prior to the debate, PETA U.K. shared with the baroness information about the fur industry and noted that the overwhelming majority of Britons are opposed to real fur—95 percent according to a 2010 poll. Pointing out that, as representatives of the British people, peers should reflect their values, the baroness urged her fellow peers to abandon ceremonial robes trimmed with ermine or rabbit fur and opt for faux fur instead.

Stateside, PETA’s campaign against the royally cruel Donna Karan is still going strong. If you haven’t already, please let the Bunny Butcher know that you won’t buy DKNY while bunnies die.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Shaun Baker says:

    I used to love watching the Kardashians until one day Kim Kardashian was wearing fur and it made me so disgusted that she was so into herself that she didn’t care what suffering was going on with the animals who were tortured and killed to death for her cout.

  • Deb GT says:

    Please choose intelligence over tradition and change the use of real fur for faux fur in these parliamentary garments. You need to lead the way for real change or you are leaving loop holes in the fight against animal cruelty

  • Irene Leggett says:

    Only beautiful animals should wear their own fur NOT ugly-hearted people. Leave fur where it belongs – on the animal

  • Rachel A says:

    Please let this happen :3 I live in Britain. I know that some representatives already insist on faux.. perhaps others don’t realise there is an alternative in this case… it would save a lot of suffering. Fur is not a status symbol

  • pandora says:

    I made myself watch the rabbits being killed for fur. It made me sick, what deprived disgusting people they are. Boycott anything chinese which is difficult but possible

  • Monica Vazquez says:

    Shame on you, with all these new syntethic materials, who gives you the right to kill an innocent animal to make stupid accesories? shame on you! how dare you?? I or my friends, and believe we are many, will ever buy DKNY and will set on fire all the previous stuff, I hate you!!!

  • Menna says:

    Not only is wearing real fur disgusting and cruel, it’s not “in” anymore. Seriously. We’re in the 21st century. It’s time we stopped living like savages.